whisky review 461 – Highland Park 12yo Malt (re-reviewed 2014)

a “blast from the past” gets re-appraised for maltiness.

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Tim says:

Rally, your reviews are fantastic! please keep going and re-reviewing,because i just recently subscribed,and probably missed a lot

Joe Ellis says:

Hey Ralfy, Highland Park do not use any colour in their whiskies.

Martin Lang says:

I can’t go with the 84, Ralfy. I’ve seen some other whiskies you’ve given this score to, or higher, and I have also tasted many of them. This whisky is a fairly powerful experience, both full and smooth. The arrival is good, but then, suddenly, it becomes superb and full-flavoured. A long finish. If this were the only whisky around, I’d not complain a bit.

Conservative Economist says:

also do you plan to do a re-review of Glenmorangie Original?

Paul Mari says:

I can confirm on my new bottle of HP 12 that it’s natural color (says in the notes on the back of the bottle)… my bottle bought in the US is also 43%, not 40%. So maybe it’s on the up! I found it very nice but haven’t tasted the bottles of old. Might be worth looking at again! I did read, however, that the barrels used are American oak that has been washed/stored sherry and then emptied. Bottle is the new “Viking Honour” series (a bit excessive branding-wise and you and I both would love the money to be spent on the whisky and not the marketing!) I’ve also noticed some US stores quietly dropping HP 12 for the new US-market only NAS Magnus. Unsure if 12 will disappear here eventually.

graycloud057 says:

One the BEST single malts. I really enjoy this 12. Excellent reviews.

jrichardson6 says:

Just bought a bottle of 12 yr old hp Viking is this the same stuff? It’s bloody marvellous one of my faves ☺️

dimitris bastas says:

Hi Rulfy. Have you any information about new 12 y.o Viking honour? Is the same with a new bottle?

Shane54528 says:

A smooth review!

Strat58cat says:

You are so into whiskey. It’s awesome. Also, you may be having an impact. In response to your criticisms (?) I get Highland Park at 43% and it says on the label no caramel. For what I’m getting in California in 2018, you were right in #20!

Corne Coetzee says:

Thank you so much for your fantastic reviews Ralfie! Love it. I’m sharing this German website with you. According to them Highland Park doesn’t add caramel colour to this whiskey. (I’m not convinced though. It looks pretty dark to me too.)

Lawdog Kyle says:

No added caramel color in Highland Park. Also regarding the top layer of peat, straight from the HP YouTube channel, they replace the top layer to replenish the peat. https://youtu.be/KnW6F6co_G8

Conservative Economist says:

Yeah I’m having an HP 12 yr. old right now and it is very smooth

The Velo In The Vale says:

Non Whisky drinkers say “smooooth” because they haven’t a clue what they are talking about and want to sound like they do. It’s the calling card of pretentious cretins who frankly deserve to be derided once they are out of earshot. There’s nothing wrong with being ‘Elitist’ regarding the pursuit of Whisky appreciation – many of us spend many hours researching, accumulating knowledge, investing and immersing oursevles in appreciation. With that comes an earned and shared experience that is purchased literally and metaphorically through dedication and genuine interest. Why should you abide some plebe who deigns to know something when they clearly know nothing and talk a lot of shite? No apoligies here – that’s why I chose my drinking company very carefully – I’d rather an intelligent conversation than a laugh with fools …

Grapesodapopinski says:

Good review thx. I tend to disagree that most ppl that buy a 60 dollar whisky don’t care about the taste. They might not know how to pick apart the flavors, but they know they like it. Ppl that don’t care buy jack or JW red.

Simon Paskins says:

Hello Ralfy. Perhaps it’s time for another re-review of Highland Park 12 yo now they have gone full ‘Viking’ with their branding. Is it still as good? And would it still make your recommended list for ‘3 best whisky’s for beginners’ as specified in Ralfy review 277? As a beginner myself, I certainly did enjoy it very much.

Dave Hogan says:

This review was quite smooth

Heavy Corrosion says:

i just bought a bottle today and its bottled at 43 percent
its delish

Slunk Downs says:

i find this whisky to be an explosion of flavour, balance, roundedness, long and rewarding finish, and just all around steal for the money. It’s simply a delicious and exciting whisky.

tammaz says:

Just bought a HP 12 Viking Honour and it cleary says natural colour on it.

VGM Revisited says:

Highland Park 12 tastes like what Johnnie Walker Black Label wants to be. Very nice, and I’ve found it usually goes over well with my typically non Scotch drinking friends.

Rajesh Shah says:

Hi Ralfy, you are very right in your thinking.I have pretty good collection of single malts after watching and subscribing your Chanel . I have stopped serving my friends my precious drops of Single malts Now i drink with them only Black label since the time i watched them measuring 60ml of ABERLOUR A’BUNADH and diluting them with water to top and the result was empty bottle after couple of hours. Man 750ml whoosh.

chrish12345 says:

Hi Ralfy, any chance of a review of the new 12 year old Viking Honour, it seems like they have arrived late into the ‘modern oak’ culture, some character remains but seems to me like another one just bit the dust?

EuropaWill says:

Ralfy, I’m curious, why did you add water to it before tasting it initially? You say it is more fragile in development and lacking weight. I wonder if that’s due to you adding the water. Usually you try it without water first.

chris sheppard says:

I would be very interested to know what you think of this latest viking malarkey. I have kept an old 12 and 18 bottling and hope the punter manages to encourage HP to go back to their roots.

Lorem Ipsum says:

My first real try at single malt scotch just now. Thanks for the recommendation.

Mastodon6889 says:

I have heard some say that the new Viking Honour version has a different taste from the one reviewed here, have you done a comparison? If so, I would be very interested to hear your take.

Ty Hargett says:

Aren’t most casks used to mature scotch “reconstituted” as you say to build hogsheads

Radio Laboratory says:

…not 2day my frend, this here HP12 wat Im drammin rite now is n EZ 87/100. no 84 here in Aril of ’17. L8r Ralfstr.

The Aiki Tone Ranger says:

One of the many things I like about this one is that it’s got some peat/smoke to it, but without that bandaid/iodine/medicinal note that so often comes with it. How do they pull that off, and any suggestion for other selections that have peat/smoke without those above mentioned medicinal notes?

Slanj Bo says:

I personally love Highland Park 12 yo, for the price and the depth of taste (keep in mind it’s bottled at 43% and non chill filtered as far as I know) in Canada. Great value for the money, 18yo at $195.00 12 yo at $69.99 there’s no question. Try it you can’t go wrong!

Cars Cigars Scotch N Watches says:

Ralfy, good review. I just bought one of these yesterday and I have not owned an hp12 since the days of the round bottlings which was probably 8 years ago or more. I was pleasantly surprised. I think this is one of the best 12 year olds on the market and much better than the old bottling. The one I got is 43% in the USA. Also, there is no colorant added. One Correction, however, as I was drinking it last night, out on my deck, I noticed that it was getting cloudy, about as cloudy as my Nadurra 16 gets. I was surprised as I thought this hp12 was chill filtered and I was pretty sure it use to be. Well, when I saw how murky it got, I was positive there was no chill filtering. I then went on the internet and found a site that discussed hp12 in 2015 and they stated there that this is not chill filtered and not colored. GOOD STUFF!!!!. I sure hope you guys are getting non chill filtering with your watered down versions.

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