whisky review 192 – Jameson Whiskey

… the best selling Irish Whiskey in the World, apparently


Lucas Ng says:

Ralfy, is it just me that in the finish, i get a very strong tobacco/earthy/(plastic?) or maybe some of the grain whisk kind of taste? Not that i don’t like, but it’s very different from the bourbons or scotches i usually drink. Do you know what is that taste?


Dan Means says:

I love the nose on Jamesons. I always get this really strong hint of chocolate. it led to the discovery that it goes quite well with a chocolate chip cookie. some fellow Jameson lover please try this and see what you think.

Kfc 69 says:

Jameson tastes like wood

Samuel Mracka says:

I want this guy to be my uncle

Chris Heady says:

I love this whisky, I don’t like a lot of American whisky because it tastes, to me, like rubbing alcohol. However, Jameson has more flavor and much more character. That’s why I love it!

Jason Gallagher says:

ive got to say, i prefer irish whiskey to scotch due to the fact they are smoother and not as rich.

Piper Peter says:

Hi Ralfy, which is better Jim Beam or Jameson? I’m looking for a wood quality whisky that is affordable

Joel Weidenfeld says:

prohibition was EXACTLY about killing off all those businesses, the 3 of the 60 likely are government cabal owned operated and infiltrated by the government…bever was about heath or morals was always about money and control, exactly like drugs TODAY

Bertziethegreat says:

I mix my vodka, I take my whiskey straight.

Drunky Smurf says:

jameson is some head knocker….. only old ladies drink gin…. everclear is the most bang for yr buck

Anthony Sommario says:

Have you reviewed the caskmate jameson?

Barry Fennell says:

bush mills bites way more than jameson but ive yet to have anything bite as hard as jack. scotch is a different story but probably cause it taste like burnt wood


I’m just starting to drink whiskey! And jameson good for beginners? I need the smoothness i dont like that burns a lot

JoshD1001 says:

Just curious.

Have you ever been drunk yourself Ralfy?

Euan scotland says:

Whisky is a rotten drink. We just talk it up as its a billion pound export.

Luke Murray says:

10:16 The majority of people get to get pissed! XD!

Coleton says:

Not every American drinks whiskey in coke. That may be a popular bar drink but when most people buy a bottle for home they drink it straight.

Rebphoenix says:

“The majority of people drink to get pissed” no words more truly spoken!

Rena K says:

today i dried first time single malt – jammerson but black barrel – it was a new world for me. no water no coke – 1 cm pure. fine . i love it more than last bottle wisky – it was chivas 12 y old. thanks – i know now why i bougt black barrel and not the green bottle.

Double D says:

American here. I prefer jameson whiskey all the way! smoothest whiskey, best tasting! Love it!

Jeff Adams says:

bloody hell this is good

Mike van Holsteijn says:


Barry Fennell says:

the vanilla is probably why its smother without tasting watered down

Hieronymous Merkin says:

For a slightly lesser price, try The Irishman Founders Reserve. Much superior to Jameson and you’ll save yourself some cash.

Grimble Grumble says:

“It’s the minority of irresponsible drinkers who spoils things for everybody”
this claim (fact) could be applied to most substances.

Roman Frotan says:

try the jameson casksmates its the same price and miles better

Vale says:

Only good when u r drunk af fuck this disgusting shit

Болгарский Мужик says:

Drinking it right now. I love it. I think turned a little bit Irish in the process. Jameson is love.

keltyk says:

Tried it for 1st time last night- (Jan. 2017). Surprising and delicious IMO. Might it have improved a lot since this review? Seemed an immediate arrival, fresh, keen and bold, good mouth feel… The flavours I got were vanilla, peaches, apricot, candy-floss pepper and cream. But the flavour I really like is a mystery, because I haven’t experienced it before… something kind of like that Purdey’s health drink from the 1980s… I don’t have the best taste-bus, but I got a lot out of this whiskey… I think it was because the flavours weren’t shy.

Maybe it’s worth another review now.

Diego Garcia says:

how old is it?? 3 or 7 years??

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