Whiskey Review – SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whisky Review and Tasting + Trash-can-Cam! Ep: 225

Today we taste and review SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whisky, plus Trash-Can-Cam makes its glorious debut!

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Like Jazz and wine, snobs have predictably hijacked whiskey appreciation, spoiling our natural, common connection with it and creating a false dichotomy of “good whiskey” and “bad whiskey.”

It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

** The only valid definition of “good” whiskey is “whiskey you like to drink.”

Learning how to share your love of whiskey in a way that connects people to the history and the story has more to do with public speaking and storytelling than it does with facts and tests.

The best way to learn about whiskey and share that love is to drink whiskey and talk about it with friends. Study the history, find the stories, and discover the culture and the methods that have been developed over hundreds of years. That’s what you’ll do when you attend The Whisk(e)y Marketing School.

** You don’t need a marketing degree to learn how to share your love of whiskey with the world.

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There’s a tremendous amount of curiosity about Whisk(e)y today. It’s a great excuse for you to gather a group of people who want to have fun and learn something new. The Whisk(e)y School teaches you how to tap into that curiosity, and share your love of whisk(e)y in an unpretentious way. You’re demonstrating knowledge, expertise, and an engaging personality – things valued by every gatekeeper, in every industry.

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Joe Bloggins says:

Review Glen Breton already, and dont give me no shi!t about sending it in, its already in the vault and its impossible to find in western Canada.

steves00010 says:

Love trashcam! We’re gonna need to incorporate that more into the show…. Also you haven’t said monkey shoulder in like a month…Youre killin me!

Bendmaister says:

Last summer I went to Ireland and had an amazing whiskey in the swan bar in Dublin. The taste were sweet and it were smooth as silk. The bartender said it were a rare whiskey, really rare. He said it existed 18 or 80 bottles of it in the whole world, as a swede I had a hard time with his accent, that’s why I’m not sure how many or the name of it. I’ve tried to find that whiskey since, do you guys have any idea of what whiskey it might be?

John Peterson says:

Trash can cam is perfect!

Markus Retzer says:

I am from Germany and i agree in most of the comments from you. Is this the first Whisky from Germany that you tried? I would recommend Glen Els or perhaps Feller. I could send you something if you didnt try them.

Mr. ModdedToHell says:

I’m not new to whiskey but I am new to tasting it. Do you have a “better” or “best” way of drinking it? The literal way it moves around your mouth? thanks!

Barry Horton says:

Little basketball coaching…. square off the shoulders and follow thru with the wrist pointing down to the floor guys! Now … maybe you should try a jump hook instead … just sayin!

Austin Brown says:

Mackinlay’s Shackleton

Ross Parker says:

What heavily peated scotch would you recommend for $100 or less?

charlie.g.hague says:

Is the funk you’re describing the same smell you get out of Beck’s beer? I can’t even drink that stuff bc of the skunky smell.

Randal Dowd says:

Right now at this moment as I’m watching this latest video of you guys, I just opened up a bottle of Peat Monster. I’m all about bourbon and new to scotch, tried Monkey Shoulder first, had to adjust to it, but liked it towards the end of the bottle, had 2 bottles of Highland Park 12 next and I found I loved it because of the smoke…. so I skipped to the Peat Monster, and Holy Shit Guys, this is some amazing whisky. The finish is like eating ribs, and it’s more than just Peaty and Smoky but with underlining sweetness. This has been my favorite yet. Is there any more you would recommend for me, and I’ve Spotted Ardbeg and Lagavulin at my local store. Which one would you recommend? One more thing, when I first tried Monkey Shoulder I got all the notes wrapped up as one single note and it was “Buttered Wheat Toast” was that just me being new to Scotch or do you guys get that too?

cliff shantie says:

I want to say thank you to both of you for the humor and education, I’ve just started learning about and enjoying whisky, I’m about 90% through the episodes. I’ve bought 8 different bottles in the last three weeks, you guys need to start tasting more whiskys you don’t like before I go broke. So far I’m really liking monkey shoulder and angels envy, with that said I can’t for the life of me pick out the different notes. Any advice on how to start recognising those or is it really just be confident when I state what I taste?

