whisky review 345 – Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

. . . a clean, fresh alternative to Jamesons, though very similar in style for obvious reasons !

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Robert Rogers says:

Craft brewing is booming in Ireland. Maybe some of these breweries will get into craft distilling.

thorandmoljnir says:

I liked this and thought it was very similar to Jameson’s as well.

LookattheBiggerPic says:

Appreciate your insightful and expressive review of my favorite Whiskey, the only one I ever have in fact. I actually drive about 3 hours on my BMW R1200GS motorcycle (about 9 hours roundtrip) to Bandon Beach, Oregon to a very nice Irish pub there called Foley’s for a large bowl of their excellent clam chowder and a shot of Tullamore Dew. I do this a few times per year or more when I can afford the time… I truly hope Ireland recovers winningly from its financial woes – here in Southern Oregon there is a bit of that going on as well… Again, much thanks!

Oh and Yes, I completely agree with you, Americans by in large are hammering the sweets & carbs like few places on Earth so that it is no wonder that such a large portion of the population are so severely obese that they walk funny… GMO corn syrup is in almost everything here so most are also far more sickly then they care to admit to themselves – sad state of affairs that…

Luis Mántaras says:

I enjoyed this review very, very much!

pewpie99 says:

very enjoyable, versatile drink that hasn’t had mud anywhere near it. sometimes its nice to just enjoy a drink instead of being ‘challenged’ by it.

not as good as teeling though.

Halsey Marcoux says:

Haha, I like the beginning of this video when you were trying to get the name right. Almost makes us wonder how many reviews did you do prior to this one. Haha joke aside. Great review, as always.

Frank Rubi says:

The drunk on this stuff is high spirited, optimistic, and outright happy. Mix it with your favorite ginger ale, the stout stuff is the best; honestly. You’re in for a positive night!

Light up your favorite tasty cigar with this stuff over ice and enjoy!

quad core says:

Greenspot is good too.

D Guillory says:

D.E.W = Daniel E. Williams.
No need for fanciful stories, the information is on their website and the bottles that I have seen.

Raster says:

Ralfy… I’m enjoying this review even though it’s from a number of years back (I wonder if you would re-watch one of your own reviews to refresh on some of the points made).

One comment was about the dining habits in the US, mentioning all of the sweets, sweet tooth, or possibly over the top portions of sweet stuff. As you know, the US is so big and we are a melting pot of people from all over the world, so I’d say you are apt to encounter variety and also change when you re-visit the US.

Here’s something to consider or to look out for on your next trip. Consider coming up to Vermont, a very special State (you would want a local guide, and that would be me)… The thing I notice these days is a heavy emphasis on Organic, and healthy natural foods. In Vermont a new law even forces GMO information to be printed on food, and other states are copying this.

We have a lot of younger Tree Huggers (slang) here in Vermont who are varying in their patterns (and now Tree Hugger might not even apply, there’s some new stuff coming up, and the newer term might be “Granola”) and a lot of the emphasis is on “locally sourced” ingredients at Restaurants. Everything that is going into what is being served, vegetables, meats, spices will all be from local farms and information on these local organic farms is mentioned in menus. There’s a lot of mention of “Gluten Free” ingredients or items on the menu, and this sort of “new emphasis” branching-out and varying of the pattern is the norm here.

Also a lot of the people are fit, with all kinds of emphasis on outdoor activities, including winter sports activities that involve being in shape.

I don’t see an emphasis on sweets other than the Pure Maple Syrup on sale in rustic Vermont settings, or in old country stores. I’m not seeing food excess, I’m seeing the opposite of that, everyone so health conscious.

New things are the spice of life. I say check it out… try it. We also have a number of new distillers in the state, and in the last 20 years there has been an explosion of craft very high quality brewing outfits in Vermont. You might enjoy sampling some of these spirits.

Just some thoughts after hearing some of your experiences observing the habits in the US.


Andre Melandray says:

Greenspot still independent though correct?

Austin Macaitis says:

Ralphy out here droppin knowledge

Mark McIvor says:

Ralfie, new distillery opening in Donegal, Ireland


Me and my buddy drank tullamore dew habitually after we got back from Afghan. Good Memories, always had a good time drinking tullamore.

Tee H says:

Sorry, I tried Tullamore last night and it’s a bit too easy drinking for my liking. Very nice but I want the peat and the complexity of scotch.

Meowtown Review says:

So just let me get this straight in my head. Suntory Holdings Ltd bought Jim Beam and now Jim Beam owns Cooley. I am to a point disturbed that both an American and Irish legacy have been sold out of their home countries. It is very sad to me. However your video was delightful and entertaining. Happy Malt Memories Ralfy.

jill Mahaffey says:

Thank you so much you explained distillers very good.

