Whiskey Review: Oban Bay Game of Thrones The Night’s Watch Reserve

Today we taste and review Oban Bay Game of Thrones The Night’s Watch Reserve.


Karl Porter says:

Love the flight thing. There’s a whiskey bar/Japenese resturaunt here in Eugene with 50+ whiskies (maybe 100 depending on stock). They do offer a flight, which has been a great way for me to try things to find out if I like them.

Bradley Place says:

I managed to mooch an exceptionally large double of Oban 14 recently from a bar that only charged £4 per shot and had a 2 for one on at that time.

bocse robert says:

i recently started pairing dark chocolate and cigars with some of my whiskeys. i found bruichladdich to gain the most, some bourbons also work. do you have any advice or tips for me to try?

European Engineering says:

There needs to be a show based on all of Daniel’s Game of Thrones back-stories combined

David Maas says:

Thanks for the review! I think I’ll just drink my regular Oban and leave this one on the shelf. (At least for a while. 😉 I’ve had similar issues with tracking down a bottle of the Clynelish. I finally got my hands on one to complete my collection, but it arrived with the collectible box damaged. 🙁 Now I’m planning to return it, but am wondering A) if you were interested in the bottle and B) whether there was a way that I could get it to you guys? It can’t be shipped in the US Mail, and FedEx & UPS seem to require that I have a liquor license. Any advice?

Dawna Marie says:

Love your reviews. I just checked with my liquor rep here in MI and apparently the Clynelish GoT whiskey is in high demand and it is currently out of stock here.

Joseph Oram says:

I love that it has the nights watch oath on the side I think that’s amazing

queersilver says:

Copper Still in NYC has great flights! Def got some faves from there.

Venomlight says:

Jon blart night watch mall cop

Nasse83 says:

-22c winter has come.

Mr BoJangles78 says:

Greenville has a total wine with a good whiskey selection. Not sure on bars there myself. I just moved back to MS from Greenville last year.

Louie Christensen says:

I definitely second Tucson’s Del Bac Dorado.
Great mesquite smoke flavor without feeling like you’re drinking characterless liquid smoke.

Josef Hansson says:

In Sweden spirits are usually sold per centiliter, so you can put togeather your own flight. And i do on occasion.

Wanmohan says:


Jon Clark says:

I don’t watch GoT either, so I had no idea he was making up the story of the Night Watch until he said they rode on segways.

Fenxis says:

0:25 how dare they not have accurate spreadsheats of their inventory!!!

Belfry says:

So, I like the slow pour cam, but I will say.. If you’re mimic “How to drink guy” you’re not pulling it off right.
Sure, he has a nice camera – sure he has nice lighting. But the reason his looks so nice is because he pours a LOT. . . . Also he pours only 62% in the glass and the rest misses the glass and hits the table.. but I think that’s how he makes it look so dynamic

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Smokey American…Oppidan Smoke & Sea. Pricey, but interesting. May not be able to find it in a bar, but they are getting pretty decent distribution in stores.

Matthew Hansen says:

That reference alone needs a level 4 sommelier award…. Just saying

Chris Lemmon says:

Whiskey Vault Flight Paddles for mech?

Evans Goff says:


Dakota Hampton says:

Seriously though, flights are always the best option. Its the best bang for your buck and has helped me as a college student try a wide variety of whiskey and expand my knowledge of various grains, finishes, and compare them in one sitting.

Ed says:

I absolutely agree with the flight fight to get it into bars. That’s how I was introduced to Redbreast. got a $33 flight at a local Irish pub with Green spot, Yellow Spot and Redbreast. Also just last week I found that same wax bottle candy note in Glenmorangie original.

Also do you know why there is a medicinal (iodine) note in some Scotches and just smokiness in others. If there is something I should be looking for I would love to know so I can get the smokiness without the band aide flavor.

Scotch 4 Dummies says:

Good review fellas. Agreed, good scotch especially if you like the 14. Cheers!

Mathieu Lefebvre says:

Whiskey flights are a great idea, I was day dreaming today that if ever I were to open a “Whiskey Bar” I would have different types of flight where you could pick your whiskeys. My whiskey list would have all titles highlighted in a price oriented colour scheme red, yellow, black (whatever colours you want). Red are the $10 and under whiskeys, yellow are the $10-20 range and black would be 20-30… (more colours would need to be added of course, this is just a rough example) and if a customer chooses a red flight, he can choose 3 of the red highlighted whiskeys, and same goes for the other colours.

Keith Jones says:

Knoxville TN has a whiskey bar called The Jig and Reel. They have flights priced from $15 to $250 (haven’t tried that one yet).

Chris Lemmon says:

As much as Daniel is butchering the GoT story-wise… I kinda want to see his version.

BL says:

Been meaning to try Oban. If I can find this for a reasonable price Ill have to try it. Really enjoyed all your GOT series reviews(and the channel). I was tempted to buy a GOT bottle. But most bottles didn’t have age statements I figured I would do some research first.

Parliament14 says:

Thanks 🙂

TheFatHack says:

How much does yeast play in the grain bill and whiskey out come?

bargman100 says:

What happened to the video quality?

Olivier Cote says:

Went out and got a bottle of the RE:FIND Rye yesterday before they all disappear from the central coast. I also say some bottles by Sonoma County Distilling Co. were intriguing. Ever heard of them?

Emil Lund says:

Have you found the secret stash yet Rex? xD

The Critter says:

Literally grinned ear to ear when I heard my comment being read. Love it guys made my day. Thanks for the recommendations.

Brandon Hayes says:

I have been a fan of this Insanity since the begining. The show the characters all of it is amazing! Awesome job guys. We have have started a group of MB’s in Iowa. I think it would be fun for you to visit us.

Karl Porter says:

What about the Corsair Tripple Smoke?

bestdefence says:

Cynical marketing by Diageo if you ask me. A fancy label to entice the collectors who are driving up prices for whisky drinkers and should stick to collecting stamps or baseball cards.

ChrisWCorp says:

Paul Blart Night Watchman

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