Whiskey Vault Ep: 118 The English Original Single Malt Whisky Review/Tasting with a Smokey Cameo.

Today we do a tasting/review of “The English” Single Malt Whisky from English Whisky Co.

The show I was on was “The Bourbon Daily” http://www.abvnetwork.com/the-bourbon-daily

My lovely hosts were:
Steve Akley
Chrissy Martin
Evan Haskill


Pippa robinson says:

You need to talk about the Glenrothes select reserve in a video

Nicolás Scarcella says:

Good video as always! And that’s just a generic logo, you can find it almost anywhere ’cause of lazy designers…

John Pelfrey says:

Viscous is the perfect rendition gotta salute the mooch today

Pew Heretic says:

Best Bromance vid ever!! 🙂 I was writing invoices and listening to this vid and had to stop and back up a few times….”…can you get it in? I’ll move it around. etc” I admire the hell out of your wives 🙂

Christian Moe says:

I’m here for Daniel. Sorry, Rex. He’s the one who actually knows what the hell he is talking about. And to be honest, you are there for him too. He is the man with the whisky, after all.

Kevin Smith says:

First and foremost, I just have to say that I love your videos and have been hooked since seeing you on the modern rogue (as most people probably have). While on a recent trip to my local purveyor of fine spirits I found myself torn between a bottle of the Lagavulin 8 year old or the Oban 14 year old. With your video on the Lagavulin fresh in my mind I purchased a bottle and am very pleased. However, I would like to see you do a video on the Oban 14 or the Oban little bay and hear your take on it. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

James Dellinger says:

I watch for you Daniel. I always like to learn new information about whisk(e)y. I am a geek too

Drew Mason says:


WhiskeyBent says:

Can you guys see how long individuals have been subbed here?

John White says:

Hey guys love the channel! Can I hear a story of your first experience with a neat whisky?

Justanotherparatrooper says:

Commissar! Commissar! The troops are revolting! Commissar: Well, you’re pretty repulsive yourself.

Andres Torres says:

Greetings, Whisk(e)y Whisperers!

Catching up to you live from Illinois. I just found your channel this week (while teaching summer school!), and like so many other viewers I am hooked, hooked, hooked. I had received a bottle of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban for Christmas 2 years ago and had been waiting open it for a special occasion. I watched your Ruban review yesterday, then later that day found out the sex of my unborn child (it’s a boy!), and that evening finally broke the seal on that amazing Whisky! It was an amazing day.

I have quickly accumulated a plethora of questions, so I’m going to fire them off and hope that you guys pick up AT LEAST one of them (although I dare you to tackle the entire bull):

~Have you guys heard of and/or tried the new Norlan glasses (https://norlanglass.com/)? I see you guys consistently use the quintessential Glencairn glasses, but this kickstarter company is slotted to give the Glencairns a run for their money. I would love to see you guys do a familiar whisky next to a new whisky in BOTH glasses! This seems right up your alley. If they win you over, or even if they don’t, send me the pair you use (that was for the mooch).

~Can we get an episode in your office? You indicated that you have about 40 additional whiskies in your office, and I’d love to see what that/they look like. What is the whisk(ey) that you drink the most, perhaps daily/weekly? What is the bottle that you always have on hand, both at home and in the office, the one that you immediately replace even BEFORE you run out?

~When reviewing the Rare Fitz., you went off screen to get a vile from “under lock and key.” Do you keep rare(r) whiskies in there? If so, can viewers get a shot of “the good stuff”? Perhaps a whisk(e)y tour during a review (pan left)?

~Daniel, as a Scotch man (“scotch is my home territory”), what are your thoughts on Aberlour? Have you ever tried any of those Scotches? If not, perhaps that can be a future episode. I’d love to see you try their line, multiple together if you had access to them, but specifically their A’BUNADH. You like aggressive scotches, so consider this a welcomed challenge!

~Lastly, and purely just for fun, what are some of the best whiskies for the absolute lowest price tag?

Thanks for sharing laughs and passions, fellas. Sorry I’m not sorry for the long comment (in all honesty, I may repost this tomorrow if it remains an unrecognized child pining for attention). Cheers!

David Tiffany says:

Yes, yes I’m slowly catching up, so I realize this is way late. The truth is it requires both of you. Just as an instrument by itself can be entertaining and beautiful, put different instruments together and you create something a thousand times more wonderful than each one separately. Like you both, but without the other it wouldn’t work.

DANGEmt says:

Mainly Daniel

Jason Voorheese says:

I’m really interested in trying some things out of England, ie Adnams and St George 🙂

Nickolas Kafkakis says:

Rex only made the necklace and video to accompany it out of jealousy of Daniel’s necklace.

deamonsoul1 says:

Screw it, I have 2 major ear infections and antibiotics are barely taking the edge off. Whisky it is, several fifths.

Daniel Ovard says:

my vote goes to the camera man because he some how makes the two of you look passable

Saltire says:

The English are always the bad guys, everyone knows that! 😉

trinityzaku says:

Sorry Rex as tempting as anything is, its Daniel

Martin Lang says:

You call a Welsh man English, he will not buy you a drink.

Angel Javier Soler Sepúlveda says:

Hey guys! can you do a shootout between jhonnie walker black, chivas 12, old parr and buchanans 12.


yusie12 says:

Lol thanks for reading my comment! The reason I have blantons “just lying around” is because Rex used his mooch necklace to hypnotize me and I looked to see what my father had in his pantry, and the only bottle of whiskey happened to be blantons. Its a good whiskey and seeing as its not mine I could try to send in a small amount of it for use on the show but I cant send in the whole bottle or he will become suspicious… What kind of small bottle should I use to ship whiskey in? Also where do I send it?

Reuben Russell says:

Hello Daniel and Rex,
I would like some advice regarding whisky. I started drinking whisky via lagavulin a while ago, I have recently decided to try some new types and have landed on glenfiddich 21 as, for me, this kills two birds with one stone by introducing me to glenfiddich and completing a goal of drinking a whisky older than I am. I would like to know if this would be a good choice to go for, and do you have any other recommendations to expand my variety.

Chace Hawkins says:

We do it for the whiskey… … …and Rex

S Strick says:

Oh I’m sending Whiskey in (and something for the Mooch) but let’s be honest Rex’s necklace has nothing on Daniels pimp chain

Benny Higgins says:

So rex! My payday is this friday, where do I send a bottle to?

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Hey Rex,
My knees hurt and back hurt from working my whole life.
Do you have any plans to have a Mooch Academy?
Might help me a bit on the work load.
As well as being able to drink better whisky !!

Simon vB says:

Jo, I’m still waiting for my bottle of Talisker 10 for confirming that Rex deserved it, on that Fitzgerald very special reserve video. Do I get to pick a second one when I say that it’s mainly because of Rex? 😀

By the way… did you gave the little test bottle of the Fitzgerald away already? would be interesting to know who got it and how.

@Daniel I had the Bunnahabhain today and I fucking love it! The finish is killer. For me a super nice spicy tobacco flavour kicks in at the end. beautiful.
I get my hands on the classic laddie on friday <3

much love

Martin Lang says:

I’d never heard of an English whisky. I’m English, but can’t think of anything good that comes from England – apart from the language.

John White says:

Im really new to the whole whisky world, I am normally a rum drinker. I really enjoy spiced rum, and now I want to go into a peppery whisky of some kind. Can anyone in the comments help me out on some ideas on whats good? 🙂

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