Whiskey Review: Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Limited Edition + Knob Creek Classic Comparison

Today we taste and review Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Limited Edition and compare it to Knob Creek Classic.

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11:27 – boof

** What’s with the necklaces?

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It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

** The only valid definition of “good” whiskey is “whiskey you like to drink.”

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Michael Jamieson says:

Just wondering if the bung hole gets stretched after Knob has been in the barrel……..asking for a friend.

MurphTX says:

Rex just woke up from a nap. You can’t expect him to know the master distillers of one of the largest distilleries in the US.

Eric Garcia says:

How does it compare with the single barrel 120 proof?

Alejandro Gonzalez says:

I don’t know about y’all… But I definitely enjoy the Knob.

Mikey T says:

These guys are like the Rhett and Link of whiskey.

Cliff Lash says:

Hey, guys,

Knob Creek was Abe Lincoln’s boyhood farm/home in Hodgenville, KY

Gene3067 says:

“That light it too bright!”
“I have to work in such a shoddy work place!”
Yep. Rex is still on the Board of Directors.,

John Parr says:

I make my own wine with my dad and we ferment the wine in old whiskey barrels. It is very good. I was thinkink of makink wine in tequilla barrels to see what is goink to happen. Tastink the wine is goink to be amazink! JBB (just busting balls) Daniel! Cheers!

YoJimBo851610 says:

K nob the knob

James Baird says:

I watch a English French news youtube channel one of their recent sties was that France is running out of oak. Whiskey was not mentioned they talked about furniture. Thought you would be interested.

Flats says:

You guys ever drink Rob Roy’s?

Legend VirohXL says:

All good guys, but checkout some styletip videos.

Johnathan Walker says:

Now you guys need to try the 2001 edition of the Knob. I just bought a bottle of batch 4 recently and I loved it. I just have a special place in my heart and on my pallet for the Knob so I may be biased. Once I have some extra money again I will snag a bottle of the 25th anniversary.

King of Whiskey says:

Really diggin that there knob ugh?

chuck430 says:

knob camera

Steven Jackson says:

Sounds like everybody named Steve in the tribe is applying for a distillery license tonight lol

laplantski says:

Ill sit on a barrel for ya. Let me know.

Ross Fudd says:

Hey I just re-watched your first Knob episode. You guys have really matured since then, far fewer Knob jokes this time. AND no Knob pudding this time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff says:

Booker Cat and the Fred Noe Dude

dave hooven says:

“blinded by the light, rev’d up like a mooch in the middle of the night”

John Bedard says:

I think now that the eagle is dead. Instead of Rex being the mooch 2.0 he should get a new spirit of a raccoon and be the whisky bandit. Instead of a bone glass he should have one of those whisky thief things you use to get samples out of the barrel. Random shit could start vanishing from the vault and reapearing elsewhere. The shenanigans could be endless. 🙂

Self Sufficient Man says:

For this if us who have small 5 gallon or smaller hobby barrels. Could you put that barrel in the freezer for a few days and then take it outside for a few days and repeat that to speed up the process? It won’t age it but what do you think this would do?

Brian Salter says:


I heard somewhere, sometime that once a bottle of whiskey was opened it begins to deteriorate; due to oxidation. Do you believe this to be true? And if so do you worry about all the open bottles in the whiskey vault?

Hey It's Eepoch! says:

So when you describe the guy with the squirt bottle @7:50 why do I immediately envision Daniel doing this, for science.

James Dellinger says:

this bourbon is one of the most unique ones i have ever had. It constantly changes as your sipping it

Achandara says:

Speaking of ageing whisky… didn’t Ardbeg send some into space?

Ken Hart says:

Ooh! You mentioned Colkegan. That is currently my favorite dram. It has a really nice balance of sweetness with mesquite smokiness. Tasty!

Raster says:

Damn good episode! Damn Good! Funny…

Caeleb Candon says:

Daniel’s face when Rex says, “Where shooting the top 10 irish whiskies right now”. LOL

fireborn says:

Look at you a couple of knobs…

Shoot me!

Geoff Gaebe says:

Nice “Three Amigos” reference! Did Rex kill the Invisible Swordsman?

Ryan Wolverton says:

When the hell is Rex supposed to shave his silly rat tail head?

Matthew Morin says:

With all the talk about different barrel finishes will you guys just get used barrels or get full barrels?  With full barrels you could release batches of rum, mezcal or rye with different finishes on top of the whiskey with different finishes.  Be neat to see what a rum finished in a rye or mezcal would taste like.

Iroquois Pliskin says:

So I got a Mooch story for you all:

I was on a date the previous night and the lady was very rude and disinterested (on her phone, little eye contact, crossed arms). We got on the subject of texting and driving which I’m highly against as a Heavy Highway Engineer, and she just rolled her eyes at me and said she didn’t care. Instead of leaving I decided to have some fun with the situation. So when we ordered drinks, I could tell the bartender thought she was going to pay, so mid-order I cancelled my request for a Wild Turkey and instead ordered a Knob Creek, which she reluctantly payed $10 for. The look of frustration on her face for the rest of the date was priceless. Sorry for the long winded story, but it is true whiskey always tastes better after it has been mooched. Especially when mooched from a nasty person.

Cheers fellas!

Tophamatic says:

What’s the dill, for real. I’m still waiting for pickle barrel bourbon….., Pickle Rick’s lunch whiskey.

Chotto Baka says:

Would have been interesting to compare to Beam Distiller’s Cut in addition to the standard Knob. Distiller’s Cut is only 100 proof but is also non-chill filtered. Would have liked to hear how similar/dissimilar they are give the price difference.

trapper kcmo says:

nobody can say no to knob!!!!!

Harold Fitzpatrick says:

You can’t beat Knob on the nose.

Brandon Lesler says:

My name is Brandon New to the channel already subscribed and frequently watch all new vids and re-watch old vids to find something new. The comedy and banter between you 2 is GOLD. I Discovered the channel after a YouTube rabbit hole late night binge after watching Islay reviews with my buddy. I started my tour of whiskeys with Jack Daniel’s (unfortunately) years ago and went on an adventure with my buddy Chuck we ran through the blends walkers, fiddichs, livets etc we argue fiddich vs livet. I decided enough was enough dipping my toes I wasn’t good enough I’m the guy who reads all the labels in the store my first single malt was Laphroaig and after tasting the first glorious sip I was hooked. Current I drink most Islays, Laphroaig is still my faves, followed by Lagavulin, and Ardbeg, Oban then Talisker and he veered in another path with highlands I LOVE LOVE LOVE the channel I feel I’ve found kindred spirits, keep the videos coming I beg of you. PS I’m the one buying the bottles and forcing him to enjoy this journey with m e raefdless of where we end up…. Pray for him.

Mateo 5001 says:

Barrel spritzer,…… I’ll take that position. Nix the cigarettes add cigars and drams

Benjamin Ewing says:


Eli Sanchez says:

I like the Three Amigos quote

Peter Steele says:

And the three amigos references just keep coming

Greg Anderson says:

Dig the subtle Three Amigos ref, Daniel. First movie I ever watched more than once. Also the first I ever eventually watched 20 times.

Paul Johnston says:

Go ahead and say it Daniel. Tank top… We all know the real name for it esp when worn with boxers while spraying a water hose, cigarette in hand. I could see it forming on your lips for a split second.

Spencer Morse says:

I could not stop laughing with y’all at the end there!

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