whisky review 361 – Talisker 10yo re-reviewed 2013

with variable comments on-line about the quality of Taliskers’ recently I am reassured by the quality of what I found in this bottle. Should be un-chillfiltered though.

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Al Paterson says:

Ralpy you mentioned 45.8%abv and why not just make it 46%abv? … hmm, I am sure you already know the answer but it just slipped off in a misty malt moment … TALISKER 45.8%abv = a strong alcoholic whisky .. but slips under the government law of Alcohol Tax … thus paying much less Tax had it been 46%abv … admit it you already knew this but were having a Malt Moment – we love you – Slangé

outsiderdf says:

Just bought and tried this. Before this, I had already tried Uigeadail, Laphroaig Cask Strength and Aberlour Abenadh which were all exceptional (cant pick a fav). Also bought Dalmore 12, which was crap today. This Talisker, in my opinion, is Scotland’s Buffalo Trace, it doesn’t blow you out of the water, but it has a lot of depth and peatiness. It is a perfect single malt to sip every day to get your Ardbeg Laphroaig fix without breaking the bank.

Luca London says:

Just bought a bottle. Delicious! I would give it 88/100

xDoubleZer00x says:

Just bought a bottle of this, haven’t tasted for a good 10years which is quite ironic seeing as its a 10yr old whiskey. I think it tastes divine.

Nowhere Man says:

I’m only into peated whiskies, and this is the best whisky I’ve ever had. Although I’ve never had a whisky more expensive than this one. I give it a 90. I give Ardbeg 10 an 84, and I give Laphroaig 10 an 86. It’s all about personal preference. I agree with Ralfy’s score for Highland Park 12 though. I’m going to try Laphroaig Quarter cask next. I can’t imagine it’s better than Talisker 10, but we’ll see I guess.

1stMemberEver says:

Talisker 10 used to a great malt back in 2000. Now it’s just caramel sweet and very boring. Same goes with Lagavulin 16: demand goes up, quality goes down.

viciouswolf1111 says:

Interestingly, if anyone finds themselves with a bottle of the NAS Talisker Skye, it makes a lovely Bloody Mary. Just use that instead of vodka.


Ralfy gives great reviews and obviously likes to party.

Anj Kovo says:

Ralfy i’m seeing Talisker Skye at ASDAs reduced from £38 to £25. Is it a good dram and worth buying?

Brody Bunter says:

Just bought this Ralfy… and my first Glencairn glass. Was a great Malt Moment.

Left me maltemplating.

Derek Macdonald says:

so whisky was better 100 years ago?

Mark Keller says:

My personal favorite scotch.

jrichardsonsix says:

Ralfy u are like a hypnotist after a couple of minutes listening to you rambling on I enter whisky reverie☺️ I just bought a bottle of talisker Skye it wasn’t much good tbh. So true what u said about medications some antidepressants make everything taste bland.

Kapski NL says:

Love the reviews, your view and sharing the knowledge.
I don’t have a lot of brands that i bought and tried but Talisker 10 is one of my favorites, really love the soft taste and smokey aftertaste, hope to find other but similar brands.
Thanks and cheers!

Richard T says:

301st comment and 601st like! Loving catching up! Ralphy, if I ever manage to pop over to the Isle of Man, I’ll be sure to buy you a few dozen drams! Cheers mate!

24magiccarrot says:

I’ve never had minty when drinking this whisky. So I find that taste note unusual

Mark Bladt says:

Greetings from Denmark. Tallisker Skye was my first Whisky, after deciding to get serious about starting a home bar. I like your reviews and find them very informative. I simply had to subscribe to your channel.

Greg Allan says:

Wasn’t a fan of Talisker until I tried it neat. It definitely doesn’t like ice! Cheers.

Rikitocker says:

Talisker 10 remains my favourite Whisky to date and I have tried many and have a broad collection … I think it is sensational neat.

Sean Bell says:

Ralfy, quick question! Is Talisker considered whisky or scotch? I ask since As I was watching another channel, a commenter said in Scotland, Scotch is considered swill, not true whisky..thoughts..Oh, this stuff, whatever it may be called, is heaven on the tongue. .

nadel2be says:

Oh, I wish we still had the Talisker 12 yo (RIP), with Johnnie Walker striding across the top o’ the label. Wonderfully unique iodiney, briny, oily and smokey. This 10 yo is quite tame compared to its older brother. Perhaps unfairly, I’d rate it 79 because I can remember…

Anand Jain says:

this vs Macallan 10 fine oak
Any views? I have to gift it, which one should be better?

Sebastian Linnemann says:

“well-intentionedly” ? 😀

Coldacre says:

one of my least favourite malt reviews Ralphy. you don’t even hide the fact that you’re reading notes you’ve previously written down!

Al Paterson says:

Ah Ralfy you mentioned how our senses concerning smell and taste can change so much over time …. you are so right .. I can remember a time when I just couldn’t stand the smell or taste of Whisky … but then again I was only seven years old 🙂 🙂 ….. back to the review – you are spot on and with many other important things to look out for in the process and industry … btw there is only one distillery in Scotland North – ( The Isle of Skye ) – TALISKER ! … one of my fav’s and I’m not alone 🙂 Slangé

alflurin says:

I love it!

Gabriel Baker says:

Just tried thisband had to look up your review. Spot on as always.

haveibeenheretolong bob says:

I love this, the pure explanation of the contributing factors, of taste , outside of the bottle. Altitude , environment, it’s all relevant , and may I contribute, how a person consumes sugary sweet foods too. smoking, and different diets can complicate the effect of taste on the palette. Smoking effects the nose, you can lose much of the subtlety, characterized within flavor spectrum. I wish I’d found u ten years ago pal.

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