Whiskey Review: Jack Daniel’s No.27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey with Jack Daniel’s Classic Comparison

Today we taste and review ack Daniel’s No.27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey and compare it to Jack Daniel’s Classic.

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11:27 – boof

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Eric Schwab says:

Can you taste the gold in this one Rex? Can you?

Benjamin Ross says:

Rex and Daniel, you have said that Fridays are for donation days of not readily available whiskies. Any donations done during the week are for readily available whiskies. You keep waffling. wtf? If this is a travel only available that doesn’t quite make it readily available.

steven grant says:

Ok fellas, here’s my conundrum. I am a Bourbon drinker, and I have always had the argument that anything made out of Kentucky is pretty much considered a whiskey, Jack Daniels being the primary example. However, it has come to my attention that they have so loosely change the regulations on what is considered a bourbon that they are now making “bourbon” in Northern Ohio. They are using means other than storing them in Oak barrels to get the color and the flavor profiles. You can also clearly taste the difference between an aged, barreled bourbon and these young, non aged Ohio whiskeys. Can you help me understand why these are considered Bourbons, and does this open Jack Daniels up to being called a bourbon?

I'm never hungry cuz I'm always eating ass. says:

How do you feel about jaeger?

Matheus Gloria says:

I feel like I’m being mind controlled

Fidasaind says:

Worst ever for me was at GenCon in Indianapolis. For anyone that watched Parks and Rec… the steakhouse there, St Elmo’s is real. And it is amazing. A crew of me and friends went there. We got a private room. We had insane steaks and some shrimp cocktails. Plus I had some random mixed drink that a friend ordered a round for all of us and 2 Old Fashions.

Then we went back to the hotel room and pulled out board games. And I was drinking slowly for an hour or two (maybe a gin and tonic. Probably another old fashioned). Eventually I decided to mix up a margarita. Keep in mind we are in a hotel. So there are 2 lowball glasses for the entire room. So naturally I used a solo cup. And by now I was a bit tipsy. And I eye balled it. The glass was “a bit” too full. But my friend that supplied the booze bought some good stuff. So it tasted good. When I finished the first one, I was fairly drunk by now and I eye balled another. And at that moment everyone decided it was time to go to sleep.

You don’t waste good booze. So I drank it and went to sleep. I had polished off 2 Solo cup sized cocktails that were not full of fillers and were too large in under an hour after probably having had 4-6 servings of liquor the previous couple of hours (basically enough to make sure my liver was already working) after a heavy steak dinner. I woke up about an hour later and thought I had to take a piss. No big deal. I’d drunk enough to learn that you always pee about 34253048 times as much as you drink :p

I get to the bathroom and can tell I’m drunk. But it is dark so I don’t notice how drunk. I shut the door and am going to take that piss and without warning… blarg! Oh crap. No warning. So I missed a bit. And then more and more. Ugh. Eventually all done and I have to clean up from my mess. And now I am really dizzy. I have to go get towels (but I swear the fuckers were trying to move away from me) and clean up (but now the floor was not tile… but was actually the inside of a bounce house). And ugh. Now I need a shower. This ordeal probably took over an hour while everyone was sleeping. And the next day was the worst. THE WORST. I remember for lunch I had some really light soup from a Chinese restaurant. And I swear after the first bike my stomach said “So help me… if this is booze. We are going to have a talk”.

Moral of the story. That was a waste of great steak. And I learned my lesson about respecting alcohol. I’m sure everyone overdoes it at least once. I never drank when I was younger so I skipped the stupid overdoing it stage. The good side is I was old enough to go “You know… tipsy is fun. A little drunk is okay. But shit faced? No thanks. Let’s be more mindful in the future” and never repeated that. Even when I’m aiming for overdoing it at times, I still limit myself to about 2-4 drinks + 1 /hour after that. So say that same crew I’m with again. We rented a house off Lake Michigan a couple years later. We pull out the booze and board games at say 8pm and are going to bed around midnight. I’m going to limit myself to 4-8 servings over the course of the entire night. So I mix an old fashioned that has 3oz whisky? That is 2 of my servings. A margarita with 4oz? That’s 3. We’re at 7ish. I’m done. Maybe I’ll do a 1.5oz neat pour if friends are doing a toast. But that’s it. Enough that I’m in a good mood. But no more wasting good steak.

