Whisky Liqueur Review/Tasting : Tasting Fireball

http://www.whisky.com/whisky-database/bottle-search/details/fdb/Bottles/Details/unknown-fireball-cinnamon-whisky-liqueur.html Nosing 4:01
Whisky .com reviews the Fireball whisky. A smooth liqueur with whisky and a kick of red hot cinnamon. You taste like heaven, burns like hell.

The nose:
Spicy cinnamon, sharp
The taste:
Hot, chilli, sweet, pinewood
The finish:

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Charlie Hussle says:

what microphone is he USING!?!?

Garys Toys says:

Subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe back 120%

Cicolas Nage says:

This guy grew up in the same household as Christopher Walken.

iamproud tobeme says:

this guy makes shitty whiskey seem like its the greatest thing on earth. i love it.

Jacob Oakes says:

personally i dont like fireball. im not a hot cinnamon kinda guy.

figgles says:

So comfy..

William Grand says:

I didn’t know one could speak on Fireball in such a manner.

Jetski Jay says:

I love a hard cider with a shot of fireball. Taste like apple pie!

Europa H2O Alien says:

Why in the hell are you reviewing Life Savers candy?

Jim Morrison says:

Not a whiskey I enjoy but this video was superb, love the accent and very soothing tone.

Devin Hudson says:

It’s a college party drink lol Treating it like you did acting like it was a “real” whiskey proves you don’t know shit about whiskey. “One of the best I’ve had” dumb fuck.

D S says:

I love this guy

Michael Foster says:

Smack smack smack smack

Alex Piron says:

love this guy, he is so cool, fun, smart, has style and i LOVE his mouth sounds!!!!!!

Sleekcartim .sleekcartim says:

it tastes exactly like the fireball candy but with a kick lol

Eyelee 55 says:

Fireball I love it around a bonfire in the dead of Winter! keeps your soul warm 😀

Hope Hurteau says:

girls mix it with cranberry juice, guys drink it straight

Anonymous - Nothing To See says:

appreciated that you didn’t get all fuckish and snotty about this drink. so many critics approach things with such disdain that they can’t appreciate anything unless it sells for >$80/bottle.

M Bayrak says:

‘Bottled in Norway, product of Canada. What the hell?’ – Knowledgable Whiskey Guy

Rex Holes says:

Ugh this stuff is savage

Jordan Brown says:

People drink this stuff like water in the U.S. Not a fan!!!

Evrim Icoz says:

I love listening to this guy!

Angelus Nielson says:

we should send this video to the makers of the drink…


If you think Fireball is great It jut mean you dont know shit about spirits specially whisky. I dont say I taste bad I just mean it is shit quality. I dare you leave it in your little cup all night long and then wake up to see what you will found: A shit load of sugar that will make you diabetic in couple weeks!!

Jared Green says:

This stuff is hardly whiskey. That being said, you give the best review of this out of any other professional whiskey taster I’ve ever seen. I love your accent, I can listen to you talk all day. It makes your videos all the more enjoyable 🙂

Sleekcartim .sleekcartim says:

love it but can you mix it or cut it with something?

René Arevalo says:

Hell of a video! My brother send a bottle to me, and I had no experience with this one, I’m going share it with some mates, thanks for the review, keep up the great work!

dieselboi91 says:

I’ve never seen Fireball drank in such a classy way before. Therefore, you have earned yourself a subscriber!

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