Whiskey Review – The Feathery Blended Malt Scotch with Pig’s Nose and Sheep Dip Comparison

Today we taste and review The Feathery Blended Malt Scotch and compare it to Pig’s Nose and Sheep Dip.

Whiskeys we will be tasting on the Livestream:
Ardbeg Uigeadail
Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie
Lagavulin 16
Laphroaig Quarter Cask
Oban 14
Angel’s Envy

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speed rakk says:

no springbank. i am so over this.

Max Phillips says:

Which two new addition to our budget “animal” whiskey line up. Perhaps you could blend a budget rye called “Horse’s Ass”!

Michael Wellman says:

Angles Envy has the token bourbon?? Really??  Please.  You need to get  a bourbon person in this group

Roy Tyndall says:

Rex is always “sweeping back his hair” on the camera side just like he needs to get it in the picture like a porn vid!

darrell hood says:


Peter Lommen says:

I’m on vacation in Hawaii, and I was wasting time walking through a bougie grocery store in a Lahaina strip mall, when I come across their (surprisingly impressive) whiskey section. There, I find Lagavulin 16 for FIFTY [cork squeak]IN’ BUCKS. I don’t have enough time left on my vacation to rationally purchase it, even at this price, but I still feel like I’m committing some kind of bizarre, whisky-based sin. Advise?

Nick Hoyt says:

I’ll be at work but I’ll still be tuning in with some whiskey. Don’t tell my boss. Congrats on the subscribers!

Sean Wing says:

Daniel, I am sorry to burst your bubble but I went to an Applebee’s wanted a whiskey and followed your mentality and ordered a Jamison Neat.

Apparently, neither my server nor the bartender had ever heard the term Neat before.

I had to explain it and after 15 minutes of trying to tell them you pour the whiskey into a glass and hand it to me, I was ready to go behind the bar and do it myself.

And I left their name in because their stupidity deserves to be heard.

zaphytaffy says:

sooo…. while I am at work. This is the first thing you have done to piss me off. Squeak you, you squeaking squeak-holes. Way to squeak the locals.

cole swanson says:

When the world eventually comes to an end I will make the journey from the frozen wasteland that is Canada to the whiskey vault. Would not be surprised if I found Rex in full smeagol form carrying around the bottle of Macallan M while Daniel is sitting in the corner muttering dad jokes to himself.

wazrasta says:

I don’t know why you guys don’t have more subs. I haven’t found a video from you that isn’t entertaining! Loving it boys

Matthew Morin says:

I would be one of those parents. Thanks for the edits.

Mark Graham says:

Its team Chad all the way….. #CHADWEEK

byrdman360 says:

I’d skip out of work early to watch this no doubt! Actually I’d get reprimanded and when I say “IT’S FOR THE MOOCH AND THE SOMM!” I’ll be looked at with confusion. But still, just know I would do that for you guys. Sigh, I guess I’ll be a loser and watch the upload.

Timothy Terrio says:

Whiskey list idea! Whiskies that most embody a particular type; the most bourbon-y bourbon, the most speyside-y speyside, ect..

Ross Fudd says:

Oh those golden Klean U-Tube vijayos, like AVE puts out. FUCK YEAH! Focus You FUCK!

Vitotaylor36 says:

Hey you guys should review the Ardbeg Uigeadail sometime. I know you love Ardbeg, and was surprised you hadn’t done this one. I’m thinking of getting it soon and would love to know your opinions.

DancingSpacePotato says:

I’m so ready for the stream! I’m pretty damn familiar with Lagavulin 16 already. Ardbeg Uigeadail is fresh in my mind after bottling it down recently and I have an unopened Ardbeg 10. I have both Laphroaig 10 and QC. I literally left after watching this video to buy Oban 14 and I will either get Bruichladdich OR Angel’s Envy before the stream kicks off.

Leonardo Requejo says:

I’m a huge Islay fan (if I go by style it is definitely my preferred one), but I would include Dalmore 12 in the advanced whiskies list. It’s not challenging and “tough” but man, it’s packed full of subtleties (yeah yeah E150, chill-filtered, I know. Snobs miss out on so much in life…)

Thomas LeBron says:

Any Glendalough in the Vault? Just added the Double Barrel to my cabinet and I’d love to hear what you guys think!

Shuhong Lim says:

So I had my first major mooch experience the other night.
Took a bottle of Hibiki Harmony Master’s Select to a household of seasoned peat-preferring drinkers and suggested a tasting after dinner. Out came a lovely selection of Laphroaig 18, Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve, Lagavulin 16, Caol Ila 12, Nikka From the Barrel, Ardbeg Uigeadail and even a couple bottles of Mautai. At the end of the night I took back my hardly touched bottle of Hibiki and was so sloshed on all the other stuff my girlfriend had to drink me home. Nobody touched the Moutai.

chris ross says:

Been drinking alot of monkey shoulder, then tryed macallan. Was not super impressed, any recommendations on what to move to?

