Whiskey Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey

Today we taste and review Jameson Irish Whiskey.

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agris batna says:

Hei guys ” Ararat 10 ” try best brandy ( cognac) amazing….. review that ?!!!! Thanks

David Harris says:

Would there health benefits to drinking a shot of whiskey everyday? Like some say that a glass of wine everyday helps lower cholesterol

Kasey Bernard says:

My bottle of Jameson is used solely for Irish Car bombs.

Gene3067 says:

When my wife and I toured Ireland we had a choice between visiting Guinness or Jameson’s. She pushed for Guinness. Looking back, I think she chose wrong.

Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff says:

Petition to change the phrase “Budget Whiskey” to “Money-Makin’ Whiskey”

The Blind Leader says:

Thats funny, I LITERALLY just bought my first ever bottle of Jameson today and come to the Whiskey Vault to find this video, how’d you know?

Alex King says:

Can you guys PLEASE Get some merch available !!! I would definitely rep Whiskey Vault! T-shirts, hoodies, BRANDED GLASSWARE!!! Make it happen guys!

Rob Carson says:

The shelves in my liquor store don’t make sense…the bottom shelf is where I find Buffalo Trace!

cantbendknee says:

Dark side of Jameson family history: http://allthatsinteresting.com/james-jameson-cannibal

Shawn W says:

When asked “how big is your comic collection Rex?” I thought, haven’t you growing up yet Rex? And then my second thought was to hell with comicon how about WHISKEYCON!!!

Fidgottio says:

When you talk about the Haig family, it’s quite interesting to note that the most famous member of that same family was Field Marshal Douglas Haig, AKA The Butcher of the Somme, who commanded the British Army during WW1

Kevin says:

Blasphemy, Canadian bacon is not just ham……its peameal bacon.

Philip Foster says:

I find mixing a small can of ginger ale and adding a few drops from a slice of fresh lime makes a nice cocktail with Jameson’s.

ed4og says:

Congrats on reaching 100k

bmsmusician says:

I just had an epiphany (or maybe a revelation?) but while nosing a bowmore 12 y which I generally just get smoke from, just as all other Islay’s (yes I’m pretty much a rookie when it comes to really nosing this fine spiritus), I read “Appetising combo of smoke and caramelised pineapple with a heady hit of tropical fruit” at a whiskey site and all of the sudden my brain was on fire from actually finding those notes. It was comparable to the feeling when you get a new pair of glasses without realizing that you old pair made you half blind. Amazing!

tomwo123 says:

Jameson ginger ale and a squeeze of lime is a go to summer cocktail for me

DrinkinItIn says:

I make an Irish Old Fashioned using Benedictine and orange bitters in place of the sugar and Angostura. Has worked well with Writers Tears, Sexton and Powers thus far.

Jason Newman says:

I got end-of-show-toast blue balls, for a second there.

GoodTimes says:

Hi Guys! Thanks for the great videos. My step-son had me try single-malt scotch a couple of years ago. In turn, I started tasting other whiskeys. I enjoy Jack Daniels, Balvenie Doublewood, Ardbeg, and Laphroaig. However, I did not like Johnny Walker Red and Jameson. I thought they both smelled terrible, and didn’t care for the taste. Would Four Roses and Caol lla be more my range? After watching your other videos, I’m looking forward to try Monkey Shoulder, Highland Park 12, Elijah Craig and Buffalo Trace.

Spenny0914 says:

Jameson vs Bushmills?

Jason Sauceda says:

Enjoying jaminsons and spazmatics in corpus Christi Texas # water of life

Neon Lemmy Koopa says:

I’m not a big cocktail guy myself, but Jameson and Gingerale is my go-to

Stephen Reynolds says:

Irish Cocktail is a hot whiskey, cures all that ales you

cricardol says:

I’m canadian, and i’ve never heard of canadian bacon. To me, canadian bacon is bacon made with canadian pork

shrewvian says:

good to see you guys covering the stuff that is very accessible and of course cheap

Jon Carson says:

I started my whiskey journey with Jameson! For about 6 months thats all I drank. I also started by lightly mixing it with ginger ale or sprite.

Fidasaind says:

Ouch. That toast. It was like you forced Daniel to pull out without letting him know that was what you wanted.

The King of Wrong Style says:

Seeing a bottle of jameson makes me way too happy

Ashton Childs says:

Wait, this is only just now being done? Lol, I’m excited.

Neil Cooke says:

Thanks for answering my question. That was cool. Ironically I’m a bit behind in episodes, summer business here in Canada in our short season. Anyway really enjoy the show, I’ve learned a lot and had some laughs watching your shows! Keep it up.

Marshall Webb says:

Hey R&D. Just recently turned 21 and was introduced to scotch through Glenfiddich 15 Solera. I find your videos to be hilarious. Recently joined the Tribe website and FB page. Don’t stop doing what you do.  Cheers!

Mitch Crowther says:

A great Irish whiskey cocktail is the Irish rose, Irish whiskey based with grenadine and like juice to balance. I like to add a bar spoon of Lagavulin 16 for a hit of an extra kick!

Philip Foster says:

Great video guys. I’d love you to do one on Jameson’s ‘Stout edition’ as well.

David Harris says:

Jack Daniels Old No. 7?

Slanj Bo says:

Congrats on hitting 100k subscribers!

Jason Roos says:

Dont ask me how i know this … but cats HATE the smell of scotch.

David Vasquez says:

Have you guy’s reviewed Chivas Regal 12? If not, please do one! One of the best selling whisky’s of all time.

Joshua Blundell says:

Does anybody know if Dan is a playable character in Skyrim?

Yoshi278 says:

Ive bought more Jamesons than anything else but I dont even like the stuff :/

C S says:

yeah, another Jameson Irish whiskey reveiw….now I can watch two of them, episode 93 and this one, oh, and not to mention the infinite amount of Jameson comparisons you guys do.
instead of doing another Jameson review, how about you guys do a review on that Glenfiddich XX you sitting on the shelf. just a suggestion.

Ben G says:

My buddy is a Jameson guy, and I’m a Tullamore guy, but we’ve both never found a bad Irish whiskey

jim zhao says:

I love neat whiskey, but it would be great to learn more about cocktails… and where else could I learn better than here?

Please do a cocktail week! Preferably with simple, approachable cocktails we can do at home.

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