Whiskey Review: Jameson 12 Year Old Distillery Reserve Whiskey with Jameson Classic Comparison

Today we taste and review Jameson 12-Year-Old Distillery Reserve Whiskey and compare it to Jameson Classic.


Jesse Renteria says:

I just love it when Daniel has to break out the step-ladder.

Danny D says:

Well I finally did it ! I decided to watch this channel from day 1 about a year ago and I finally caught up!!many whiskeys bought and a hell of a lot learned … and some shenanigans , love your channel thanks for helping me get into this awesome world of whiskey.

The4Wills says:

I do believe Rex was giving Daniel tasting notes. Forget the Mooch rank, take the Som test already

Ronald Walters says:

The Wife got to pour her own bottle of Jameson Black Barrel at 60% at the tour in Ireland. It is GLORIOUS!

Angry Pat says:

# maypril rex month

John HW100KT says:

good glasses are so important when drinking Whiskey, without them I tend to get more on the floor. great video guys.

Andrew Kall says:

When you’re talking about grain whisky in scotch or Irish, are you typically referring to unmalted barley?

Michael Draut says:

Come on boys..who cares about the length the video’s.. Rex if you wanna share, share..As much as the Hobbit talks your good to go on for a little while longer.. 🙂

joe thompson says:

So I just bought Bowmore 12. Is it just me or is it very close to Highland Park 12 with just a little more smoke?

cmdrmeldoc59 says:

I will say that the constant posts on Facebook about «what is this ‘kung fu’ thing?» is getting pretty annoying, even tho we take it magnificently. Wish people could go back either in the video history on the Tribe channel or in the group/website and check… do the research themselves kinda.

Thomas Evans says:

On the hole!

Terry Dolan says:

I picked up that bottle in 2015, I actually talked about it in the first email I sent to Daniel. It was a “fancy” bottle I picked up at the Jameson experience in Dublin before I was really into whiskey.
Josh and I tried it the first night I was in Texas, we were fairly underwhelmed, we thought it tasted like Jameson should if it wasn’t made by accountants.

David Jeong says:

Proper Twelve review so we can see you describe how unsurprisingly poor or surprisingly decent it is?

Greg Colin says:

I’m watching this video and all I can think is someone asking these guys, “What do you do for work? And they respond: People watch us drink whiskey.”

Joy Gockenbach says:

I love Jameson!

M Galedeep says:

Rex is pretending to be a somm so that he can say that Daniel is no longer needed. Then his true moochy self will come out when he tries to push Daniel out of the Vault so he can have all of the whiskey!

Dan Sullivan says:

Had one bottle of Distillery Reserve a few years ago, still saving money to fly over and ship a container load back.

sfollows says:

Admit it Daniel, the beard makes the som. As Rex’s beard grows, he continues to make more meaningful contributions to whiskey notes. The beard is to whiskey as the Fu Manchu is to kung fu fighting.

brendan alan says:

Of all the Irish whiskeys I’ve tried so far Redbreast 15 is my favorite, even over RB 12. There’s many more to try though. Thanks again guys

Thomas Evans says:

Mexican cream?

Doug Wentzel says:

This truly has been one of the greatest groups had been apart of.

David Brazeau says:

Love that you’ve explained what is the Kung Fu. But it got me thinking: It’s been a heck of a long time since i’ve seen you guys do a bottle-down ceremony. Make it rain, gentlemen. Make it rain.

Valesia Labelle says:

Hey guys awesome video,,, I need to Make a request,,,, Will you please get more Bottles off of the top shelf,,, I really like the butt action,, OK OK all joking aside,, I just tried my 1st whiskeys it wasn’t Jack Daniel’s,, I went with,,,,Chives Regal 12 year ,, It was awesome,,, Have you done , A tasting on this,, As always sending peace love and joy your way. From a future magnificent bastard….to be..

Leslie Payne says:

A woman goes to a counselor, worried about her husband’s temper.

The counselor asks, “What’s the problem?

The woman says, “I don’t know what to do. Every day my husband loses his temper for no reason. It scares me.”

The Counselor says, “I have a cure for that. When it seems your husband is getting angry, take a double shot of Jack Daniel’s and swish it in your mouth. Swish and swish, but don’t swallow until he either leaves the room or calms down.”

Two weeks later, she goes back to the counselor, looking fresh and reborn.

She tells the counselor, “That was a brilliant idea. Every time my husband started to get angry, I swished the Jack. I swished and swished, and he calmed down. How does swishing Jack Daniel’s in your mouth do that?

The counselor said, “The Jack Daniel’s does nothing. Keeping your mouth shut is the trick.”

Josh Headley says:

Lmao plink…. hahaha

Joe Green says:

Kung fu’ed me a pair of New Riff single barrels at 110.8 or 55.4% last night.

Brandon Knight says:

I can tell by the wardrobe your about 8 whiskies in for the day. You get more humorous as the episodes progress.

Steve A says:

I have a bottle of the Distillery Reserve myself. Solid dram.

Also as Distillery Only, they have Cask Strength Black Barrel… just sayin…

Clint White says:

Been catching up on some episodes. What the hell happened here? I mean we’re going on double-digit episodes that Rex is actually saying smart stuff and things about whiskey. I think somebody is secretly taking whiskey somm classes, hahaha! Yo, but seriously, I really enjoy the more in-depth tasting notes lately. Great work guys, keep it up!

Arthur Dill says:

I have been messing with a cherry old fashioned and Bullet Rye Rocks as a base. That is all…… Also Angels envy with Grape soda is stupid but tastes so good, but I can’t bring myself to do it again……

Nicholas Page says:

Plink against the window… caused me such a belly laugh

Caskmate - Everything Whisky says:

Jameson is kickass! I’m making a finishing experiment with the classic Jameson on toasted, Guinness soaked oak. Another MB is doing the same!
Like how Rex is starting to look like a trucker!

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