Whiskey Review/Tasting: Jack Daniel’s Old No 7

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Whisky.com reviews the Jack Daniels Old No 7. Jack Daniels a true American! And so is the Whiskey. The Old No 7 is the best selling whiskey in America and the world. The taste is corny sweet and very mellow due to the charcoal mellowing.
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Fruit gum, vanilla, paint
Oak, light bitter, little almond

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NS Farm says:

Very nice drink.

PGm issa says:

he said there is more to Cum ahahah ewwww 😀

Aalidas says:

soon as i get a whiff of whiskey boy my stomach starts twistin. how do you swish that whiskey around in your mouth like that? id be writhing

iBeer420noscope says:

I used to drink it when i was a teenager. The idea of drinking in now makes me feel sick

codysett1 says:

I love these videos but I hate that the fucking mic is so close to his mouth. The noises that are made are almost fucking unbarable

philhellmuff says:

I wonder how much it would sell if they change the color of the label from black to pink.

Wolfgang Schweizer says:

I liked drinking it in an American bar. Then it tasted good together with a dark beer.
For drinking a whiskey in quiet at home, I like Elijah Craig better.

Gabi X says:

I drink a bottle every day.
Best thing ever created by man.

SoloDolo says:

So many people hate of jack daniels lmao. Still my personal favorite

xXx_sweg_quiCkScOp3Z_L0Rd_420_69_xXx says:

I’m sorry buddy, but you can’t whistle.

Jonathan Ellis says:

say what you want about jack daniels and his views towards women, blacks and the entire northern part of the country – the son of a bitch sure did know how to mass produce piss water whiskey with the best of em!

harley burles says:

This nigga a predator

Mr. Weirdo says:

I live 20 minutes from where jack daniels is made!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack daniels employs many many people and pays them big money for their labor

David Foster says:

I just taste hand sanitizer when I drink this. I am a fan of makers mark straight small batch bourbon.

1 sonofabiscuit says:

Go to hell JD haters you know there are some of us that actually like  JD what’s wrong with that??! jesus! its not like everything else YOU people like or drink is any better because it is NOT I like JD straight up yea it’s got strong bitter aromas and taste but that’s what makes it good!

Scott Griffith says:

Drink whiskey

Boa Constrictor says:

Good videos! Dunke

btg73 says:

I’m surprised you get anything out that crap. JD is the worst rat poison on the market. I once used it to thin out the ice in my gasoline.

Hamzeh Yakoub says:

we can see that you are ready from back if the camera

FlatBastard says:

This is like Gordon Ramsey reviewing McDonald’s.

Alec The Sceptic says:

I agree it’s thin. It was better at 43 ABV.

Rams Nation says:

Did he swallow his mic or something?

PGm issa says:

he said whiskey . Cum ewww ahahahahaha

LedHead says:

I dnt understand all this hate. JD is far better than JW Red label, and i never ever had hangover with it.I usually drink little more than half a bottle and never wake up hung over.

Al Paterson says:

Horst is a fine example of politeness and good German manners! He is also an old fox as well,letting us fill in the blanks for ourselves … now move along folks nothing to see here .. but do try the Gentleman Jack or the Single Barrel 🙂

Chris Johnson says:

Sound like you chewing that shit damn tone it down some

Dustin Kunish says:

Jack Daniels is my least favorite whiskey for it is far too bitter

Harvey Felder says:

i love this nigga, he needs a tv shor, this nigga needs 1 million subscribers. im drunk i love you man

David Lara says:



Towards the end he looked like he can’t wait to run to the sink and throw up

not12u says:

Everyone hates drinking jack Daniels but still drink it anyway.

iRunDutchie says:

I like it very much over Ice… should not be compared with Scotch because it has nothing to do with that. Just sip it slowly and enjoy 🙂

Dirk Kirby says:

Having drank much of this in my youth (and vomited nearly as much), I can say this review is dead on.

JHMP says:

I’d only drink Jack Daniels to get wasted 😀

Hunter Barnes says:

When he swishes it around, wtf lmao

Ollie Peters says:

I’m surprised he didn’t identify any banana notes.

Anonymous - Nothing To See says:

it has a pleasant nose, but you can taste the charcoal. I think that strips a lot of good things… it contributes a gentle smoke and a touch of sooty bbq oily smoke flavor.

TheJchawk91 says:

how the fuck do know what glue taste like?

Aleksi _Sw says:

this is like asmr

mshadows113 says:

actually. I heard they decided on ” Old number 7″ is because after Jack Daniels won 7 awards for his whisky. that’s where he said. old number 7. that works

Mik Wri says:

‘Paint thinner’… He got that part accurate!

Rick Prins says:

Not the best Whiskey, but not as bad as some say. I happen to like it from time to time.

Of you’re selling so much bottles you’re doing something right.

Tarik Toudert says:

nice bottle :’)

Carl Mart says:

Jack Daniel’s is the whisky equivalent of Budweiser.

Henry says:

The sound of just his voice alone makes me want to drink hard liquor. It is Monday, and I am drinking a glass of Jacks straight up.

He would make a good voice for villains in animation.

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