Jason Portelli says:

Chad for the win!

Indy Piper says:


Chris L says:

Thank you for censoring ! I watch with my kids who all love this channel

Ryan Taylor says:

#chadweek #Rexeatspoundcake

david middleton says:

They are all composed by “The Nose” Richard “Boring” Paterson so that will account for most(all) of the same-y ness you noticed. Nice review guys!

Andrew Bogani says:

Have you guys heard about the new distillery having been built on Skye?! Torabhaig os it’s name! Going to be awesome having new whisky from the island besides Talisker.(my favorite Scotch btw)

Patrick Hodson says:

NOOOOO! The livestream starts RIGHT when I have to leave for work!

mossyflossy ! says:

If y’all haven’t yet, you should do a review on Yellow Rose blended whiskey

AlGoreRhythm says:

I’m definitely getting a bottle of Lagavulin 16 for the livestream. This will be my first Islay and smoky whisky, so I am prepared to have my ass handed to me.

ExceriusGuitar says:

Hey guys,

Been watching these video’s for weeks and absolutely loving them. There’s one thing I’ve been wondering since I started watching. I’ve read and heard that whisky goes bad once it’s opened. Not as quickly as wine, but after about a year, the whisky in an opened bottle doesn’t at all taste like it did when you first opened it.
You’ve got possibly hundreds of whiskies in the vault. Haven’t some of them gone bad by now, or doesn’t it quite work like that?

Greetings from Holland.

ToasterSandwich says:

The other day I came across a bottle of Yellowstone Select in my local shop. It was the only bottle on the shelf which led me to believe that it was a special order that had been abandoned by its prospective owner. How cruel. Unfamiliar with the juice, I had an idea. I pulled up the Youtubes on my phone and checked to see if Daniel and Rex had done a video on it.

Lo and behold I stumble upon “The Whisk(e)y Vault – Episode 43”!!

My oh my, I was not prepared.

All I can say is this…..I wasn’t expecting a short-haired Rex. All I’ve ever known was shaggy Rex, so I figured that’s how he’d always been. I’m impressed to say the least how easily Rex can play the field, in a follicle sense of course. I guess it comes naturally considering he’s gotta grow for two.

Also I bought the Yellowstone, thanks guys!

jason brown says:

Spewing 3pm will 5am Saturday morning if for me will you be posting the full live stream?

Nicholas Fowler says:

You two are a bad influence on a poor college student. My disposable income keeps going straight to whisk(e)y

Gilbert Goldsmith says:

Sheeps dip is better because it has some Islay in it, but The Feathery is a friendly after dinner scotch, very Speyside. These scotches will show beginners that blended scotches are as good as single malt scotches. I still prefer Hunter Laing blended malts. Compass box is a class by itself.

daniel tattersall says:

what would you guys do daniel and rex, if you bought a 20 year old highland park special eddition and the cork was damaged and compromised, luckily the actual seal was fine still. i have washed out a bottle and dried it and filled it up. Was this the right thing to do?

Self Sufficient Man says:

Scottish whisky has been made for hundreds of years and I know it is horrible to even think about but at some point the Scottish Peat supply will run out is there anyone trying to make artificial Peat or speed up the process in which it accumulates to go against this so we never have to have this hell on earth happen?

UnboundOdysseus says:

I actually find Quarter Cask LESS complex than Laphroaig 10. Quarter Cask is all peat, higher alcohol punch and some young “green” notes. The 10 has more fruit and malt notes behind the peat, brine and smoke.

I can’t join in on the livestream since I’ll be driving to my folks’ place and my wife frowns upon my drinking scotch while driving. That said, I’ve got a bottle of Uigeadail I’ve been saving for awhile. I’ll open it Thursday in honour of you Magnificent Bastards and all the Magnificent Bastards in the Crew. Sláinte !

ChrisC says:


Although I suspect that after not editing that bit out, he’ll be getting Evan Williams in his stocking this year from Hobbit!Santa.

wideone23 says:

I want all those bottles off the Livestream. All of them.

eric gilbert says:

Respectable channel is the funniness shit a heard all day

Anus McBain says:

Good news is the live stream will be a Saturday for me………at 5am

Andy Fischi says:

#chadweek we need it ^^

michael henry says:

We need a guerilla chad week. Just chad pouring himself whiskey and talking about mouth feel.

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