Paul Meyer says:

Since this was a Jack Daniels review it seemed like the best place for this question. What is sour mash? I’ve seen it on the JD bottle and I saw it on a bottle of Michters. What is it and is it only used in certain type or types of whiskey?

Darrian Weathington says:

Yack Danny’s

Eric Schwab says:

A precious water of a golden hue…….yeah!

Jeff Melton says:

I work at jack

DidYaServe says:

Worst whiskey drunk I ever got was at a bachelor party. Near full bottle of Clontarf, an Irish whiskey sold in Aldi. Similar effects. Felt drunk for two days. Similarly, didn’t vomit.

Raster says:

Wow… In one of the ‘zooms’ at the end, Daniel scares the bleep out of the viewer suddenly, zoomed and with satan, devil, alien eyes that laser beam you to death for a split second, and as you recover, feeling, like violated by the devil, you think ‘shit, don’t do that again, man… that was horrifying… shit, that was horrifying…’ What the frig?

meet amish shah says:

would you compare the Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack and the Daniel’s No.27 Gold?

James Apple says:

So it’s Gentleman Jack?

1FrenchConnection1 says:

Boys let’s go… to produce Jack Daniels and Crown Royal to support world demand it is vodka flavour with Whiskey and some Feints to make sure you have the hangover. You never filter Whiskey because you are removing the flavour. It’s all about marketing! $$$

ianvdwoude says:

7:48 daniel’s unconciousness got the reminder of that night and proceeded to trow some of that Jack on the floor. Shame!

Jeff Melton says:

Gold 27 is mellowed twice after the second mellowing it is pit into a maple barrel for about 9 months this what the 2 on the label is for
It’s double barreled.

Bill Conant says:

I have a sudden, almost uncontrollable urge to send Chad whiskey. Weird.

Not gonna do it, but what a weird feeling to come from nowhere.

Darrian Weathington says:

Ass n whiskey.

Steven Raye says:

is the flavor and quality anywhere near gentleman jack? double filtered…smooth, $34 for 1.75.

Aaron D'Angelo says:

Spilling Whisk(e)y, Daniel? Really 🙁 For shame…. I was really worried about all those minimally smoked cigars.. Glad they were finished.

Is the JD Gold, being twice filtered, taste close to the Gentleman Jack, twice mellowed?

Spad says:

7:49 Splash

Mr. Very Kool says:

Good story time. Would Jack Daniels again, 10/10

fis4ferocious says:


Louie Jones says:

Why is it that either Jack Daniels or tequila= bad decisions?

Bearded Ape says:

Very Nice!!!

Rhys Cook says:

I love JD Gold it was the first whiskey I drank neat so smooth

TopWhiskies says:

Haha, oozing JD out of every pore…! Fun video and story, cheers guys. Ed

bobcat224 says:

OMG listen at .25 speed starting at 26 seconds in. They sound so hammered! LOL!

el Gamma says:

man, after a while i took your suggestion and buy a monkey shoulder for my birth day…

btw thanks a lot for the episode and the suggestion it was great

mepatton says:

Thanks for the “nuanced” review! Next time I’ll see about bringing in a flight of Travel Retail Scotches and maybe that will inspire a deeper dive into the world of “Travel Retail”, and the stuff distilleries put out that the domestic consumer never sees.

And, I’m officially changing my moniker to Mark (open parenthesis) will answer to Kirk if whisk[e]y is involved (close parenthesis) Patton.

And Chad… message received…I’ll fax you some…

Randy S. says:

What are your thoughts on the Sinatra Select Jack?

Jack Wilson says:

You can buy this at dan Murphy’s in australia for about $150 aud

slaughterzealibib says:

I think Chad may have been watching too much of The Modern Rogue

Peter Curran says:

glass.png is missing from your lower third! Oops!

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