Whiskey Review: Military Special Blended Scotch with Johnnie Walker Red Label Comparison

Today we taste and review Military Special Blended Scotch and compare it to Johnnie Walker Red Label.


Dakota Hampton says:

People even crap on Johnnie Walker Black Label… Unpopular opinion though, I really freaking enjoy it. Within the context of price, availability, etc. it’s one of my favorites.

gubbsi says:

So happy to see you two review something (subjectively) sketchy 🙂

James Hollingshead says:

So they called it “Military Special Blended Scotch” because it attacks you?

skadoocher123 says:

10 Canadian Whiskeys the bastards are keeping to themselves sounds like a great idea hint hint.

H98342mfan asdf9892nmd says:

I have only had Military Special Vodka, ascend have since avoided the whole range of liquid garbage at Shopettes and Class 6s worldwide. Haha

skatingjoe87 says:

It was $9.99 and I apologise for how horrible it was but, I’m dying laughing from this review 🙂

Mazerick Downed says:

I can get a bottle of 750ml for 13 bucks. I am a retiree. This stuff belongs in the barracks with the newly 21 year old lower enlisted. The PX carries everything from this to super premiums that go up to about 500. Its also one of the places that aren’t restricted by state distribution so I can get stuff that normally doesn’t make it to KS on base like Angel’s Envy or yuengling.

Richard Rief says:

Rex are you saying this is a whiskey not worthy of mooching?

drizzt256 says:

Definitely from a class 6, there’s a whole line of them from whiskey to vodka… Never been brave enough to try it.

Alasdair Gray says:

im not convinced this contains any whisky from Scotland..

Jose Saez says:

What’s up guys? Love the channel. Would love to hear your takes on HILLROCK whiskey. It’s one of my favorite Spots! Thanks!

Evan Moser says:

I’m admittedly not posting something related to the most recent video, but something I find near and dear to my heart, echoed on the Whiskey Tribe group from a fellow Tribe member. How about an episode for folks who enjoy whiskey via straws or some other alternative method due to accessibility? And not just glencairns? Can you address how best to appreciate whisk(e)ys if the “conventional” methods aren’t available to you?

Cameron Lund says:

I’m so glad you guys tried this! I’ve been in the army for a little over 4 years now, and I tend to call these Military Special liquors “Liquid Regret”. Finally got see a review on it. Thanks you magnificent bastards!

Whiskey Crusaders says:

I bought military special blended scotch the day I turned 21 at the class 6. It took me 12 years to finish it. It turned me off to scotch for a long time. A 750ml was $8. Same trip I also bought MS Canadian, MS gin, MS vodka, MS Blended whiskey, MS Light Rum, MS Dark rum and Old Crow because it was cheaper than MS Bourbon. All were under $10 at the time. Most were 1.75. I still have the MS dark rum 16 years later 3/4 full. Cheers to all our service members. I love all the great deals you can get a class 6 in gerneral though especially on whiskey.

James Dillingham says:

This is what Soldiers buy the weekend before pay day. They make vodka and tequila that is equally horrid. This price points at 12.00 dollars at most class six’s.

Lindell Skaggs says:

I love your whiskey pairing videos. Since y’all are in Texas, would you consider a BBQ pairing video? What goes best with brisket, ribs and pork butt? Or what whiskey goes best with the different styles of bbq, your sweet saucy kinda or your dry rubs.

Richard W says:

Damn, I think that may be the hardest they’ve ever shit on a whiskey before. Seems like that stuff is half turpentine.

Clezzykrunk says:

There’s a new intro for you guys. “WELCOME TO THE WHISKEY VAULT! I’m Rex, he’s Daniel. He’s a MOOOOOCH. And I think *he* could pass for eurotrash.”

Zsolo says:

I have not drank Military Special since I left the Army 25 year ago. That stuff is crap.

luke risner says:

They sell this on base and it’s cheap but damn it tastes bad lol

G T says:

Bwahaha! First time I’ve seen you guys be harsh on a free drink! Lmao, perhaps that stuff is made to mix with coke? You guys rock regardless.

ChrisC says:

What the hell is wrong with a “cognac glass”, by which I assume me meant a snifter. The purpose of that design is exactly the same as a Glencairn, to bring the nose to the top so you can fully enjoy the spirit. If a bar doesn’t have Glencairn glasses, I ask for neat whiskey in exactly that kind of glass. You don’t HAVE to warm it.

MrJacob1981 says:

Just so Rex and Danielle know the pronunciation for the apple named gala is (gay-la) not trying to sound pretentious or snobby, I just felt I could lend a helping hand 🙂

platinumchopper says:

I’ve had a couple bottles of military special that I bought from the gas station shoppette on butter at Fort Bragg before my first deployment. Let’s just say I haven’t had worse…. -Brady Counts

Matthew Brooks says:

Review Redneck Riviera American Blended Whiskey!!!

Sam Picton says:

Hay guy. You always seem to slam bartenders in videos. I knew nothing about whiskey before I stumbled on you guys. Why don’t you do a show bartenders how it’s done, with equipment your classic bar/pub would have, not a place with a wide whiskey selection. Speaking as an ex bartender

Jeff Cameron says:

Woah, just watched “Tower Update for October 2015” you rock that hat Daniel, I think hats should make a come back, just like drinking Whisky

Mose Chun says:

Finally a Scotch that is unmoochable, great job gentlemen on surviving the Military Special. To imagine there is something now that makes JW Red Label look exceptional. Cheers to better drams for sure!

Stephen Ierubino says:


Tyler Alder says:

Military Special is currently $23.49 at the Whidbey Island NEX.

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