Whiskey Review: High West Campfire Whiskey – Ep: 281

Today we taste and review High West Campfire Whiskey.

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Matthew Daley says:

In less than a month I’ve watched nearly every one if your episodes. You’ve helped me enjoy whisky with a whole new perspective on why I should drink more of it!
Two of my favorites are Macallan 15 and Glenlivet 18, which have a moderate price point in my area ($60-$100) can you review these and recommend a less expensive alternative?

Kyle John Green says:

Hey guys! So I’ve been looking at getting a hip flask, and thought maybe you guys could do an informational video if there’s anything to know about them for people like myself who are still new to whiskey?

Jake&Rachel says:

I forgot what it was like for you to do a review of a whiskey I had in my collection so I could drink along. Love this whiskey!

Bruce Erik Steffine says:

Liberty Pole Spirits in Washington, PA has created a peated bourbon with a mashbill of 59% Bloody Butcher Corn and 41% barley malt plus peated barley malt (from Scotland). I have yet to try it, and I doubt it is available outside of Western PA. I think they are distilling and aging the bourbon on site and not sourcing. It just became available in the Pittsburgh area and I plan to pick up a bottle. I first tried the Campfire in a local bar, then picked up a bottle. I found it interesting but it really didn’t “wow” me. But I am a big fan of Islay whisky’s.

Jimy Young says:

Yaaay, the mooch necklace! I haven’t seen that in forever.

Dal Brazzell says:

I recently picked up a book called Bluegrass, Belles & Bourbon: a history of whiskey in Kentucky (published in 1967) by Harry Kroll. In the book he outlines some of the key differentiators of each brand. Specifically, he says that Henry McKenna used a wine-based yeast. How much does yeast impact flavor in an otherwise similar mash-bill? Also, now that so many different brands are distilled at the same distillery, is it common to use different yeasts for the different brands or do most distilleries use the same yeast for all of their products?

Dave King says:

My better half and I are considering a trip to Texas this summer and would love to take the time to try some amazing whiskey with you guys! Of course we will bring some Iowa whiskey with us. Thoughts?

Michael Mena says:

Have you guys reviewed any of the local distilleries like Whitmeyers Distilling?

roscocsa says:

I want to request a top 10, bottom shelf whiskies.

Michael Cato says:

I am commenting here because you told me to comment more in some video I watched in the middle of my endless whiskey vault binge. It doesn’t matter if you end up reading this or not because this comment will be on this video forever, stewing in the depths of time. In the case that anyone does read this comment however, we need more ryes on this channel for two reasons. 1. Ryes are the bomb. 2. We all like to watch Rex and Daniel suffer. Make it happen, you glorious bastards.

John Pelfrey says:

You have to remind new users that the nose is important! Damn it I drank scotch for two years before I discovered the importance of THE NOSE! Y’all sre my masters wtf come on guide me damn it!!!

Jessica Baker says:

I have turned into a whiskey drinker in the last month or so. I started with Glenfiddick 12. And I liked it. I then found the Whiskey Vault video that recommends whiskey for beginners. Hibiki Harmony, Monkey Shoulder and Caol Ila were the first from that list lived on my shelf. Sadly, the Caol Ila was the first bottle down. Monkey Shoulder, while fine, won’t be on the shelf in the foreseeable future. I’ll keep the Hibiki for when I want something light and friendly.
Since I enjoyed the Caol Ila more than the all the whiskies previous to it, I jumped into Laphroaig 10. Yes please, all day long. Ardbeg Un Oa: like it lots.
Now, what should be next?

Adam O'Gara says:

Wait this comes from Utah the land of alcohol is the devil. Honestly I’m just going off hear say but I been told the beer is low % and shots are 1/4 the size of normal. I would of thought it would of been easier to start a Distillery in a different state.

Ben Stevens says:

That guide is such an awesome idea. I’m definitely a newbie but it’s all coming together slowly, and nothing’s more important to the journey than having a bit of patience.

Pat McDermott says:

Just a note to Daniel – went looking for the musical Daniel Whittington on youtube, you sir are a Badass! Great tunes!

Michael Hummel says:

Rex, master moooch, and Daniel, I am really curious about getting a small barrel. Should I use it as an infinity bottle or to age whiskey? By that I mean age an American moon shine. I have not really looked, do they have a high proof moon shine? I think there is a need for someone to explain what to do with a barrel. Just saying…

Patrick Minze says:

Congrats on hitting 70K

Aric Adams says:

Daniel do some research on Tom’s Foolery distillery from northern Ohio they have a very interesting history (even though they are younger than 10 years old)

Ero Kreitsman says:

Mountain out of an ass. Hmm, sounds like the first dump of the day. Quite clogging.

ShadyTavern says:

Chad. I loved what you did 1:13 I don’t think most of the viewers got that movie reference 😀 Cork without actually needing it. <3 You're awesome! Also Daniel and Rex are OK.

contentioushackery says:

There is no doubt that I have been snooty about looking for “straight” in every US whiskey I buy, wanting to make sure it is pure. But High West is making me rethink that. I wish that getting source material from different states didn’t stop you from using “straight” descriptor.

Simon K says:

Who can help me out, there was a episode where we could buy /download a book or document which you can use to identify and differentiate notes, tastes.. Etc, where can I find this? I’d like to test this myself and get better at it. Thanks!

Liam Kollar says:

Hey guys! Big fan of the show, love the shenanigans and insight you provide. I’m relatively new to the sport, having turned 21 in March, and am looking to try something new and interesting. I’m a big fan of Knob Creek 100 Proof, Booker’s, and Four Roses. I was also a big fan of the Ardbeg An Oa. I would like to try something towards a Scotch or something unique like a Jameson Caskmates. Any suggestions you think I may like in the sub $60 range? I typically drink it straight with a couple whiskey stones, if that helps. Thanks boys, and keep up the good work!

Connor Cunny says:

I also must thank you guys for your review on Monkey Shoulders, as it got me so intrigued that i actually bought some, and i cant say i regret it!


Mister Yuck says:

When these honkies gon drink some Hennessey

thebototh says:

Wait a sec how do you not have a review on the regular whistlepig?! This is unacceptable! Rex, how have you not mooched a review of the whistlepig trifecta?! Regular, farmstock, bosshog. Start moochin!

st3r30s says:

Guys – with Robbie Burns birthday coming up in jus’ 4 days, I would love to see you pick 2-3 drams tha’ woulda ha made “Rabbie” proud.

Also , think Rex should have to recite a couple of stanzas from “Scotch Drink” before he can partake!

WhiskyBrasil.com says:

*Congratulations on 70.000 subscribers*

Stephen Cuartero says:

Since it’s been cold in Texas and y’all both like High West. If you get a chance try midwinter nights dram. It is a rye but one I think you will both like.


piss drunk at a bar after drinking beers at a brewery and stumbling into a bar and having jack and coke saw monkey shoulder behind the bar and tried it, I nearly died and began to get sick, hopefully ill try it again under better circumstances and it will be a more pleasurable experience

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