whisky review 433 – How To Buy Whisky

. . . some practical advice from my own experience on how to go about buying whisky (and other quality spirits)

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John Henfrey says:

Eyewateringly expensive, you must be talking about, The Whisky Shop. I have or never will buy anything from them, thanks for the review Ralfy.

KinG3o0o says:

Ralfy.. reply my message !!!

anyone from the UK can tell where what is a good online retailer to purchase whiskeys 

heiner lauter says:

shocking how taxes can destroy having fun. my balvenie doublewood 12 years costs me 33 € here in germany, for me a great whisky at a good price!

Michael Guthrie says:

Cheers from Venezuela

delabutte1 says:

Receieved a gift of a Glenallachie 23 year old, single malt, 48.5%, bottled by The Creative Whiskey Company. There isn’t much information about Glenallachie. I understand they provide product to Chivas. Could you give me some insight about what I might expect from this bottle. 

Dankzzz says:

Btw picket up a Litre bottle of Speyburn 10 years on dutyfree for about 20,11 Punds. Have tasted it and think it was a good bargain for the price..

Mataz007 says:

Australia puts a huge tax on Alcohol.

TheKirkenstein says:

Hi Ralfy. Love the videos. they have brought me to another level in whiskey knowledge and appreciation, thanks for all you do! I live in Canada and can attest to your statement on price. A standard bottle 12 year old Glenmorangie costs me a few cents shy of $90 here in British Columbia. For Talisker and Lagavulin you are up in the $150 range. All the more reason to be more selective in buying which makes your advice even more valuable I suppose! Cheers

The Original Gamer says:

I just wish Scotch wasn’t so expensive. But when you think about everything that goes into making it, it’s a bargain.

micky mcfarts says:


Cranky Old Man says:

Do you have tips specifically for buyers in the US? For people like me who don’t live near big enough cities to sustain a specialist shop, it’s pretty hard to find anything that isn’t a big marketed standard. The taxes and shipping from online places can double the price. It’s hard to get off the standard path around here.

Rory mayoh says:

Well Helloooo, “YOU MANIC MALTY MANIACS”  . quick Malt mention From Rory in London 🙂 Love your Work Ralph. 🙂

erikkz says:

Ralfy you should start buying your whiskies in the Netherlands. The prices here are probably the lowest in all Europe. Standard pricing on the Ardmore Traditional 0,7l for instance is 25E or lower.

Edit: I forgot to thank you for the good advice you’ve given in this video. Thanks 🙂

Eric Monteleone says:

Canada is horribly restricted when it comes to whiskey its crazy

Dankzzz says:

Vodka and Blends are shockingly expensive in Skandinavia, but infact older single malts and cognacs can be much cheaper in tax-countries…

sophrapsune says:

Great advice, thanks.

CoolFugginRanchKid says:

You are extremely astute in terms of the economics of what we young Americans call the “sin tax”.

Dann858 says:

I should have visited this video before. I made a bad purchase, Johnnie Walker Black Label. I mistook the label of the store as “mild & soft”, although I had to quite disagree. I enjoyed my Red Label mixed, and wanted to know more about whisky in general, and drink it more, but not mixed. However, I would say that Black Label is everything but mild&soft. Should have seen it coming though, as I also had mistaken Dessert Wine, which in Dutch translates to “Sweet Wine”, I though it would be rather sweet, as I enjoy that taste, however I found it very, very bitter, just like the Black Label. Waste of money, but at least I’ve come to learn from it.

Kelly Landrum says:

Ralfy, you’re the best!

TheRmill3r says:

I would prefer to buy locally and support the mom and pop shops around me, but it just doesn’t seem worth it. So I do about 80% of my whisky shopping online and just do it in bulk. There are a plethora of options available to me online and at much better prices (even when including shipping). It just makes sense. But I’ll still stop in the mom and pop shops and if they have something good/unique available at a nice price, I’ll jump on it. 

Kurt says:

Ralfy, u young malty monk from mississippi we didnt ask for you to take us into the underground system of the whisky business lol. But yes, as always your reviews are precise and informative

arion45 says:

Costco has laugavulin 16 for 53 USD on sale.

dhsilv2 says:

Anyone laugh out loud over a guy talking about over pricing who is using an Apple Product, which is the worst value there is in computers?

Andy Carr says:

fantastic. great advice. I was trying to find your video on buying in airports. I have friend who is picking me up a travel exclusive bottle

Jacques Woo says:

Does anyone know methods for buying whisky in Canada (British Columbia)? 

b.cage says:

I live in Canada, and i have to say Ralfy is right on the money!
It’s actually quite frustrating.

eric gilbert says:

In Ontario, we have a limit selection of Canadian Whiskies, much less Scotch, Bourbon, Irish and etc.The wheels of change are in motion, but very slow.

Joel Weidenfeld says:

government has no business in alcohol..none , plenty to do with out WORRYing about THAT,,,, its why the government created prohibition in THE first PLACE so they could control and profit from it,, yet you MORONs accept it like it was your FUCKING MOTHERS COOKING

Old RockLiver says:

You’re alright, Ralfy.

degmar says:

I’d like to see a vlog on the economics of whisky distilling – how much grain costs, how much spirit it produces, cost of warehousing, etc.  Considering the prices they are charging, it may be interesting.

larisagreece says:

in larisa  greece i had  a couple caoil ila home delivered 39 euros 10;30 pm 

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