Whiskey Review: Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky with Old Forester Classic Comparison

Today we taste and review Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky and compare it to Old Forester Classic.


paladonis says:

Old Forester became a favorite of mine after seeing it for $12 at Target on sale. They were trying to get rid of it. So I picked up 2 bottles and was glad I did. Fast forward a year and a half forward to now, and I noticed some of the pricing went up for Old Forester here and it’s harder to find because it has become rather popular in my area. Of course, at $35 for a 1.75 ltr a lot of people see it as that “Cheap” bourbon too.

Cody Bennett says:

So I’m 21 and don’t drink whiskey, but I find myself constantly watching the channel because I want to love whiskey. I’ve tried a small variety of bourbon s, but never really enjoy any of them from monkey shoulder to eagle’s rare. I tend to like sweeter whiskey’s, but the channel rarely addresses any of those types of whiskeys. Is there any suggestions you have for something to try? Please help!

Oscar Madison says:

Awww… Rex tried to comb his hair!

Terry Dolan says:

Anyone think Rex is getting a little….sommy?

Carlos Sanchez says:

Ended up getting the Glenfarclas 12 AND the Talisker 10, thanks for the recommendation! Going to be popping them open this weekend!

mattlamb says:

Yes, a very oaky afterbirth

MJM Augustine says:

I really got addicted to watching your videos guys! Even as a more advanced whisky drinker, I am still learning tons of new things! I have a question however: Do you ever get bored by a type of whisky? – I recently did a bourbon tasting with friends. We sampled ten different ones, some were great, others not so much. Yet, after the last one, we really were happy to enjoy a sip of peated single malt for a change, because all the similar notes in the bourbons got really tiring…

ROPname says:

So… am I to understand that we can use whisky instead of perfume?! like pouring a dram on the neck and/or chest area?!
I bet Ardbeg would make my chest real manly xD and make “sherry-ed” ladies like… most wanted 😛
Tip: use a Bourbon with a High-Rye mashbill to really stand out from a crowd xD

Scott T says:

Correction, everyone should stick with the 1920… I will pick up the slack on this one. Lol, already hard enough to find here! Good work guys as usual. I get some big unsweetened chocolate for sure.

HonkieChris says:

Rex is about as clean ad Canadian Mist hockey player in an ice fishing shack……5 days in

Ryan Hall says:

In my opinion, the Statesman is the best in that group. Love them all though.

Reece LeMay says:

I propose a name for inviting others to bring whiskies to your tasting: counter-mooching.

Brian Pellerin says:

#moochpours someday

BrandonColonel says:

What would you recommend for someone to try if they want to taste the oak flavor and know that’s what it is? For instance, when I wanted to know what peat tasted like, I tried Laphroaig. Now I can identify it in any whisky I buy. Is there any whisky like that for oak?

Armando Garza says:

I really enjoy oak-y tannic notes in bourbon. Wanting to pick that up soon. But to be honest I’ve been buying way too much bourbon lately. Picked up eagle rare 10 and weller 12 recently not so much cause I wanted them but because they’re hard to find and I found them. (No complaints, I’ve been enjoying the crap out of them and making good memories around those bottles)

AKSpaded says:

Nectar D’or is a fantastic whisky. I don’t like sweet things in general but I’m all about my sweet whisky. #Glenmorangang

Justanotherparatrooper says:

holy crap Rex weren’t you bald like 10 episodes ago? how did you get a full head of hair already? i bet that made Daniel jealous!

The Spirit Monk[e]y says:

The Spirit Monk[e]y is present.

josh shoup says:

How do you refrain from having a mental breakdown on what to pick?

MoistCookies says:

Glenfiddich 15 was my first and I deeply enjoyed it. Good luck!

Arrowdusk says:

it would be nice if you guys reviewed this ONE TIME release whiskey that’s currently on sale (i believe it’s only buyable in Quebec) https://www.saq.com/page/en/saqcom/whisky-canadien/alumni-whisky-series-guy-lafleur/13909547

Joe Bloggins says:

I always seem to comment around 21-23 comments in when im on morning shift.

Adam Brown says:

Rex does appear to have bathed AND combed his hair today. Bravo.

Eric Wright says:

do you guys have Trader Joe’s in Texas?
if so can you get – if not has someone sent in Infuse Broken Barrel Bourbon from their. it’s the only place i can find it and want to donate it if you guys don’t already have it.

Christina Zirpoli says:

Just waiting for tomorrow like toodle doodle do…

Larry Wagner says:

So I’ve seen you both do it recently, but what is the rationale behind placing the whiskey on your hands and smelling it that way? Something with the mix of your own scent and the whiskey? Thanks!

Mark Smith says:

My dad passed this year in May, I was a Bourbon drinker. We toasted him at his wake with Johnnie Walker Red, which was his preferred drink before his ill health stopped him drinking whisky. I went from JW Red straight to Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig Quarter Cask. Love them. I’ve expanded my collection now but the majority are Wine Finished whisky. My favourite of those I have tried is Glenfarclas 105. I do like all of those I’ve tried except some of the budget, bells and Famous Grouse are quite so good.

Christina Zirpoli says:

Definitely not first


Wtf… did Rex comb his hair?

Jon Stothfang says:

Also, my dad wasn’t much of a drinker at all, but old relatives kept giving him bottles anyway. He graciously accepted them and left them in the liquor cabinet in case anyone else came over and wanted some. This included multiple bottles of Old Forester, which later became mine once I started drinking. So now I have a supply of dusty classic Old Forester bottles whenever I go back home for the holidays. Are any of these of interest to collectors?

Jason Wheat says:

Question for you scotch folks. Is there a way to have a smoky whisky without the iodine and bandaid flavor that I get from peat. I remember trying Lagavulin 16 for the first time and loved the initial ashy smoky flavor, but then the iodine and rubber kicked in and I couldn’t scrub it out of my mouth fast enough. I wanted to shave my tongue, but I knew that it would require more iodine and bandaids from the first aid that would follow. I would love to find out if there were a truly smoky bourbon or other whisky without the punishment of the iodine. Thoughts?

Moose 76 says:

Don’t search Abby the Spoon Lady.

jesse sherman says:

Found your channel a few weeks ago while looking for some info on sipping bourbons. Thanks too y’all i have found a good place to start. My first purchase was Buffalo Trace followed by monkey shoulder. Two very different but both very good. I already can’t wait to buy another to try. Thank you for the helpful videos and keep the em coming.

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