Whiskey Review: Lagavulin Game of Thrones House Lannister with Lagavulin 8 Comparison

Today we taste and review Lagavulin Game of Thrones House Lannister and compare it to Lagavulin 8 Year Old.


Benjamin Ross says:

Best game of smell my finger ever!

Lane M says:

The Mooch is rearing his head once again the last couple episodes – I think Rex has implemented the long game; he made Daniel THINK the mooch is gone over the holiday break with the dry week mixed in, no longer identifying himself as a level # mooch, etc; but the mooch is in full force, just laying in wait.

Derick Zellar says:

Guys the royal Lochnagar was a 12 year age statement. Ours is the fury is the motto of house Baratheon.

Jon Fillion says:

What happened Daniel, did rex demote you?

Andrew Moran says:

Rex is working hard to earn that mooch cred in this video. Much respect.

Tom McCafferty says:

Rex went up at least one level of Moochiness on this episode.

Steve Marshall says:

friend: “what are you watching?” me: *thinks long and hard.. “just a couple of idiots rubbing whisky on their hands”

Joart DZ says:

3:12 in and thats what she said!!

luiscuevas15 says:

+10 Moochiness for Rex, soon you will level up to a level 1 mooch again lol

Robert Fons says:

You’re not spilling enough booze during the slow-mo scene; Greg would be very disappointed.

jeff molek says:

Lagavulin 16 was the first scotch I absolutely fell in love with.

harrr53 says:

Crafty bastard, he pretty much stole some of your Lagavulin 16.

Carl says:

Yes, the view definitely adds a sensory essence for discriminating taste 🙂

mArz TiON says:

Is any schedule of events with you guys? I’m getting stationed in Texas and would love to take a trip down there. Also in a previous video you chaps mentioned a store in the Austin area that did BOGO. Does this holy grail of liquor stores have a name?

flyingirish31 says:

You did RL12 Baratheon. That was an age statement as well.

Jana K says:

I’m a little disappointed in the lack of fake Lanister back story, but more disappointed in the lack of flavor profile. Love watching you guys though!

Matt Stone says:

I personally like the slow pours guys.

Hayden Hughes says:

meah game thrones sold out already

Parliament14 says:

Oban 🙁

stanislavmigra says:

Hello Daniel, do you have Finlaggan cask strength? If so, how it compare to that Old reserve? As I only had CS …

B. W. says:

I watched most of video, but may have missed it.. Did you prefer the 9 yr (GoT) over the 8 yr Lagavulin? I assume you prefer the 16 yr over all of them.

Morandir Draugmor says:

8 is the most aggressive lagavulin in my opinion, why it’s also my favorite. The 9 is more aggressive than the 16, but far closer to it than the 8 imo. Have to agree with Daniel sir on this one. The 2018 version of the 12 had a lot of the same notes as the 9 just turned way up.

Peter Schumacher says:

Ice is sometimes necessary for cocktails. With an old fashioned, I prefer to go with a single large cube, and clear is better.

There REASON I prefer clear ice is because cloudiness comes from the dissolved solids in the water. If the ice is clear, then it means the water doesn’t have any dissolved solids or impurities in it. What this does is it makes the ice melt slower and break less because those impurities are weak points in the ice and where cracks will start.

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Dima Shumakov says:

Lagavulin G o T vs Lagavulin 8 . And the winner is – 16 / LMAO

SebastianAction says:

Soooooo – did either of you like it? how does it rank against the other GoT scotches? also +1 mooch for Rex!

White Stone Distillery says:

How many Sommelier levels are there?!

Real question though, how to you get to a level of being able to detect EVERY SINGLE NOTE in a glass of nice scotch or whiskey? I mean, besides drinking an exorbitant amount (I’m currently working on this part…), what can you really do? Is it just time and “practice”? Asking for a friend…

Powerstroke Strong 903 says:

With all the whiskey that the mooch consumes can you write it off as a business loss on your taxes ? Lol

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