Whiskey Review: Macallan No. 3 (Reposted with Correction) with Macallan No. 4 Comparison

Today we taste and review The Macallan No. 3 and compare it to Macallan No. 4. (This is a re-post with a correction regarding master perfumer, Roja Dove.)


Ruslan IPSC says:

Delete comments are not very nice guys!!

eviljimmi says:

Would love to hear you guys’ thoughts on Macallan 15 Triple Cask

Riku Vuorenmaa says:

Well done, good correction 🙂

Jon Clark says:

Clearly Macallan copied Mellow Corn’s labeling. Yokels assemble!

Matthew Morin says:

Whiskey Review: Macallan No. 3 Take 2

joe thompson says:

That’s why I haven’t bought one of the small barrels yet. I’ve just read too many reviews that say the barrels are bad. Does anyone have any suggestions?

luiscuevas15 says:

Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of tasting the indian whiskey Rex and Daniel tried a few videos ago. MY GOD WAS IT GOOD, and it definitely had that peaty finish like a soft islay. It was sooo good I told my wife to buy it for me as a birthday present

sanecrazy12 says:

Should I dare throw in a Toilet Water Pun on such a Perfumey Dram???

The4Wills says:

Daniel the Mooch
Poured 3 times

DracoRogue1218 says:

Didn’t this already get put up hours ago?

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Greg O says:

I’m beginning to think of new career opportunities! My friends emphatically agree, nobody smells like I do! Hate to brag…

theboyheed Mackay says:

Just moved to Elgin, so if you guys are needing a guide up in Speyside give me a shout.

Duane Brimhall says:

I can just see a new graphic… A dolphin slapping a chicken…

Zeno78 says:

Franklins brisket

Aaron Gong says:

So Macallan doesn’t have a smell guy on staff? I’m still volunteering any distillery that is listening my services as a sound guy to check the pops on those corks.

Scotch Test Dummies says:

What an awesome shoutout guys! We got lucky when this somehow left the warehouse early and ended up on the shelf in our liquor store! I’m a lover of Macallan and the Editions have all been excellent whiskies!

Rob says:

Its so funny watching this hearing you mention Roja Dove….my #1 hobby being a fragrance collector/enthusiast….he makes some super expensive and phenomenal smelling fragrances for both men and women so a whiskey involved with such a prestigious Master perfumer has to be wonderful

Blaine Hunt says:

Sad that Daniel obviously had his facts wrong and, even with an edit, refuses to admit it. That may be what happens when you create your own professional credentials.

The Spirit Monk[e]y says:

The Spirit Monk[e]y is now questioning reality.

Aaron Gong says:

I’m picturing Rex and his young, poor friends crowded around a table sharing/fighting over a single order of the Chilean sea bass because, well, they were young and poor.

jan ivar markussen says:

any whiskey need to be shot? Demolition ranch episode could be fun

Sparq Meister says:

If the crowded barrell ever needs a smell guy….I’m your guy

Dan Adair says:

Hey assholes…. Since we’re talking flavoring whiskies that already went in a bottle. Why don’t we look at putting flavoring staves in a 2L stainless barrel?

My 25 years in the wood business tells me we could control the profile of the woods flavoring characteristics much better that way. Also, my 14 years in the veneer business tells me that with a small investment, 2L veneer barrel liners could be a thing at about a 50$ price point. Plain old inner staves would be much cheaper, and allow some complexity in mix.

Hit me up if you’re serious, I consult for 3200$ daily, or copious quantities of whisky and cheap sluts

apachedisco says:

Slap that chicken like a motherfucker, bastards.

Stephen Ierubino says:

I think that might have been my comment about the small barrel, if not I commented almost the exact same thing

I have since done it… I used Oak Barrels Limited 1 L barrel and as far as I could tell the barrel was great, no leaks after being prepared properly

First I put in sherry/port (75% Lustau sherry then topped off with tawny port) followed by lagavulin 8… then went in old grand dad 114… then laphroig 10…then a black Manhattan cocktail blend… then a Guinness… then Jameson classic

Honestly, everything came out very well (except the Guinness)… the old grand dad is probably my favorite, it tastes almost like a brisket because of the peaty finish. But they are all really worth doing

I highly recommend trying this, I was shocked that I actually ended up improving the whiskeys I put in (or at least changing in a good way)

Mose Chun says:

So, what happens if Macallan actually hired this master perfumer to create of a line of Macallan whisky influenced fragrances and colognes. I guess reedit the reedit.

Omarmac1 Lopez says:

Can you review some collonges (perfumes ) that remind you of wiskeys?

Daniel says:

Phenomenal video. One of favorites!! Love both of those bottles!

Andrew Shelton says:

How many times can you reuse a cask? If you can “season” it with one whiskey to prime it for another, can you keep repeating the process to create an infinity cask?

Bryan Kindt says:

Mulligan accepted…either way, I would have probably taken either video as gospel. Shame on me!

Curtis Bailey says:

Major kudos to you guys for reposting this with a correction. I know it was probably at least a bit to stave off a lot of future “well actually” comments, but nevertheless I think this shows integrity and it’s just another reason I’m glad to be a part of the Tribe. Great video today regardless. Slainte!

Rob Carson says:

Every time one of you says “son of a b____”, I assume you’re about to say “gimme a drink” and I find myself thinking that your theme song should be S.O.B. by Nathaniel Rateliff.

Lost says:

When your commenters are so anal and attention starved that you have to reupload because 80 of 100 comments are the same correction.

Tom Eis says:

Dude, I really need to check my drinking!! Could have sworn I’ve watched this already …

Marcus Soldate says:

“Hay-cho”…? Son you’re about to get your Texan card revoked by a Californian if you keep this shit up…

Michael Mietlicki says:

Thanks for fessin’ up. Honesty!

ronald conley says:

Another great video. Can we get a jameson black barrel review..if yall allready havent yet

Troy Jeffrey says:

This was hilarious. You guys should fuck up more…

Jason Gladstone says:

Sorry boys. It’s too late. Like most Americans today….I heard it on the interwebz so it MUST be true. Roja is the official perfumer for Macallan and he has his own corner office at the new distillery 🙂 He also smells fantastic.

Dragon4eva says:

Man now all that bit is even funnier

Paul Meyer says:

That dolphin was a prick anyway.

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