Whiskey Review: William Lawson’s Blended Scotch

Today we taste and review William Lawson’s Blended Scotch.


Valesia Labelle says:

Once again awesome video guys,,, The ever thank you might give away a Of your own whiskey,, Just throwing it out there,, Would love to taste what you guys have created, As always sending peace love and joy your way.

Diego Diaz says:

Love when you review all these cheap whiskies. Non-snob achivement unlocked!!

Angry Pat says:

I don’t mind having a little back round to help me understand the story to my whiskey

Lino Sanchez says:

Why am I addicted to this show?

The Spirit Monk[e]y says:

The Spirit Monk[e]y is present.

Jens Hofmann says:

Did you guys ever thought about using a “Eiswein” cask for your Whisky? Its a specific german wine. The grapes are harvested so late that they have to be completely frozen to produce that sweetest wine. Icewine in Herman “Eiswein” is only selled for few weeks a year.

Eric Schwab says:

THE Matthew Zitrick! Hell yes!!!! Lol! MZ for the win!

Adam Farnsworth says:

I just found today’s episode! (It’s Monday, the 18th)

Sturat5150 says:

According to my local Sheriff, It is not illegal in Texas to make your own whiskey. It is illegal to sell it or transport it across state lines.

Ryan Erland says:

Today is Friday. Where is donation day?!!!

Ethan Orians says:

I thought Friday was donation day? Is this what happens during Daniel month?

Scott LaBruyere says:

Has anyone noticed that the usual “1st” person isn’t first anymore?

Angry Pat says:

#Maypril is Rex month

Josh Headley says:

Where is the shenanigans required as a sacrifice to the Spirit Eagle, and the bane of the Sommie Bear?

RayD70 says:

Since they’re filming Fear The Walking Dead around Austin now, I keep waiting for Strand to discover the Vault and decide he’s living there forever.

Ross Fudd says:


HonkieChris says:

CHAD, tricky SOB. hiding the goodness of shining off Daniels head and exploding out of Rex’s gray mane…We need another reason to cut that birds nest

Aaron Gong says:

That kinda happened in 28 Days Later when Brendan Gleeson calls out Cillian Murphy for grabbing whatever Scotch from the store shelves while filling his own basket with Lagavulin 16. Not exactly single-barrel expressions, but why not drink the best you can during the zombie apocalypse.

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Art who says:

Wait what? You guys didn’t actually answer the zombie question, only that the question was kool and interesting

Joart DZ says:

Not a fan of WL. Prefere Jameson or JB for an all day whiskey

Bazzoro says:

William Lawson is one of my least favourite whiskies out there. I prefer so many even more budget blends than this.

Darryl Jackaman says:

I’m been watching this channel for a while now, how do u stop friend mooching whiskey. Have a friend come round most weekends he bring the cheapest whiskey he finds drinks mine and leave his for my collection what do I do ???

Daniel Alvarez del Castillo says:

That whisky sucks!

vardas4242000 says:

What happened to the slow motion pour ?

Aaron Gong says:

It’s not a true whiskey review without the obligatory window plinks.

Emil Apostol says:

Timely! Just bought a bottle of this. Tastes super grain forward and harsh for me, so I’ll give it a bit of time to aerate before I go back to sipping it neat.

Nathan Rosado says:

Is today not Friday an there is no donation day? I’m so confused got me doubting the day of the week. I had to double check that it was actually Friday. Ha don’t get me wrong I am here to continue to learn about whiskey and grow my knowledge while having a good time. I am just a creature of habit an now today doesn’t feel like Friday anymore. Thank you for all the whiskey goodness.

Brandon Knight says:

I’ll meet you in Kentucky if shit goes down, gotta watch out for those spindly arms!

chris zale says:

What would ‘plink’ against the window is one of they’re manhoods and the others manhoods would burst through the glass and soar amongst their whisky spirit. To be fair I’m positive it was talked about before prior to this episode so this might be honest ball busting at its finest or complete shit. Love you Daniel and Rex whether you let your whisky spirits shine or allow them to be burried until it’s convenient to let them out. May your whiskys be whiskeys and your wine not be whine because unlike whisky/whiskey.. one letter changes how your day might be shit or divine..

Sergant Grunt says:

Shut up Karen let me drink my whiskey and drive this stolen tank. You already took the kids.

KV Medman says:

Am I the only one wondering why this is not “Donation Day”?

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