Whisk(e)y Review: Port Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky

Today we taste and review Port Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky.

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James H says:

How the heck do you guys keep up with all of this?

The FoolsHonor Collection says:

You guys should try and get your hands on the “Asbury Park Distilling Co. Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey” They just made there first batch of bourbon. They are a vodka/gin distillery but recently started doing bourbon as well. The bourbon is finished in used gin barrels.

Ryan Erland says:

Can you do Glenfiddich ipa? You said you have it and I feel like a lot of us are coming over from craft beer.

Chris Dumas says:

yo blend benders. blending with “the world” how about try blending with Japanese .

Dakota Hampton says:

My base diet is vegan, I wonder how much that changes whiskey for me compared to y’all. Looks like I have to come to the vault and drink whiskey with you guys to see if it does… for science y’know?

Laphroaig Fiend says:

“If you fight me I’ll fight your friends” –Daniel Whittington


Canadian Whisky Smith says:

I need to check if the Vault has a bottle of Nomad Outland Whisky. Another Scottish whisky that took a trip for finishing and bottling that cannot be called Scotch, but involving Sir Richard 🙂

The sherriest of PX Sherry Bombs! Which is what they were going for…Mission: Success!

SWVAMarksman says:

Looks like the Commonwealth is making us proud.

Salvador Brown says:

Have you guys every tried whiskey with water then returned to it to find new flavours and notes. Had a Ardbeg An Oa. At first big black pepper note. Then added water and found all the molasses treacle notes. Now returning to it with no water black pepper is gone and it’s all sweet sexy goodness.

Kardula says:

Just store it on the internet, it’s a big place

James Helferty says:

I think I might be seasick.

alexrozing says:

You guys should try The Glendronach 21 years Parliament. One of my favorites!

Will Brent says:

FINALLY VIRGINIA GETS SOME LOVE! this distillery is right down the road from me and while I haven’t had a chance to try it, I’ve always wanted to send a bottle to the vault cause there has been a huge lack of good VA whiskeys shown, finally!

slather vasquez says:

Danm it guys, you officially need a trash can view cam that only goes on when there a shot taken. Like a little side thing that happens.

Mark Vironda says:

The positivity-rex

Chris F says:

I quit drinking coffee and I now enjoy lighter, sweeter whiskeys that I used to hate. Also, glad to see a VA whisky I can pick up anytime get such a good review!

Mason Wells says:

On the note of finding new and weird ways to make whiskey I thought about what would happen if you age the barrels underwater. I googled it to see if anyone was doing it and all I found was one rum producer that is trying it. I’m not sure how that would affect the whiskey but it might be kinda neat to find out.

PDHelmuth says:

Have this bottle in my liquor cabinet and LOVE it. Several bars in town have it as well….but it helps I live an hour from the distillery.

Adam Albrec says:

Is someone who teaches finishing a ‘Spirit Guide’?

gwaihir windlord says:

Looks like the Old Dominion is well represented. I sent you guys a bottle of bourbon from the Ironclad distillery in Newport News a few weeks ago. Never got an email that you got it but someone signed for it. By the way, saw the Highland Park Magnus review and loved the Dark Crystal reference. Rex’s spirit animal should be a Skeksis.

Roy Batty says:

Wow….thought it was sock smelly on the nose and raw and too young on the finish….Ill have to try it again.

Copper Honu says:

Dominate food challenge. Before the next quarterly challenge, do a tasting on a whiskey you like and make your notes. For the quarterly “dry” week challenge, Daniel and Rex each eat one specific thing with every meal for the whole week. After the week is up, go back to the original tasting whiskey and see if there is different . FYI… I should be typing up a TPS report for work right now and not commenting on the channel. 🙂 Cilantro

khaunleper says:

So what i heard, was that its best to drink whiskey in the morning since that is when my palate is the most clean.

Tifosi44202 says:

I had a conversation last week with Mike Rosales from RoMa Craft cigars. They did an episode of Modern Rogue. As they are an Austin based company i hope that you can meet up with them and put a cigar whiskey pairing video together. Maybe a Modern Rogue, RoMa craft, Whiskey Vault super vid!

Gabe Little says:

I am located in Virginia and have been curious to try this recently!! The Virginia Distillery Company is about 40 minutes from me and a friend of mine and I are planning to make a trip up there! After watching this review, I will definitely be trying it as it is very easily accessible where I am located. Thanks so much for the review guys!

Scott LaBruyere says:

Virginia love! Nice. Glad they got a review. Everyone get this whiskey. Try the Chardonnay finish, brewers batch and cider cask finish too.

dcrou7 says:

Jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than master of one.

Tom McCafferty says:

Back in the early 70’s I was working in a factory in Conneaut Ohio. One of the foremen was coming down with a cold. Someone told him to eat a clove of garlic. He did not know the difference between a clove and a bulb. His breath, scent, sweat and aura reeked so badly of garlic it was nauseating. Our coffee pot was located at the end of a supply closet that was long and narrow. He got a cup of coffee early in the morning and no one could stand to go get a cup for the rest of the day.

Reruma Lerma says:

Trash cam pls

Alex Atkins says:

You guys finally did a virginia whiskey!! Now I’m pissed I didn’t pick up a bottle of this last time I was home. It was between this and the Isaac Bowman port finish. I guess I chose wrong!

kirkatconcordia says:

You guys need to add a garbage can cam! So we know who makes it and when!!! Let’s keep a running tally!

The Mark of Kain says:

Bring back Rex Month!

justus kowalski says:

Who the hell is this guy with hair?

Tony Cronin says:

Rex is a brick house. And that’s a fact ain’t holding nothing back

Carwyn Van-de-Vyver says:

We have the bottle cam, but I think we need the bin cam to record all the great shots they make 🙂

Rob Carson says:

What is the smell of someone whose dominant food intake is whiskey?

Don M. Bourbon Hunter says:


Geoff Dunn says:

So does this mean the rapid fire reviews of the whiskeys that were at the launch party comes tomorrow?

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