whisky review 388 – Four Roses Single barrel Bourbon

. . . . a well constructed and rounded bourbon with character which retains an understated complexity worth exploring.

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Tee H says:

Glad to hear you understand roses! I’m impressed.

Dome Resci says:

Ralfy, my friend, what do you think about Four Roses Small Batch?

29render says:

Try Larceny…it’s wheated

Andrew Rotz says:

Four-roses uses a special strain of Non-GMO based corn.



clayton gross says:

when u say ppl are genetically modifying roses and plant crops and such in their garages are you talking about artificial selection in which they breed plants for desired traits (something humans have done for millenia) or do you mean literal genetic engineering? from my minimal knowledge I’m pretty sure gen. modification and gen. engineering are much more advanced do not include simple selective breeding for desired traits. anyone know?

Reb Mordechai says:

I just bought a bottle last night based upon your recommendation. It is my first Bourbon. Warehouse No. HE, Barrel No. 51-2Q.It cost around £35. Looking forward to trying this, my first Bourbon with some friends on Friday night.

29render says:

Just fot a bottle of this from their facility that is cask strength…have not cracked it yet…it is 117 proof

stopthemadness99 says:

If you’re going for Four Roses, definitely pay the extra cash to get the single barrel. I was seriously unimpressed with their regular offering.

XTrooper3936 says:

Four Roses Single Barrel and Blanton’s are my two favorite bourbons.

acrprmann says:

Enjoying this whiskey again. By the way, I live in Louisville Kentucky. But, I got spoiled with a gifted Rock Hill Farms bottle. Wow! That was very good bourbon. Now, the Four Roses tastes bland. BUT, as your pal with the man-cave stated, our tastes constantly change. So, no slight against Four Roses. Just a timely observation.

D Guillory says:

While I prefer single malts, I must say this is the best tasting bourbon I have ever consumed.  I don’t really drink bourbon, but I went back and purchased a few more bottles.  
Thanks Ralfy!

David Paris says:

Absolutely my go to boubon. Never dissapoints. Keep up the awesme reviews.

Dag Ut says:

Ive been a Bourbon drinker for some years now, but lately I have been drinking Islay peated whiskeys, and ive found them to be very tasty. Today I wanted a bourbon again, so i bought this one. I must say, its a good bourbon, but having had so many islay whiskeys lately borubon just taste sweet and boring.

Brian Smith says:

@Ralfy Stuff
Have you ever tried Basil Hayden 8.Y.O
Cheers Maltmate!

RightWingCon81 says:

Well put on the GMO controversy. I too believe GMOs have their place in a world where famine is a reality.

silveroranges says:

+ralfystuff Have you ever had Booker’s bourbon? I recently purchased a bottle due to all the great reviews, though have not opened it yet. I would love to see a review if you pick up a bottle.

NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes says:

im sorry ralfy but why would it be not so hot for a guy that owns a brand to do whatever it takes for his brand to succeed , people like it when people just scrape by .

Dan Means says:

this may sound odd but I
don’t like to hear the specific tasting notes in reviews of whiskey that I haven’t tried. If I’m drinking the whiskey while watching the review I love to know what you taste but if I’m just watching the review in preparation of finding something new I prefer less specific tasting notes.. simple stuff. sweet sour strong weak light heavy .. things like that. but… if I haven’t tasting it saying has hints of lemon oil doesn’t really seem to be info that I use. I’d rather know where the taste takes you. what it reminds you of or even what it compares to. the personality of it. not so much the exact tasting notes. love this channel. easily my favorite reviewer of whiskey. I am I no way complaining just thinking out loud about how I consider whiskey and what I think about when watching a review. hope I made sense lol.

IgnatzKolisch says:

Finding a better price-performance bourbon than this one is quite difficult.  It’s not my favourite bourbon (ie. I do slightly prefer the less complex – but highly precise – Blanton’s, for instance), but the value for money with Four Roses Single Barrel is maybe the best I’ve yet found.  Awesome review of a fine spirit!

I’m sipping on one now.  I live in the US, and I was a bit surprised to hear of the ₤40 price tag Ralfy paid.  I bought this bottle about 6 hours ago after getting off work at an alcohol store in Virginia, USA, and while admittedly it was on special, it wasn’t a huge price reduction… US$29.  Without the special, it’s about $34.  The exact same bottle shown in the video here.  Converted, that’s less than ₤20 I paid for this bottle today!!!  A near-doubled price is quite extreme, even for cross-country sales.  I’m not only surprised, but disappointed as well, to learn of this.

Where I live, this is known amongst my friends and acquaintances as the ultimate cheap whisky.  ₤40 isn’t so cheap!  I can even purchase the superior Blanton’s for a bit less than that!

Then again, some of the Islay whiskies which are my beloved favourite, become insanely expensive here, whereas in the UK they seem quite reasonably-priced.

It’s about time someone comes up with a way to sell these things across the ocean without doubling the price!

Warren Devine says:

An ancient limestone aquifer that runs underneath the Kentucky bluegrass. This aquifer produces a velvety-smooth water that is ideal for making bourbon, but found nowhere else.

AGT0M says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience, Ralfy. I’m surprised though you gave this bourbon a lower mark than to Elijah Craig.

HASECO1 says:

Thank you so much Ralfy. Your reviews are very important to me. Extremely entertaining an enjoyable.

Reb Mordechai says:

As promised. My mini-review This is my first non-Scotch whiskey. I found the initial aroma extremely enjoyable. Rich thick syrupy toffee fudge, burnt toffee, caramelled popcorn, cinnamon, all spice, apple crumble, furniture polish, cheap honey but dominant was sweet thick maple syrup. I could have continued smelling this for ages. A busy concoction of lovely sweet dessert ingredients.Tasting was far less enjoyable. I found it just too sweet and “in your face” like a sledgehammer of sugar overpowering everything else.. There is nothing subtle or delicate about this whiskey at all. It bombards your taste buds with various kinds of syrupy sugar like a glucose injection. I must say though that I gave it to some friends, guests at our Friday night Shabbos table who said that they really enjoyed it like they would a honey liquor or sweet Crème-Brulee desert. As for me. I couldn’t finish my glass. I poured myself a glass of Glencadam 10-Year-Old. Oh what joy! Delicate, malted roasted barley grain, pastry, digestive biscuits, subtle hints of yeast and vanilla. Sweet heather honey but all balanced beautifully. People talk about certain Scotch single malts being sweet, honey, syrupy etc but all are dry relative to this American Bourbon which is like swallowing wood spicy maple syrup down the throat. I loved the smell but for me, it’s undrinkable. I don’t regret buying it though. It was a real education and my guests enjoyed it so it wasn’t a loss by any means.

is that what empty means says:

Japan as well buying alot of small batch bourbon.

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