Whiskey Review: MB Roland Kentucky Dark Fired Whiskey

Today we taste and review Whiskey Review: MB Roland Kentucky Dark Fired Whiskey.


alisos360 says:

I’m new to whisky and alcohol in general so what is a good way/how do I get acclimated to the alcohol taste fast? I know that it just comes through drinking over time but should I keep buying $50 Scotchs till I am able to comprehend them?

Chimpkin says:

What the heck was that wink Daniel, you can do better. Be more confident in your smile we love you! Good review and and a good video!

Carl Kiehne says:

Is my tin cup supposed to be cloudyish

Patrick King says:

This is some of my favorite whiskey I picked up on the bourbon trail last summer. If you guys ever find yourself in Nashville, MB Roland’s distillery is less than an hour away. It’s a really cool spot and the staff is great.

Ramiro Baeza says:

The seat belt works but I buy so much that I get a box and just put it in between the seat and glove compartment. The stop and go LA traffic helps a bit

David Knight says:

I am so acclimated right now.

Y2H says:

I’m not sure if it’s just me or if you’ve really been spending more time on actually reviewing the whisky lately. I really like that!!

Tophamatic says:

Yay a not scotch video!

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Lloyd W says:

I am a relative newcomer to whisk(e)y, and had an idea for a future episode. I am interested in trying some peated whisk(e)ys. Could you do an episode reviewing some beginner peated drams. Thanks

Nickolas Aaron says:

Relatively few smokey American whiskies, and I can’t mention our…… Oh what was that Rex?

cole knutson says:

Smoked corn tastes like grilled street corn…who would’ve thought

Eli Carr says:

That’s dolphin smooth

Dakota Hampton says:

Elotes in a whiskey sounds hella weird. Pretty cool idea though!

slather vasquez says:

Daniel: “This isn’t even my FINAL form!”

sman7290 says:

George T. Stagg…Smooooooooth!

Dork King says:

Attention Rex: the correct format to recreate the process. It starts with ‘Most people don’t know this…”

Adam Dembiec says:

Speaking of “smooth”, I recently had the opportunity to sample YAMAZAKI 12. I sat in awe as my tongue was caressed by satiny caramel liquid. I almost cried. My question is , oh great Som: is there a simmilar whisky available for the more bugget minded?

P.S. It’s nice to hear the mooch finnaly stop bitching about the low proof. “I wish they would offer this at cask strength.”-Rex

matt kanaby says:

I was wondering what the two of you think about this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm37Huf_g8M? He is making a 20 year old whiskey in six days. Also i was wondering what was scotch before they started making bourbon to use the old barrels and how was it different in character from today’s water of life.

Matthew Hansen says:

Well maybe Daniel has now earned the 5th level of Somminess due to the spot on reference…lol

Jim Bintz says:

This is my next purchase.

Copper Honu says:

Never EVER smell another man’s finger. LOL.

Choo Choo says:

MB Roland is right up the road from me. Spent many an enjoyable summer evening at their  distillery’s Pickin’ on the Porch music events. Tastings for the adults, bottomless snow cones for the kids and great bands for everyone’s dancing pleasure. Good folks making good whiskey.

Bent Walls says:

What the ((squeak)) does, “I got rear ended while doing some kung fu” mean??

Adam M says:

So does everyone here watch Youtube? It seems that everyone hitting like on this video.. is also on youtube..

Pikerize says:

I work in a liquor store and I get asked about “smoothness” constantly. Usually people are asking if it tastes like alcohol or if the alcohol has a bite. Sometimes I wish I could say, “If you want smooth grab a bottle of Tito’s and a bottle of Coke. If you don’t want alcohol burn then drink your booze with a mixer. Some of us grew a set a long time ago and want some bite!” I don’t say it, because I don’t want to be fired… But I want to say it.

Christina Zirpoli says:

Rex trying to get Daniel to smell his fingers is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve watched since Teeth

Italian Driver JB says:

Traveling to Ireland again this year. What do I have to try ?

Loren Wegele says:

Lol. 1:28, ” Smell my finger….”

Jimmy Leg says:

You have to be pretty cool to smell someone else’s finger. I know some of those people.

Daniel is not one of those people and neither am I.

Connor Ryan says:

I work in a Duty Free store and this week all the hints I dropped to a manager about how much I love whiskey finally paid off. So as you know, Jura discontinued all their line back in April and brought out all the new ones. Well when cleaning out our shelves of tasting stock I stumbled across an unopened bottle of Jura Diurachs’ Own 16 year old. Now really we should have probably just “disposed” of the bottle in a proper official manner, but as it’s tasting stock and therefore not listed anywhere on the records of the store, the manager said I was free to just take it home for myself! It’s only taken 3 years of working there, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve mooched many a tasting sample, but finally, a full bottle!

Trevor Mangus says:

We see glimpses of your tat on left forearm and wrist but you never have talked about it or what it means to you

Moshe Greenfield says:

I would love to see you guys review the Glenfiddich 19 (age of discovery) bourbon cask

Mintz18 says:

If Rex asks you to smell his finger, count your blessings it smells like bacon

Gabriel G says:

When I get a decent slightly expensive bottle, it gets strapped into an empty car seat.

Ratboy says:

Have you guys tried that Black Box Whiskey yet? I like some of their wines that I’ve tried, but I haven’t ventured to try the whiskey yet.

Jesse Dewey says:

Can you guys check out McGregor’s named whiskey? The Proper 12 Irish whiskey.

Chrispiano Leao says:

From what your describing it sounds like kettle corn at a farmers market with someone BBQing right next to it.

skatingjoe87 says:


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