Jaani Barclay says:

Can you review what you consider to be the worst whiskies? Just for fun.

OzzieLad 1 says:

Whisk(e)y Vault. I re-watched an older episode, and by god Rex has mellowed (aged?)…. no more “I hate your stories Daniel, shutup!” Daniel stipulate that for #Rexweek to happen, Rex has to bring a new bottle never tried before. And get a haircut. Coz yeah.

daniel perotti says:

Hay guys great video. I had a unrelated question on a recent BBC news articles in witch the most expensive dram of whiskey ever paid for was found to be fake. I know that fake whiskeys are common in serten places and should be purchased with a sence of caution. My questions are how you two feel about this and what the whiskey world is potentially doing to thwart this kind of major fraud? You guys are the best keep up the “good work”!

Michael Smith says:

SLYRS = (SH-LES ) pronunciation

john games says:

Hold your nose while eating skittles. That really freaks me out how no flavor is present.

Konrad Fastenmeier says:

Hi Folks, it’s pronounced [ʃliːʁs]. BTW there are some nice finishing bottlings from this distillery, way better then the”classic”; and the 12yo is fantastic, unfortunately it’s 130 € here in DE

Spencer Geller says:

The first time Rex didn’t want more whiskey.

Michael Smyth says:

The sour flavor in the whiskey is likely from the yeast. In sour beer making, one of the ways in which the sour flavor is achieved is from allowing wild yeast to inoculate the wort. It’s unlikely that the whiskeys are using wild yeast but an interesting possibility

Bob Hawkey says:

Great job guys, as usual. I wonder if a video regarding fake whiskey would be worth doing, or have you already done one?
World’s most expensive dram of Scotch was a fake

Thomas Murphy says:

this stuff is $100 a bottle ? at 3 years old ? WOW

Fortyus says:

New sub here, can you do a review of stillhouse whiskey? America’s finest according to the can/bottle.

eric gilbert says:

Just ask how important a yeast strain is for brewers and wine makers. Many brewers dream about yeast

charlie.g.hague says:

Do you have any advice for buying independent bottlings? Some of my fave whiskies I own are independents but I always feel perplexed when buying one. Without a reference for what the profile is, it’s hard spending that type of money on something I hope will be great. Luckily, I haven’t found one yet that I don’t love but it’d be less stressful if there was a method to the madness. Also, have you tried the Alexander Murray bottlings? It’s out of SoCal and they’re in Total Wine and Costco. I’m always hesitant about buying Total Wine exclusive brands but they have some bottlings that look incredible for really good prices. Any thoughts?

Anus McBain says:

Can we get a paning shot of the shelf.
be interesting to see all that’s there and how that will change in 6 month to a year

George Cocon says:


David Herman says:

Day 1 of trash cam. and it was GLORIOUS!

sofakingdrunk66 says:

Try turning off the lights and close the blinds when it comes to the trash can challenge. You never know you might get it in first time..

Ole Thanatos says:

Tash Cam for the Win! And by the way thanks for saving me the cost of a plane ticket for an eh Whisky. Cheers

Breandan Kerin says:

Hey guys, Y’know the way with wines, they can suffer from being “Corked”, can the same happen with whisk(e)y’s? aannndddd if so, could that possibly be the “funk” you guys are getting? I doubt you could, but what would be pretty interesting would be to compare a screw cap and cork closed bottle of the same whiskey that you know to have “The funk”
And is this the sort of funk you guys are getting?

Justanotherparatrooper says:

epic win for team Daniel.

TwoFoot Giant says:

Y’all used my trash can cam!

ngkos says:

Brian, if you’re reading this, Royal Brewhouse, an Indonesian Blended Whisky.

Springbanker says:

i think destilling whisky doesn’t count among Germany’s primary virtues. we’re much better at brewing beer, baking bread or making sausages. i’d rather stick to the fine scotch products

jacob lepter says:

Bought my first bottle of good whiskey because of you guys Buchanan deluxe 12 year. Way better that to $20 handles me and my friends used to get drunk off of.

Little Crystal Music says:

Guys, what are your favourite musical tracks when the mooch gets to the end?

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