Whiskey Review: High West A Midwinter Nights Dram *American Whiskey

Rex & Daniel taste and review a Midwinter Nights Dram by High West.


Ed Jeffreys says:

I miss all the breathing space of the usual videos! When am I supposed to sip my whisky dammit!

The Spirit Monk[e]y says:

The Spirit Monk[e]y is thankful for good _whisk[e]y_ and good _people_ . The Spirit Monk[e]y wishes both upon you all.

Brenden Carney says:

Bravo Rex and Daniel for the cheers to welcome and also say goodbye to whiskey tribe members family a wonderful heart felt touch which just makes this Chanel even better

Randal Hall says:

I love you guys and at the end you made it really real. Happy Thanksgiving.

A LeAnn says:

Glenfiddich 15 to all on this Happy Thanksgiving day

Tylor Miranda says:

You guys are so damn honorable.
God bless you.

Joe Bloggins says:

You should go to one of those custom sock websites and get your faces on the socks for the bottles.

Sanskar Wagley says:

Just had a Balvenie 14 for a nightcap. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ethereal says:

The other day a psychic midget escaped from prison. The police warned us that there was a small medium at large.

Graeme Horner Drummer says:

Have you guys ever tried Coleraine Irish whiskey? It’s a pretty budget bottle, like 20$. If you don’t have it, I’ll happily donate one.

Dan Lepine says:

I feel like it was a wasted opportunity to not try The midwinter next to the Spice Tree. Rex has failed us as a mooch. Bring back the bag pipe intro, please.

Giorgio B. says:

That was a nice quicky!

Livyatan Hagadol says:

10/10 Magnificent Bastard visual theme improvement.

Chris Swindler says:

This is act 6, the fist release to use their own distillate. Personally I highly prefer the previous acts, although act 6 is still delicious.

Bad Luck T says:

The Whisky Vault looks every whisk(e)y lovers dream bar and every episode makes me wish Norway had a better selection.

Flanky says:

Not a fan of Rex’s editing on this one. It felt like I was watching a Whiskey Vault video with an impatient 6-year-old pressing the fast forward button. In particular, during Daniel explaining MGP sourcing. Why are they not dominant anymore? I have no clue. I’d appreciate toning down the ADD a touch.

Whiskey Vault says:

I know, the episode is shorter than usual. I edit differently than Chad and cut everything that seems slow, redundant or flat. At the end of the edit, I looked at the runtime and it was only 6 minutes! Sorry Tribe, have a good Thanksgiving.

Jeremy Faulkner says:

Acquired a bottle of Midwinter’s Dram this month and it has become my favorite Rye (so sorry, Whistlepig). I occasionally get a dill pickle note (that I enjoy), but not always.

Quick question: What whiskey pairs best with traditional American Thanksgiving food?

Blaine Hunt says:

I like the show. Truly I do, but am troubled a bit by the prominent solicitation for 1) money and 2) whisky in these videos. In addition to your jobs, you’re collecting $20,000 plus per month in Patreon donations and still requesting and accepting handouts from viewers. Obviously people are free to donate their money where they’d like, but it seems excessive. When the show started, you surely couldn’t have seen it getting this popular and making a quarter million a year in donations. Instead of giving back to the fans, it just seems like the more popular you get, the more you ask of the people that got you in this comfortable position.

Josh Shleffar says:

One of my very very favorite yearly releases. Thanks for all the entertainment gentlemen!

Bad Luck T says:

And, could you guys have another livestream soon?

John Belushi says:

F+CK Cancer!

Jayson Bucy says:

OH MY DEAR GOD! That is my absolute favorite whisky of ALL time! Ever! EVER! My bottle was unfortunately destroyed in a moving accident. We were moving and I had it in a container that shifted during the drive. The bottle got too hot, the cork popped, and all of my beautiful Midwinters was split all over my Navy memorabilia. It was a horrible loss that I still morn months later……I did save the bottle and I’m using it for my bourbon/American infinity bottle….I still want my Midwinters and I can’t ever find it here.

Ted Ryan says:

I like the short, concise video. The last 2 minutes was great.

Y2H says:

Hello guys. So you don’t look much better after the break. Maybe you’re just old and that’s what you look like now.

Anyway I just got a Highland Park Einar bottle and I was wondering if you could do a review of it? I was surprised to find very little (and unhelpful) reviews of it anywhere!

By the way I’m a fan of you from Egypt! Bet you didn’t expect to have fans here. Anyway you guys rock!


Ken603b says:

Short hair suits Rex better. I think the beard should go away Rex. You look like you are trying too hard to be like Daniel with that facial hair. Lol.

Christine Deems says:

Absolutely love this whiskey! It’s perfect for the holidays and sharing with friends and family. Hope this season finds you spending time with those you love!

PhatTrumpet2 says:

Man, I’m no Glenfiddich fanboy, but someone needs to get these guys a nicer bottle if the 15yo is the most expensive they’ve got. (I would but I’m broke and selfish.)

Lorensoth3 says:

As I was watching this instead of scrambaling to clean my apartment before family arrives… I noticed something. There has been both a bourbon and Irish top ten list… but I didn’t see a top ten Scotch when I looked for that specifically. Granted the beginner whiskies and best for your buck videos are a bit scotch heavy, but I know both Daniel and Rex would certainly enjoy a tribe vote on top ten scotch. 😉

Deeablo24 says:

I love you guys

Dan Wilson says:

You should try dimple pinch. I’d really like to hear what you guys think of it

Tyler Jones says:

Hey guys a big fan of the channel, been watching for about 2 months and I am trying as much bourbon and scotch as I can. A Personal Favorite of mine is the Willet Pot Still Reserve, don’t think you guys have reviewed it. My second go to would be Eagle Rare. Keep up the great work guys. Rex no one likes a mooch. Stay classy San Diego

deuceblank says:

Where the hell is the dolphin fart!!!!

Jacob Hershey says:

Can anyone tell me where the Jameson Black Barrel video is? I’ve been searching everywhere. I found a video that said they were going to give it its own video but so far no luck finding the black barrel review. Please help me!!!

Kevin Braun Photography says:

i enjoy the surprise bottle review; I say bring back this challenge again! makes it a bit more challenging to dissect.

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