whisky review 241 – Bruichladdich 10yo (new version)

. . . at last, a Bruichladdich we have been waiting for with great expectations.

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Brian Skala says:

It took me half the bottle to think if I liked it. He’s right about spending time with it. To me it has a hard candy type taste. Something similar I love in Jack Daniels even though that is not scotch reminded of that. One of the reasons its so popular perhaps. I do wonder if peat was involved in this though. It is a little hard to get in United States but I found it. It’s not only awesome tasting but I love the packaging

StrafingMoose says:

thanks for the reply Ralfy. Much appreciated!

Dan E says:

I loved the first edition, not so much in round two. A lot of peat flavor from the casks, that was not in the first edition.

coslifehurts says:

My incredible new blend (inspired by your earlier VLOG blending experiments). 1/3 each of Bruichladdich 10 Laddie, Johnnie W. Black, McAllister Reserve (Cheap crap – and yes I designed this to figure out how to get rid of it) and the result – stunning (as also a couple of guinea pigs who I gave it to reckon as well). The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

uqox says:

This is available in NYC in about 1 in 20 bars and has fast become my favorite whisky to sip if I find it available. It tastes expensive given it’s price point and is, right now, a bit of a best kept secret. Bars aren’t over charging for it, given how delicious it is. Great review!(Informative, accessible and detailed!) I feel like Ralfy should be insured as a national treasury of Scotland! 😎

redrich2000 says:

Hi Ralfy, just got a bottle of this based on your recommendation and am really intrigued by it. I get a kind of funky sweetness, vaguely like rotten meat. I also get a hint of smoke. How is that possible if it’s unpeated? Do they use a non-peat fire that still imparts some smokiness?

Eljee Ceenee says:

really enjoyed this one Ralph

Chris Brewer says:

This is an outstanding and unique whisky. I love the freshness without all the peat. This is a great Islay whisky for when you are not in the mood for the smoke. Maybe my favorite Single Malt.

Andrew says:

I am not sure if this is irony at its worse, but sadly Bruichladdich has gone to NAS whisky. I am sad to see that people are reporting that the Laddie Ten, and the 16 and 22 are becoming less available. I live in China and I am lucky to have found a supplier who has a few in stock. I have purchased 4 bottles. I am guessing Bruichladdich exported a lot here after Remy-Cointreau purchased them in 2012. 

Anyway, Ralfy, I just wanted to say it was your review that inspired to hunt this down. After my first bottle, and reading that it was becoming less available I purchased a few more. 

Let me repeat something that I wrote on another review of yours. Your vlogs are fabulous for a malt moment. Too many other reviewers go so quickly and do not seem to appreciate what their drinking. What do I mean by that? Bruichladdich evolves with water and time. You talk about that and most of your later vlogs are great for timing that. While other reviewers on youtube do this: Talk (intro) – Pour – Talk a little – Drink – talk – drink a little more and then talk — all in 5 to 6 minutes. No mention of water, and how it will influence the whisky. Almost no mention to how time and letting the whisky sit will influence the whisky. No mention to how no E150 or non chill filtration are beneficial. If anything some reviewers will mention it but just as a side note.

  Cheers Ralfy and his malt mates! 

StrafingMoose says:

I can get my hands on Bruichladdich, The Organic here, any plans on reviewing this ? Bottled at 50%

B U says:

A question for Ralfy. It seems as if Bruichladdich are producing a lot of “branded” whiskies. Meaning, they are special names and different versions, like Organic, Rocks, or Scottish Barley rather than the traditional 10, 15, 18 year old. Why are they doing this? Is this pure marketing to try and make money while not focusing on quality? An attempt to make collectors items and to raise their brand image? Thanks.

Powerslider says:

So the reason this whisky has become outrageously expensive for a 10 year old is because they have discontinued the product. Makes sense… Was wondering why I bought it for 32 euros about 1.5 year ago while its around 50 euros at the moment. lol. 

It was a nice and remarkably complex whisky, but it gave me a bitter finish which i really didn’t like. Wouldn’t buy it again.

Dennis Hibbins says:

How similar is the flavor of The Laddie Ten and the new Bunnahabhain 12yo (which I think is very good)?

davidaasen says:

Hi Ralfy!
I’ve watched through a bunch of your videos all the way from Norway. Thank you so much for making them!
What do you think of Bruichladdich “The Organich Scottish Barley” and the “Vintage 2002”?
Thanks again!

Alexander says:

I don’t even drink scotch, but to see someone so passionate about something is very refreshing in our blasée world.

clank4001 says:

it is certainly complex- not at all smoky, a bit biney, and a sort of elusive note were you ar sipping more to confirm what it was you smelled and tasted such a dodgy malt which requires you commit to it to unravel its true flavor and character. It does not wear its flavor on its sleeve as Laphroaig does.

sav says:

Things have changed with Laddie 10 since ralfy made this review. It has almost doubled in price and become almost impossible to get. You will only find the first release at auction and the second release is only sold by a tiny number of high end retailers. As of 2018 there have been two releases. Good luck with finding a bottle.

David Andrew says:

After getting through half the bottle over a number of weeks I put it aside as it was coming up a bit short in development and finish. Came back to it after about 8 weeks and it has markedly improved. So much so I couldn’t believe it was the same whisky. I improved in every way but what struck me most was that the light smoke really comes throgh. Reminded me a bit of a Laphrosig no less. Considering you can get it for around the fourtypound mark it is fantastic.

TC Tsai says:

is the bruichladdie series as salty or briney as the talisker 10YO

ant B says:

this is still available in australia in limited quantities but does any know if they have changed the recipe in the last few years ?

Aleksandr G Tom says:

Any changes in Bruichladdich’s production since Remy acquired them back in 2012?

Brian Skala says:

Might want to update (new version) as I have the new, newer bottle and “the laddie ten” name no longer exists and has been replaced with “the scottish barley”. It’s not exactly the same I found out later…thought it was. It just showed up once day at my local liquor store after telling them they really need to stock this as it’s hard to get and only knew one other place farther away to get it.I bought the new bottle, there has been a couple of changes to it. Neither one so far is too my liking as much. Yes, the vegetable note is still there,still non chilled filtered but now 50% has deteriorated it to a degree. It’s still scotch and close to the original Bruichladdich but now it’s got a hint of a strong 100 proof bourbon like Eagle Rare or something.
The canister and teal blue color and lettering is still the same, the bottle shape is still the same but now is a solid painted teal color which is kind of dumb in my opinion. It’s still great, but The Laddie Ten was better.
I hope Ralfy does a review on The Scottish Barley due this difference. 

Varg Natt says:

Is the Bruichladdich Waves any good?

renz82 says:

Same goes with bunnahain 8 yr work independent bottling. Thanks rally

Ruslan Sirota says:

thank u ! 🙂

clank4001 says:

Ralfy- Bruchladdich puts out a great malt. Finally found and purchased Port CHarlotte- planning on a review? Thanks!!!

shadmehr99 says:

Hello Ralfy, I am looking for a very floral singe malt. Do you have any recommendation for me? Is Bruichladdich in that category?

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