whisky review 227 – Bains Cape Mountain Whisky

an excellent value Grain Whisky from South Africa well worth the investigation. Excellent nose compensates for a shorter finish on the tongue.

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rullemand123 says:

I love the silent ninja start:D

Mralibabarooibakkie says:

Excellent! Proudly SA!

Pseudotsugaification says:

A very good introduction to Single Grain Whisky/Whiskey. Next stop would be the Irish Greenore 8yr or Greenore 18yr from Cooleys as well as the fantastic Compass Box Hedonism followed by some of the marvellous more mature Duncan Taylor & Co Scotch Single Grain bottling’s such as Strathclyde (real Italian vanilla ice-cream vapour and millionaires shortbread caramels with obligatory custard of mature grain), Port Dundas (maybe not the Sherry Cask!) or North British.

jacobreinvented says:

Is there an age statement on this?

Fetz17 says:

Hi Ralfy, just getting into world whiskies, lovely to see you review some of the best in these videos! However, in regards to single grain whiskies, will you be reviewing Cameron Brig anytime soon? Thanks muchly

Megawatt says:

Sounds very nice, and it has just become available in Ontario.  A bit of research reveals that this is young whisky, under 5 years.  Impressive to score such a high mark.  I notice on the bottle it says it’s a single grain whisky.  Do you take this to mean it is made from a single grain, or just that it is made at a single distillery?

John Wadleigh says:

Ralfy, I just had a vacation in South Africa in a couple safari camps and they had Johnny Walker Red Label and a couple other cheap bottles of whisky. However one camp had some fine scotch whisky bottles, which I had to have while watching the lions relax under the sunset. Anyway, I read about Bain’s in a magazine there and the description sounded incredible – especially with the fact that it was a grain whisky. I completely agree with you on this whisky! I watched your video first (tradition for me when I explore a new whisky) and then tried it myself and it’s truly an amazing whisky! Can you also review the 10 y.o. Three Ships whisky? I heard this is also wonderful! Thanks for all the reviews.

Grégoire SARAFIAN says:

I’m trying this at the moment and I agree with you this is a fantastic whisky !

Roger Bharath says:

i’m working on this one now. it’s very very nice. clean taste.

Ben Liversage says:

loving it mate

shuboy05 says:

Something I’ve been noticing among whisky commentators and whisky books is the fact grain whiskey is often very good when they’ve had time to age. At first glance one might say they are aged vodkas but this is not a bad thing.

Warren Goldswain says:

Just picked up a bottle here in South Africa for less than $20 🙂  looking forward to tasting it soon. 

DavidUKesb says:

Interestingly this whisky spends three years in first fill bourbon barrels and is then re-racked into first fill bourbon barrels for another two years

Darence Wee says:

Camping here and waiting for Ralfy’s Japanese Shochu reviews! Could you also do a malt mention for Singaporean viewers? Here goes… “Malt Minister Mentors”. Cheers!

Marc Pendlebury says:

Hi Ralfy. Love the review as per usual. I too am a proudly South African whisky enthusiast. Just want to let you and the readers know that this is a 5yo whisky and it is double matured – 3 years in American oak, and then revatted again for another 2 years in American oak again. Andy Watts, the master distiller of James Sedgewick distillery in South Africa, has been distilling for 20 years. Keep up the great work.

Daniel Brown says:

This whisky has finally made its way to Taiwan, and I’m really looking forward to trying and presenting it as part of a whisky club event focusing on grain whisky. Cheers and thanks for the review!

Joris T. says:

@Ginias12 Yes indeed. I think it has something to do with youtube perhaps. I see this comment comming quite often these days. So as I Btw, I also saw it just now. I gues there is not much we can do about it .

stuntedmonk says:

I feel sorry for those that are yet to try this whisky, it is that good. 

I like my whisky and a couple of favourites are Glengoyne (cask strength), Glenfarclas (ditto) and Aberlour A’bunadh and Bains easily stands up to these great whiskies.

I just bought two bottles, one for me, one as a Christmas present for my father. 

This is a great review and does the whisky justice. 

peter white says:

The LCBO has D listed this and is blowing it out at $34, I picked up 3 bottles. Light and a beautiful daily sipper.

Pete's Guitar Lessons TV says:

You’d be great for T.V Ralfy,i could just see you on S.T.V. It would never work though they only employ morons that dumb people down,at least we still got utube.

DavidUKesb says:

Hi Ralfy. Wouldn’t it be unmalted barley rather than corn/wheat?

Nick Scott-Turner says:

James Sedgwick representing RSA on the world whisky stage! And we get it here for the ZAR equivalent of GBP13.
Can’t wait for 2015 release of Three Ships 10 year old!
Ralfy come visit us here in SA you will be warmly welcomed 🙂 

J Naude says:

I also overlooked this excellent whisky although I have seen it on shelves. I guess it was firstly because it is a grain whisky and second because it is locally produced. I have tried other local (South African) whiskies before and was not impressed. However based on Ralfy’s review I went out and bought a bottle- my oh my, how wrong of me to have based a prejudice on the two aforementioned points! It is an excellent whisky even more so at the price, in my opinion comparable in quality to many single malts! I think that I have found my new regular dram seeing as it is almost the same price as a bottle of Teachers!

Gregor Milligan says:

This is going to be the my next purchase (next week), and my first grain whisky. Thoroughly looking forward to it!:)

David Morin says:

I love the reviews where you know he’s had a dram or two before he even starts speaking lol 🙂

Ginias12 says:

Has this video really been up since the 15th? I didn’t even see it available until the 23rd.

TheRobertdavie says:

Ralfy, you jest but here in America they have shows on A&E(Arts & Entertainment), the Travel Channel and others that show pure shit I tell you. If you had a show on one of these your ratings would go though the roof. You Malted Motor-cyclelist.

AlexSchus says:

Ralfy, it would be interesting if you could make a second video on Bain’s. You said you want to take it to skeptics. Would be very interesting to see what they said.
I love this whisky, did some further reading. Same Distiller that makes Three Ships Whisky. As you say, the nose alone is worth the price. My wife laughs at me as she does not see me drinking the whisky, just keep nosing it the whole time. 😉

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