Whiskey Review: – Metallica – Blackened American Whiskey

Today we taste and review Metallica – Blackened American Whiskey.


Drahcir Jr. says:

Rex has the key. Relationship first: business second.

Nicholas Villaggio says:

I’m not telling you happy birthday Daniel. Birthday pleasantries are annoying and only for people 39 and under.

Chris Lunn says:

Black dirt distillery is the best New York distillery.

Jack Burton says:


Sean McCormac says:

Y’all liked Bob Dylan’s whiskey, didn’t you?

Raster says:

So… you guys haven’t realized it yet, but… You two could go on tour. Daniel’s music career, continued, except Rex is on the stage doing the “Death growls” like Dave Grohl.

But… Rex should still walk the plank, and get his wife on the show to replace him. Yeeeahhhhh (death growl style)

Robin Simino says:

Looking for a NY whisky, I recommend Widow Jane.

Belfry says:

from 00:00 to 00:04 I totally forgot where I was

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

New York Distillery…I enjoy Cooperstown.

The Cooperstown American is one of my faves. Tried it at a fest last year and loved it. Was like lemon cake!

justus kowalski says:

Luckily my family doesn’t celebrate birthdays for anyone other than kids. The only thing we do for birthdays is my grandma cooks their favorite food and we eat. No presents or anything just food. Celebrating birthdays are lame, nobody cares

macgibbon says:

I don’t think I can drink a whisky that has listened to Unforgiven III. It’s my 40th in a few months,and I also don’t care, despite all my friends asking me what I’m doing. Just give me my 40 year old whisky and piss off.

mcafee1971 says:

Slow Poke not Sugar Daddys

Chris Cassil says:

Hudson runs bass frequencies through their casks for their baby bourbon and they don’t need to collaborate with Lars ‘crybaby, please don’t download our music’ hurlricktardola. That’s right I said it.

Welsches says:

Well Daniel, on this normal day, I hope it was wonderful. Enjoy every year to come my YouTube pal.

D Oliver says:

Subscribed almost two years ago and i can finally say Rex has finally delivered an excellent intro!

RP 3 says:

Black button distillery, iron smoke, McKenzie, southern tier distillery, tusker distillery

wildernessman says:

Daniel you can’t be serious! How can you drink whisky? But have never listened to Metallica? Lol

Fredrik Öhlin says:

I’m bias because I work for Mackmyra but everone who has the chance should try Motorhead or the new Scorpion from brands for fans that is destilled at Mackmyra. Singel malt whisky that can hold it’s own.

222SickBoy says:

I know Daniel doesn’t want to…. but, since you’re tasting ‘celebrity’ whisk(e)ys. Please do “proper 12” so I can hear about it before I waste MY money on it out of pure curiosity. Your money being wasted is just fine with me *wink*.

John Ohlhausen says:

Congrats for making it around the sun once more Daniel.

Matt Stone says:

Patin Oswald look up what he says about birthdays it’s hilarious

DLC94 says:

I like when rex pretends like he knows what the f*uck he’s talking about. Metallica has a couple really good albums.

Clint Fletcher says:

Jesse James Bourbon?

marksman303 says:

This excites me.

Joshua Fetter says:

Board gaming can be something akin to alcohol or food in my experience

Mooch says:

happy birthday Sir Whittington!

Trikk says:

Did you guys get a hold of Connor McGregors Irish when it was all the rage?

Shawn W says:

I forgot the turn my volume down after watching a movie and man that intro blew me away as I put on my headphones

pcmacintyre says:

A celebrity whiskey you reviewed and liked…Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan? How quickly they forget.


Have you guys done 12-foot beard?

Daniel Krakovski says:

New York distillieries, in addition to Kings County and Hudson: Coppersea (they’re in the Hudson Valley and they make a mean rye as well as other whiskeys too), New York Distilling Co. (they’re in Brooklyn and they make several ryes and gins, really nice stuff), Widow Jane (also in Brooklyn and they make a bourbon and rye), Van Brunt Distillery (also in Brooklyn, not far from Widow Jane–I really like their “American Whiskey”, which I think was made from mostly wheat and barley). That’s a good start I think! I’m from New York and I love what’s been happening over here as far as craft whiskey goes. There’s been n actual movement to brand the idea of an “Empire Rye”, due to the prominence of the grain in the state of New York.

Erik Wait says:

I tasted Blackened at the Whisky Fest in San Francisco and thought it was okay. But like you, I’m glad it’s not just a celebrity bottling.

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

chuck430 says:

kings county = brooklyn!!!!

Brandon Roman says:

Where’s the Proper Twelve episode at…

Matthew Ramos says:

John Henry single malt from harvest spirts in upstate New York is one of my favorite whiskeys
P.s its also a smoked whiskey partly aged in Woodford reserve barrels after they have been used for aging applejack

NightWatch says:

Enter Sandman really?! I always held Unforgiven as one of Metallica’s best, then again I was never normal…

Doug Stone says:

Happy birthday Daniel! You magnificent bastard!

Isfrael says:

Daniel sucked on a Sugar Daddy you say?…

talljohn5350 says:

Hands down best New York distillery is hillrock. It’s a field to glass distillery that malts and peats it’s own barley, and Dave pickerel was the master distiller there. One of the top rated American single malts are made by them. And here’s a fun fact…they’re about to expand, and since Dave was associated with both Metallica and hillrock, hillrock is selling their old equipment to Metallica for their distillery.

Sebas O. says:

Another great episode and a big thanks to finally review this whisky. Slange!

David West says:

Daniel and Rex, I understand your reluctance to have people acknowledge your birthdays, but your being short sighted and selfish. You should consider the other people in your life may want to celebrate you!. A couple of years ago a group of friends and us decided to go wine tasting in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. While we were up there we discovered that one of our friends felt like you do and didn’t want anyone to know it was his birthday on the second day of our trip. We found out and at dinner the day of his birthday and we celebrated his birthday discreetly, but happily. We are all in our mid fifties and we ended up having a discussion about how much we enjoyed each others company and that we should find reasons to celebrate rather than avoid it, because you never know when your time is up. As it happens, we lost the friend we celebrated that evening at dinner about 9 months later due to a very quick illness that didn’t even give most of us time to say goodbye to him. He felt ill late one evening and was dead the next day. I look back and am so glad that we got to celebrate him when we did, and we kept to our decision to celebrate each other whenever we can. Even if you don’t love doing it, let the people in your life who love you celebrate you, because you don’t know if they’ll get another chance.

The4Wills says:

C’mon Tex take the test for level 1, you will pass with ease

Jason Coates says:

Totally with you guys on birthdays. I got annoyed at my parents for making a big deal out of mine when I was like 9. They still give me grief for it, and I still hate birthdays.

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