Whiskey Review: Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey by Bob Dylan

Today we taste and review Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey by Bob Dylan.

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11:27 – boof

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Andrew Lamgo says:

You guys should do a whiskey and steak pairing

Jack Mehov says:

During summer I have a beer after work before a cool shower. Have a beer with dinner and evening I enjoy my glass of whiskey out on my east side porch with a cigar. Usually neat but on occasion the JD&Coke.

Guillermo Hraste says:

Actually, as I understand it, the “cigar barrels” are a type/shape of barrel, not barrels that used to hold tobacco

Scott LaBruyere says:

“Bob Dylan was involved in the process…”
“I’m getting pear and tangerine”
“This is a sourced rye”
“Pear and tangerine”
“But they took this rye”
“Light and fresh”

Classic review from the boys

Tony Cronin says:

I have a confession to make. As I sit here watching this glorious video about whiskey I am drinking beer. Dogfish Head sea quench ale to be exact. I do enjoy a good bourbon or rye on the rocks though.

Jeroen Beijering says:

Can you review The Ultimate Ballechin 2008?

Nathan Quinn says:


Nick Dondarrion says:

First off: thanks for choosing one of my question. Sticking to the summer theme…

I’m heading to the beach for much of my summer, where I love to invest time reading books I never have time for. Daniel, do you recommend any good books regarding the history of whiskey or bourbon or regional whiskey (etc)?
As a Somme, I assume you have some go to books to use as reference to inform all of your brilliant stories and explanations of history.

Rex – I don’t think mooch books exist YET… but that could very well be your next project…

Paul Littrell says:

Whiskey is not just a winter sport.

Shane B says:

I really enjoy Buffalo Trace on the rocks during the summer. With that said, I do prefer cold beer (especially Hefeweizens) during summer.

mastermattk says:

My summer whiskey: 2 ounces Bullet bourbon and 1/2 ounce Laphroaig 10 in a double old fashion with a small ice ball… Ummm..

Harold Love says:

Have you guys done Jack Daniels Sinatra Select yet? I looked buy didn’t see it.

Kyle mccraw says:

Love your guys channel always some solid recommendations! May sound weird but I chew(Copenhagen Long Cut) When I sip on most whiskey actually blows my mind how much it changes pretty interesting.

Thomas Kerby says:

I found this channel a week ago and I’m hooked. I had a test for one of my summer classes today, and to prepare I spent 5 hours watching the Whisk(e)y vault and old Whiskey Biscuits episodes.

p.s. I got a 98 on that test

adalt84 says:

Whiskey, sweet mint iced tea, fresh mint leaves. Summer time whiskey drinking is most definitely a thing. Whiskey and soda water is amazing as well. That would be a fun tribe video of summer time whiskey drinks crowd sourced of course.

sman7290 says:

Chivas Regal has such an amazing presence all over the world for one reason, and one reason only…the fiddly bits. The cut crystal looking decanter and the purple bag look so cool that people will drink it even if they don’t normally drink whiskey.

King of Whiskey says:

Let me be one of the people that say it for this video. I could see The Somm was losing interest like 6 or 7 minutes in. Especially when he grabs both glasses and interrupts The Moo…..That Average weird guy that keeps on being let into the vault…and starts the toast.

Bush Williams says:

Ironically how many Bob Dylan fans in the 70s probably didn’t want to “drink their fathers drink” and turned their back on bourbon only to sell out and make fucking bourbon in 2018…

Wes Smith says:

Under 8 minutes run time, while not the shortest episode, this is one of the more succinct videos.

Marcus Soldate says:

Given the positive opinions, you certainly weren’t Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door…

slimhold says:

I think it was aged in french oak toasted cigar (shaped) barrels. Not barrels that actually had cigars in them. But I may be wrong.

Brandon Jones says:

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye on the rocks has been my latest summer drink. It is a decent drink if you want a glass of something cold in the heat.

Ben Dooley says:

Toss some ice into a woodford and youve got yourself a summer whiskey all day. Mix it up with a kentucky derby mint julep occasionally.

Stephen Reynolds says:

So what do you guys think of stores like Aldi/Lidl etc making there own blends for their stores. They are surprisingly winning relevant rewards and super budget, just wondering how legit these awards are or if they are getting it right.

Raiden says:

To everyone who’s preferred drink whisky neat used Peugeot 266097 glass it’s especially for whisky and you don’t need to add ice

Andy Hopton says:

The Fat Will Wheaton #Rex #scotchtestdummies

darren fitzpatrick says:

Hea boys , just finished a 5 day off rd adv on a big ktm the lenght of Portugal, heat in high 30’s , so tired hot and dirty at end of each day , while all my mates drank cold beers l drank scotchs neat , and man was some awesome brands of scotch in the middle of no where along the way , even oban 14

Magotek8416 says:

Hey guys, how do you manage to drink so much whiskey without having liver problems? I’m asking because I’m really getting into whiskey but I want to keep it safe.
P.S.: I wish I was half as stylish as Rex.

Charlie Mike says:

Hot weather beverages, in order: 1. Margarita on the rocks 2. Gin and tonic 3. Ice cold beer. When I must have a whisk(e)y on the rocks, I go with Chivas Regal or Knob Creek depending on my mood.

Eric Schwab says:

I overheat in the summer when I drink whiskies. It makes me want to strip down and go full Comanche…..but the mosquitos stop me and extreme sunburn is always a risk so then I’m done. Lol!

Trust kill says:

Arran 10 is the best summer whisky!

Bourbon Blind says:

Wow the hair! Great quick vid guys, drink up you MB’s!

Arbhall McDougall says:

If you guys are looking for a lively summer drink. Try a Golden Caesar. Its a regular caesar but with whisky instead of vodka.
My first one was with Jack Daniels and I loved it. I got adventurous and tried it with some MacCallan 16 and it was mind blowing good. I cant recommend you try it enough.
My next one is getting some Michters!

PS- Im a cook and I started seasoning my whisky. At first with just pepper ( Ron Burgundys line from the 1st movie. “Ill have three fingers of scotch with some pepper and some cheese.” got me putting fresh cracked pepper in my scotch.), now I season my scotch with sage, rosemary, thyme and parsley. Just have some fresh herbs in your hand when you take a drink, dont dump it into the glass, but just close enough for you to smell when you take a sip. I stumbled across this a few years ago when I was making Thanksgiving turkey, I was enjoying a glass of Glenfiddtch while cooking, chopped a bunch of sage for my stuffing and had a nip. My hand was covered in sage oils and snuck in with the sip. It was amazing.

Kehrstyle1of1 says:

Another great video!Glenfinnich 21 rum cask

Adam Farnsworth says:

Who is this Bob Dylan guy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in the comments.

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