Whiskey Review/Tasting: Maker’s Mark Red Seal

http://www.whisky.com/whisky-database/bottle-search/details/fdb/Bottles/Details/makers-mark-red-seal.html Nosing 5:45
Whisky.com tastes the Maker’s Mark Red Seal. This famous Kentucky Straight Bourbon with its high wheat ration in its malt is very mild and mellow.

Sweet, vanilla, honey, caramel, toffee
Honey, slight fruitiness, mouthwatering, oak, becomes drier
Not to strong

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MrHotass81 says:

I like ur u tube but it’s not in Kentucky

Richard Borowski says:

I really enjoy watching your reviews ,very passionate .

hey0 swaggins says:

new to whisky, but i tasted maker mark along with you. it was rather intense in the mouth, as if my gums and tongue were being punched by the alcohol. I suppose this intensity is mainly brought fourth by the +5 abv.. Very smooth finish, perhaps the mouth burn almost distracts you from witnessing a gnarly finish. spot on with the notes you examined however 🙂

Hank Hill says:

This is by far the best bourbon I’ve ever had. My house always had a bottle decorating a shelf.

And I could listen to you talk all day, very soothing!

Johnny J:son says:

This was my first bourbon ever and I can tell its a very good one and it will be permanent guest in my bar. lovely nose of malt caramell and vanilla. the taste is as first quite spicy but vanish fast and you really can enjoy the lovely sweetness of vanilla and toffe

presterjohn71 says:

This guy is my second favourite whisk(e)y reviewer after Ralfy. I wish more of the older reviews were in English too.

- olo says:

Good Bourbon

Buck D says:

Subscribed. Good videos.

Raster says:

I apologize for possibly too much detail… Since starting with Scotch I have been looking for a Bourbon or other Corn based Whisky to enjoy and I haven’t found anything that I really like in a Bourbon or Tennessee Whisky (all I’ve found are drink-able, but not, for me, enjoyable). After some Google search, sites pointed to Maker’s Mark as potentially a Bourbon with some of the qualities of Scotch.

I came here, and saw that you seemed to like this Product. After my purchase I was disappointed in the taste. I had heard a tip that for Scotch drinkers just try to pretend you are tasting Ice Cream and you won’t be disappointed in a Bourbon.

This idea didn’t work for me. The initial taste seemed like all other similarly priced Bourbon and then I got an old-cask taste, tastes like the charcoal wood you might scrape from the barrel after you empty it. Kind of a musty but not all that unpleasant taste. I probably need to give my bottle to friends who naturally appreciate Bourbon. For completeness I tried it highly diluted with Ice (retaining only a fraction of the taste I wondered it it would make a good diluted drink). That didn’t seem to help much. I still got the musty taste.

In sharing the information I figure I might learn something. Folks might respond with their impressions.

I’m still searching for a US or Corn based product that has depth, like Scotch. Also I want to avoid any Rye grass taste. I find that naturally unappealing.

Any thoughts about these observations?

spooby99365 says:

subscribed. great video

Kenneth Rosengren Jensen says:

Nice watch!

Ian Ferreira says:

I have just begun to enjoy bourbon whisky. I tried buffalo trace and enjoyed this very much – but makers mark I find bolder and lighter and more alive – so far it is my favorite – recently I tried Knob Creek aged 9 years but I found it harsh heavy and biting

M Bayrak says:

This is a really great whiskey. One of the suprerior bourbons for sure. The vanilla taste, the balance and the feel of it is awesome.

Danny Molina says:

Something about you reminds me of Hannibal Lecter.

Jesse Regenauer says:

You have a way of articulating the qualities in what you taste that is purely captivating….

I also sipped along this time around as you artfully dissected the flavors of this TN bourbon as I’ve sipped along to two others you did on Scottish Whisky from Tomatin.

Twas a pleasure having a drink w/you again and likely shall again sometime soon….

Cheers from Eau Claire, Wiscosin (USA), Jesse…..

–funny little half related side note– I thought it to be interesting that my favorite scotch (Tomatin Legacy/Dualchas *USA*) is finished in former Maker’s Mark barrels in addition to the virgin oak. I can actually taste on the very first note of that scotch the influence of this bourbon….

ScoopyD says:

im only 19 yr old lol.

Richard Driskill says:

(7:21 in the video) At 3.7 ml or 1/8 of a US fl oz, I don’t think a actual “Dram” will even register much on your tongue.

DeJure Ranger says:

Is anybody else incredibly disgusted by the way his audio captures his swashing and swallowing of the whiskey? That shit is disgusting to listen too so loud.

Don Castello says:

Nice Tasting

Completebeast83 says:

One of my favorite “burbmms”.

Lonnie Cook says:

This is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever listened to

Brend M says:

ive got some NC moonshine you ought to try !

D. Designs says:

His reviews, and voice tone is so soothing- very nice.

paris france says:

It does not have a box.?


I’m going to be honest this man’s voice is amazing makes me want a nice glass of whisky my self

real situ says:

Damn you might have burned taste buds

Ku Brah says:

Ive been watching your many reviews on whiskey and it seriously makes me wanna run out to buy the bar

Bob Shore says:

Ah, Maker’s Mark, it may be my favorite.  I like the smoothness that the summer wheat brings to the taste. Many whisky’s are a bit too spicy for me from the rye, Makers uses a high percentage of corn (70%) and no rye.  I like it very much.  I have also had a bottle of the 46 and its a bit spicy for me.  Perhaps my taste needs to mature a bit? Love the quality of the bottle.   Thanks, another nice review.  I take it you are German? I spent many nice years in Germany, Schweinfurt in particular, while I was serving in the Army and have a very memory of Bayern and Germany and a whole.  Thanks!    

goatsehomo says:

Horst you are the best!

EL Flintstoned says:

Great upload. Was a pleasure to was a skilled whiskey drinker to give his thoughts on Maker’s Mark. I once tried M&M mixed with Coke .. I found it to be very strong tasting, somewhat a burn to the mouth and throat. Could you maybe give some hints and tips on how to enjoy such a strong tasty whiskey.

Gregory Schadewald says:

just skip to 5:45 for review…

Bruno Qirim says:

I can hear your insides sir

Zach Martin says:

This and woodford reserve are my top favorites. An excellent whiskey indeed.

Decaying Reverie says:

I’ve always wanted to try this but I’ve held off because it is a little expensive. By the way, I really love your accent. I’ve been studying German in college and hope to go to Germany some day.

bloodyBill says:

Love me some makers mark , Now the 46 .

Completebeast83 says:

He didn’t jerk it I’m surprised it sounds like he is so horny over this

Nick Yang says:

and mmmmmuurrmmm…..

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