Whiskey Review: Johnnie Walker White Walker Blended + Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Comparison

Today we taste and review Johnnie Walker White Walker Blended Scotch and compare it to Johnnie Walker Black Label 12.


Mintz18 says:

Weird having Rex be the unlikely voice of reason in this series

Siddharth Joshi says:

I wonder who this bearded guy is??

baron24601 says:

Grape based spirit aged in oak is brandy. ROFLMAO

jackturnpike says:

I have the white walker in a glass decanter at room temperature, served over an ice cube – it has the chilled aspect, but minus the metallic taste.

James Hollingshead says:

OYO here in Ohio makes a barrel finished vodka that’s glorious.

M Ladd says:

White for the ladies! Green is better and for men!

Rob Townsend says:

I like to freeze my rocks glass for the first pour.

BKANerd says:

Holy shit that slow mo pour looked like motor oil cold.

Charles Peliska says:

So, was that whiskey drone chilled 😉

Joshua Howard says:

Here I am thinking JW is intense and they are saying it’s much easier than most… now I’m worried about jumping in the deep end and ending up over my head. Any ideas on where to go from JW to a new scotch without blowing my dick in the dirt with peat?

JellyHungryHamster says:

isn’t it a brandy if it is made from grapes?

josh maley says:

Fun fact for you guys I’m just in case you were wondering about the percentage and why it is 41.7% alcohol… There are seven houses but only one throne… Kind of a fun hidden fact on the Bible… Not sure if it’s completely true but I’ve definitely heard that a few times and it makes sense

Rams Roll Tide says:

Stupid people drink whiskey

JuanderBoy says:

Is there a way to get pass the alcohol (taste) when you’re tasting? I’m trying to discover other flavor but most of the time alcohol dominates. I do good with Glenmorangie because is very tame and Lagavulin 16 because you can taste the peat just by liking the box, but the vast majority gets a little tricky.
Can my palate?

charlierw says:

I agree with you Daniel. On a hot summer evening after a long, hot day, when you want something a bit stiffer than a beer, you can’t go wrong with bourbon on the rocks.

No Nonsense Whisky says:

I was so disappointed this dram. You have to climb in the glass to get anything off it. I just hope any non scotch drinkers that tried it don’t think it’s indicative of scotch as usual

Daniel ` McAleese says:

Should we get rex a fez?

Scotch Test Dummies says:

I got sour moldy grass and dirty socks with the WW and preferred the Red Label side by side!

rasko tasko says:

Turns out game of thrones was just one really long commercial for this whiskey

mitthrawnuruodo9 says:

Appreciate the Carmina Burana in the slo mo…”O Fortuna!”

Jeff Cameron says:

So glad you reviewed this, I’m a GOT fan but also a Whisky/Whiskey fan and as there are a world of drinks to try I don’t want to waste my money on something that will be disappointing.

Juan C. Sanchez says:

I love your show guys. Coming from a hard day’s work and watching your videos while pouring a dram is amazing. I do have a question for you, what do you think of Johnnie Walker’s Private Collection Statements? I am considering buying the last and final Midnight Blend but would love to hear your opinion on it. Cheers!


Not talisker just saying.

sanecrazy12 says:

Would love you see you review Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition.. It has become one of my favorites. It’s got complexity and 100 proof for under $30 .. It’s a really nice dram. I’m curious what you all would think of it.

Carl Dibble says:

Do you have any recommendations for trying whiskey without having to pay a whole lot of money buying bottles that you may or may not like?

Korey Williams says:

I have another request. Oban reserve the nights watch. Not sure if I said that right. But it looks to be a scotch.

allenbt11 says:

I’d like to have seen you compare the Johnny Walker Black chilled v. the White Walker.

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