Whiskey Review: High West Valley Tan

Today we taste and review High West Valley Tan.


Whit Thompson says:

I see those Corsair bottles on the back right shelf! You should make a video on your favorite Tennessee whiskeys.

Paul Lynch says:

Good recovery Daniel.. Rex spooked you there!

Lee Deville says:

I want to get a second job just so I can buy all the high west bottles…. all are so great.

RayD70 says:

Recently, the reviews have become tighter with more in depth discussion of nosing/tasting notes. And we’re even getting some of Daniel’s stories without Rex interrupting or getting bored out of his mind. Almost feels like Daniel month. Sorry, Rex, but now I can’t wait for actual Daniel month. (Until Daniel inevitably somehow offends the whiskey gods and triggers another Rex week. That will be glorious too).

Joe D says:

March is Daniel month

Ryan The Wine Guy says:

I need to find this!

Belfry says:

Remember, If you say something for long enough, it becomes true.

justaguy ontheinternet says:

Most high west is 46%. Definitely one of my top 5 whiskeys.

PhatTrumpet2 says:

Who else but Daniel would recall “blackberry honey” from honey dry week as a tasting note?

Richard Paterson.

ian hennelly says:

March should be “Month of the Mooch” or “Moochy March”…..

brendan alan says:

Interesting, I’ve never tried a wheat whiskey.

Wyatt King says:

I’m from Utah. Rendezvous rye is what got me into whiskey. Problem with High West is their stuff used to be so affordable. They are not worth the price anymore, unfortunately.

Andrea says:

I love roundabouts, I just got back from Grand Cayman where they drive on the left, it’s really trippy going thru roundabouts in the opposite direction.

Pete B says:

You guys need to try Dos Maderas 5 + 5 and review it!!

Victor Ham says:

F Rex! March is Daniel month!

Lee Woodrow says:

Take a look at the magic roundabout in Hemel Hempstead

John Halajko says:

Have you guys heard of Aquavit Whiskey from Devils Head Distillery…interesting story!

Jon Swann says:

Porter Rockwell, was more then a lynch man.. he made it possible for all that is “bad” in Utah, happen. Most of Utah’s “real” history happened just outside SLC (Park City). Ask about deer valley one day.

KingCrusty says:

The physical roundabouts are fine, it’s the idiots that don’t know how they work that make them hell. Especially the two lane ones where people end up going the wrong way around and driving head on into other people. I’ve got countless videos from my dash cam of idiots in the Four!!!!!! roundabouts near my house.

antaishizuku says:

This comment is amazing!

Will Hattman says:

Rex and Daniel aren’t polar opposites though. They have JUST enough in common to drive each other ESPECIALLY crazy.


Hey guys! Im very new to Whisky and this channel in general. Im looking for a whisky that’s fairly sweet and very smooth. Something that goes down like water. Any recommendations?

Richard Armitage says:

Oh no, we Canadians apologize.

lefthandedeagle says:

Wiki uses this video as a reference for daniel month

HonkieChris says:

As I understand it
Angel Share is the percentage of loss from that years total amount – not the the percentage of the full barrel. So you have can have older stuff because with the smaller total you have less gross loss.
year one loss is 5% of 53 gallons (2.65 loss)
Year two loss is 5% of 50.35 gallons (2.52 loss)

Bo cain says:

fun fyi for the kiddies: roundabouts are also known as rotaries, turnstiles, and “oh $*@%” by truckers.

Jessie Crypto says:

Yeah roundabouts are great if you drive a gokart.. They don’t make them big enough for a crew cab long box towing a trailer.. Cool idea, but make them bigger.. LOL


I love watching Rex and Daniel but, I still hate roundabouts.

JMMurray203 says:

Problem with roundabouts is that dummies here in the US didn’t grow up with them and cause traffic jams when they encounter them. Hated driving a bus through one in college because I knew some dumdum was gonna slam on their brakes in the middle of it or someone would come flying in and try to cause an accident because they didn’t yield to traffic already in the circle.

Bill Smith says:

What happened to the story? You built it up, called him a lawman/henchman, and then awkward cut and “Are you done?, “Yeah. that was it”… Huh?

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