Whiskey Review: Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve with Redbreast 12 Comparison.

Today we taste and review Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve and compare it to Redbreast 12.

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Mark Vironda says:

Nice mooch on the Macallan!

Pat McDermott says:

I have to agree with Rex, Macallan all day long.

Jason Voorheese says:

no idea why some folk love bashing irish whiskey, or jameson. its seriously good stuff, especially when done right (pure pot still). still have a soft spot, even if i don’t have the same “spicy!” reaction anymore

Whiskey Junkie says:

I started on my whiskey walkabout around 2 yrs ago. I liked the BT whiskey so much I’ve been trying to taste as many of them as possible. After finding this channel a few weeks ago, I will be spending time with scotch whisky. So far, Mac, Glenfiddich, and Chivas Regal. Speaking of Chivas, I prefer the 12 over the 18. I’m about to pick up some Monkey Shoulder. Keep up the good work fellas!

zakk moine says:

Question for Daniel, Im new to really trying to discern flavors in whiskey. when tasting whiskey for the first time do you feel its better to look up tasting notes from a well respected source and try to search out the flavors they say there getting or to just go in blind and try to figure it out on your own?

jhawkk2004 says:

Isn’t the forbidden fruit a tide pod now? Anyway, I’m shocked that you pulled smoke out of Macallan 12. The only time I had it, I love it and didn’t get any smoke whatsoever. I’m a newbie to scotch, so I might just not have the palate to pick up very minute smoke flavors, but I typically avoid peat. With my distaste for peated scotches, I would think it to stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe I’m just weird, lol.

Matthew Morin says:

I’m thinking you go Jack or Maker’s for the next step up. Both don’t have any sharp notes.

Liz likespink says:

Does any one else taste scotch tape in Jameson?

Sergei Malynovskyi says:

Try RedBreast 12 Cask Strength. 5x improved version of regular 12 IMO …

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

For me personally, I would step from Crown to Jack, as an easy change-up.

Jack is the best selling US whiskey, and I believe Crown holds that distinction for Canada. Both pretty sweet and friendly, but with a slight difference in flavour profile.

I know they may be too similar to seem worth it, however, my logic is thus: If you can demonstrate that stepping into other whiskies doesn’t have to be scary, that you can find a familiarity in something new, perhaps it would help reassure the interested enthusiast.

Evan Harvey says:

Just watched the water episode of whiskeybiscuits. Daniel, you said that the kind of water doesn’t really matter unless you are using chlorinated tap water. If you used one of those filter pitchers would it “fix” the tap water? I tried using both bottled and tap in some Laphroaig. I couldn’t really tell any difference. Thoughts?

Jarrod Frost says:

Best times I’ve had going out at bars resulted from starting up a conversation with someone around me, seeing what they’re having and then spending the night going back and forth buying rounds usually with the line “Oh, you like this, now try this.” More than a couple times I’ve gone in at 7 and left when the bar closed at 2 after losing track of how many drinks I had. Even got to mooch from the bar one time at closing because they had a couple kegs almost empty that they needed to clear the line for something new.

Kevin Fortson says:

Maybe I missed it, has the brand name for the distillery been announced yet?

Ryan Whiskey Wine Dane says:

I don’t get smoke at all in Macallan 12.

GreenDrank82 says:

All my friends are busy and I want to have a drink so I tossed this on to enjoy a nice glass of Laphroag 10yo. So I figgured I should share a story too. My first McCallan was mooched from a local Scottish styled pub here in Southern Ontario. It was great is was McCallan Ruby, my first thought was where is the peat? Right after that I paid for and fell in love with Bowmore 25. My favorite go to Scotch is Laphroaig Quarter Cask.

UnboundOdysseus says:

Daniel’s comment about encouragement is spot on. The last time I was in a bar, I treated my buddy (who had ASKED me for advice in moving from bourbons to single malt scotch) to a dram of Macallan 12. I suggested he try it neat first, and got him some ice on the side. He liked it neat, he liked it with ice, but he was intrigued by the smell coming from my glass. I was drinking Laphroaig Quarter Cask. I cautioned him that it was powerful stuff, but he dove right in. He bought the next round, Quarter Cask for both of us, and he LOVED it, albeit he had his with one cube of ice. Still, I’m proud of him for choosing Laphroaig over Macallan. 😉

Justin Armocido says:

I’m looking for a whiskey aged 35 years that won’t break my bank ($500 or so) for a joint birthday. do you have any suggestions? Irish or Scotch, malt or blend, doesn’t matter. I would just like an age statement to match the age of my friend and myself to celebrate. I’ve been slowly bringing him over to whiskey from vodka mixers. I was thinking Antiquary 35 or Caledonian 1982 35 yr old sovereign, but if there are better options out there, i’d love to hear them.

Mitchell Gillett says:


God damn, his mooching skills are a force to be reckoned with

TheOneGlassMan says:

Great video guys. I would recommend Dunville’s 10 PX to the Crown guy….

chuck430 says:

“chatted up a bartender…mooched whiskey….wife said i had a swagger in my step” did we not hear that comment not too long ago?

xiaguan whisky says:

Jameson is always a good choice in bars that have not really much to offer.
Its decent. Even in the wrong glas.

William Kerry says:

Woodford all day

WhiskyOnTwoWheels says:

Believe I asked this on an older video, but have you ever done a video suggesting your picks for a first scotch per area for those looking to expand their tastes into scotch? For example what scotch would you each suggest for the lowlands,speyside,highlands,islay etc etc

sean mcnally says:

Bamboozled indeed. Jameson 12-year Distillery Reserve

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