Whiskey Review: Kirkland Irish Whiskey with Jameson Irish Whiskey Comparison

Today we taste and review Kirkland Irish Whiskey and compare it to Jameson Irish Whiskey.


Daniel Taylor says:

Irish whiskey cocktail:
The Burning Bush:
Bushmills: 1 oz Black Bush
1oz Apple juice
1 oz Pedro xeminze Sherry
2 Eggwhite.
Shaken together and served in a coup glass.
Disclaimer. Not entirely sure on the quantity of ingredients, experiment at your own risk. Should taste like liquid Christmas pudding.

burgeyburgful says:

Irish Cream: 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder.
1 cup 235 ml heavy or whipping cream.
1 14-oz. or 415 ml can sweetened condensed milk.
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract.
1 cup 235 ml Irish whiskey

John Chaplick says:

What about the iron room?

Life of Bliss says:

I like the stuff Kirkland puts out for the price. I have not had a ton of Irish Whiskey, but this is pretty good tasting IMO. After about 1-2 minutes after a sip, I feel like I have just eaten kiwi fruit. Like dead on Kiwi. Very interesting… I’d also be interested to see what you guys thought of the 12 year blended Scotch from Kirkland as well. That’s one of my favorite go to’s if I don’t want to drink an expensive Scotch. Which has been getting more expensive by the week after finding your channel hahaha

Terry Barnes says:

I love this. I wouldn’t, mind some more comparisons to the box store brands.

Azio Prism says:

*I have tasted an absolutely amazing alcohol free beer called Clausthaler Classic (DEFINITELY try it if you can). I was wondering if they make whiskey or whisky that is alcohol free and tastes amazing?*

Jeremy C says:

About damn time you tried kirkland. I highly recommend you try the 12 year scotch too. Get the one with the black label. It reminds me a lot of monkey shoulder and for the price I don’t mind making mixed drinks.

David Uprichard says:

Do a review on Swedish whiskey. I’m from Ireland but live in Sweden at the moment. I feel the Swedish whiskey is over priced for what it is.

erick knocker says:


Don Gelhot Jr says:

What the heck is spirit whiskey?

Stefan Fisher says:

I bought a bottle of the Kirkland Irish whiskey at the recommendation of a Costco employee who said that it tasted exactly like Jameson to him and his girlfriend. Ended up dumping much of it down the drain and wishing I had spent the extra 5ish bucks for Jameson which I usually get at Costco. However the Kirkland Añejo Tequila is delicious

1 Yutakalee says:

And yes i know jamie isn’t scotch xD

pavlovianprogramming says:

The only thing that works for keeping the whiskey from leaking from the bottles is a lock on the cabinet door.

Chris Edson says:

In Sacramento ca it is 27.99

Curtis Bouchie says:

Thank you for reviewing something from Costco I feel Costco is a place where a lot of people shop and purchase their alcohol from

Raven says:

i like the plastic screwcaps

Bovito_TheCasualGymGuy says:

@whiskey vault as youre close to Glen Moray, could you review the 1998 PX finish

Triplecap says:

But why?

Whiskey-Wise says:

Daniel was wondering why I’m not commenting much anymore. I was wondering where all the whiskey reviews are for the whiskeys I donated. Hmmm?

sman7290 says:

Tastes like Tullamore Dew, but thinner, less well rounded, and ends with a hint of kerosene.

Smoke FX says:

So he used his porn name to name the quintessential whiskey glass…cool!

Suresh Nair says:

I have always drank to get drunk till i watched your channel. You guy changed my opinion on whisky. You guys are amazing coz you barely ask to like or subscribe. Personally i feel you guys are genuine in your opinions. Cheers here with a glenmorangie lasanta.

Kevin Guo says:

Rex’s hair makes him look like a mad guy from the 1800s whose face is printed on a sketchy elixir bottle :p

dave tobin says:

Hey guys could you please review Red Spot 15 years

gahvno says:

$27.99 in SoCal Costco.

Chris Lemmon says:

Daniel is just mooching extra days!

1 Yutakalee says:

Just started drinking scotch. My first was Chivas Regal and i loved it. Next was Jameson green label and got a coconut note and it colored me for the rest of the bottle xD. Just got Lismore and it’s good but smokier than i expected

John Wayne says:

I wish you guys would do a video exposing fake bourbon such as bulliet and Jefferson who claim to be from KY eventhough they’re not. Some of us drink not only for flavor but for history/heritage

Orion Foresee says:

I’m glad that Daniel didn’t accept the shortest month. Keep fight for us not tall guys.

sman7290 says:


Troy Fortsch says:

Ahhhh,, Rex cracks himself up. I know this because,,, I crack myself up from time to time also.

W1ldt1m says:

The price for that handle is the same price as that for a fifth of the Jamison

Lorensoth3 says:

Always happy to see an Irish whiskey review. I do have a question I’m hoping will be answered, can a person have a preference for higher proof whiskies? I’ve found I seem to enjoy Redbreast 12 Cask Strength just slightly more than the standard 12. I also had a similar thing occur when sampling Bourbons, I found myself very much enjoying Wild Turkey 101 more than lower proof Bourbons. I’m assuming it’s just a type of preference someone can realize they seem to have, but I’d like more input on the though if possible. Sláinte!

Carl Clarke says:

My COSTCO in Plano, TX has an adjoining liquor sale area.

Andrew Cox says:

Red breast lustau makes an amazing hot toddy with lemon

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