Cask Strength says:

Ralfy do you know where the Tullamore Dew 14 is produced?

Ken Texican says:

Outstanding review of the Dew! Tullamore Dew was my first introduction to Irish Whiskey some years back, spawned in part by stories from an Englishman that had a fondness for it, and a regret that he could no longer find it (at least at the time), or perhaps he could no longer find it in the pretty crock (versus screw-top bottle). Perhaps it was Trevor’s romanticized accounting of the Dew; perhaps it was the instrumental, “Tullamore Dew”, that was on Dan Folgelberg’s PHOENIX album, but some years back when I saw Tullamore Dew on the shelf at the Liquor Barn in Kentucky, I grabbed a bottle, and found it to be an outstanding product. After scoring the TD, I guess I never tried any other Irish Whiskey for 5 years or better. On an occasion I will still have a nip and have found it to remain consistent and most agreeable with my palate.

Paul OBrien says:

I wish I could have the 16 minutes back I spent watching you. My advice to you would be put your political review aside while reviewing whiskey. I appreciate your effort, but I believe this whiskey is really good, no matter about pancakes, monopoly’s , or your personal beliefs about whiskey independence.

Mike O says:

Try the 12year old Tullamore Dew special reserve. Now, there’s a smooth drop, and never add water- its bad for you.

sofakingdrunk66 says:

I never tried this, but see it regularly in ASDA at a reasonable price..
Might pick a bottle up when its on offer..

Locked Firing says:

I love smaller independent distilleries/breweries. They just taste better to me and you can taste and smell the love put in to it. But you aren’t wrong, I love sweet things especially vanilla as an American

John Sweeney says:

Looks exactly like what’s in a specimen bottle at your visit to a doctor.

Tom Thacker says:

I enjoy Tullamore Dew. I have a bottle of Jameson’s that is half full. I also have other Irish whiskeys, Hellcat Maggie and Two Gingers, that remain unopened. I don’t have a bottle of Tullamore Dew because I drank it all. I’ll be looking forward to American Irish styled Whiskeys. Thank you for your reviews, I enjoy them and listen to your advice. Most of my Scotches were purchased as a result of your reviews.

Martin M. says:

not rambly at all, I love the history lesson

Wreckanize says:

Kavanaugh is better than Jameson and DEW while being a few bucks cheaper.

Ade Reeves says:

Love Tullamore dew…..just a great brew…Enjoying another rusty nail tonight…

quad core says:

Jameson is good and smooth, but after a few bottles of it… I prefer bushmills and tullamore D.E.W. Because I have burned myself out on Jameson’s… But Jameson’s made a comeback with their Jameson’s IPA caskmates!!!

Mr Hairston says:

The Irish are awesome

liaschinko says:

Hello Ralfy !
What is a toy behinde you ?

Discovering Parallel says:

If the Dingle dangle met your dangle you’d wingle wangle all the way sure enough! It’s common sense if there’s nought there’s drought. Huge sausages that’s what you want or Maggie’s Haggis……it’s wasted on you!

spijkerpoes says:

Well spoken! That’s why Hollywood movies are.. . Eehr… yeah.

linguisticsfc says:

well it depends what you expect. it’s not heavy. for the beginners or the ones who just want to have fun with whiskey should try it. I think it s a nice whiskey it doesnt tire you.

Aeizalt The First says:

I really like ralfy and his videos, and I appreciate his opinion.

I feel that this review was too short and unfair. I held the same opinion as him when I first opened the bottle, but I’m now onto my 10th tasting and I feel the whiskey is much more complex than he says it is. Sometimes I wonder if he skews his reviews in favour of Scottish whiskies, well, of course he does.

Just take his reviews with a grain of salt.

julle huu says:

just say it just say it dude what yuo was saying hello you malty …..

sav says:

If anyone is taking a vacation in Ireland I can thoroughly recommend the Tullamore distillery tour. The town is right in the middle of Ireland only 10 minutes off the motorway. If you find yourself at a modern industrial complex outside the town then you are in the wrong place but don’t worry it happens every day. The tour is at the old distillery only one block from the main street of Tullamore. Once you are done tasting you can retire to one of the pubs in the main street to argue about which blend was the best. That’s what pubs are for.

lawn green says:

Malty nationals!!

XrunswithscissorX says:

Gotta do one on Powers

The Carl Quick says:

Talking about governments plundering alcohol for money… Take Russia, one of the first things Lenin did when he took over was double the price of vodka. So did Stalin, Khruschev, Gorbachev, Breshnev, Chernenko, Andropov, Kosigin, Putin… sorry, not in order but you get the idea.

goat 68 says:

great video! tullamore dew is one of my favorites

tr7zg.v says:

Drinking this atm with coke 🙂 i like it

DonnaghM says:

You’re not rambling, it was a very enjoyable rant.

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