whisky review 466 – Dimple 15yo Blended Scotch Whisky

. . . a decent blend, with a gentle character.

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diana patterson says:

Somehow, my dear Ralfy, you have managed to overlook Pinch whisky, which had much the same shape, but a deeper hollow in each face of the triangle. My parents left me two Pinch bottles that had been covered in pure silver from US silver dollars c. 1930 made in Hong Kong.  I remember Pinch, a similar blend, being highly advertised when I was a child. Exactly when Pinch ended, I cannot tell.
I might also add that a friend used to make ships in a bottle, and “hinges” is not the best word. The ships collapsed, but the spring open and no hinges per se were involved. Once in, the ships could not be extracted.

birstallblue says:

Thanks forThe Review Ralfy a whisky for the Brother in law at Christmas I think.

brad j says:

Always following and listening ,,,, and a huge congrats on your LAND SPEED RECORD !!!!! I found a bottle of Dimple in my basement which has to go back to at least 1976,,,,,year married….missed the 40 mark,,,but 40 and 3/4 sounds good, and look forward to trying it out. You get this alot Ralfy, but thanks for the reviews, and those , I’ll call ” intimate” conversations of wisdom and enlightenment….for me here in New York dealing with one of the most scariest would you rather be shot or hung.elections ever,,, sad….your great! Cheers sir.

libertygamer1776 says:

As for the review, I may try this scotch whiskey. As I said before, not really a whiskey enthusiast, but I do like something different once in awhile. I have had Dewar’s highlander honey, which is one of my favorites, and also Jack Daniels, which I know you frown upon, but hey, I’m American, cut me some slack lol. I like how you say it’s smooth and not very complex, that’s my kind of whiskey personally, so if I ever see a bottle of this I’ll have to pick it up!

svitaus says:

This is the best value for money cost $25 at my Liquor store…

sanntta82 says:

Today is my birthday and I am sipping this whisky which my girlfried bought for me… pretty good stuff.

PeatSmokey says:

+Bill Hartsfield
check out WR 377 for an honest
Jonnie Walker Gold Label review.

Tsai Joy says:

I came here because of Heisenberg, dimple pinch, neat!

Jay John says:

I found Dimple Pinch 15yo online in the USA for $33 ( I am not sure what the pinch adds…lol)

Crixus The Gaul says:

For me the nose was okay, but man the finish literally disintegrated immediately. a very SWIFT tasting whisky for me. 

Jay Pierre Alvarez says:

Sipping this 15 year blended Scotch as you speak now. thank you for your great insight

Carlos Reyes says:

malt mention: malty mariachis

spinycrayfish says:

Hey Ralfy,

Do you do anything creative with your empties?

I’m about to set up a bottle of Dimple as a miniature greenhouse, with a little bonsai tree and some moss/ferns. 🙂

Mataz007 says:

I came here to think about buying a bottle of whiskey two hours ago and now I’ve sailed the treacherous seas of the internet learning all about bottle shapes and ships in a bottle. Ralfy your videos invigorate me like no other!

Christopher Morkel. says:

Again, a decent blend, swift finish but that happens with blends. In my opinion it’s well worth the money. Then again in my country it’s bottled at 43%. But I really enjoyed the sweet warm character of it. I picked up on a bourbon note, it wasn’t bad but it was just an experience unique to me.

foodquig says:

I relaxed with some Teacher’s this morning after working all night… There was no pressure.

TJCII 135 says:

I wanna see a 10 glass water taste test, 5 glasses with a drop of industrial e150a, 5 glasses with plain still water, and then see how many of them Ralfy can guess has e150a.

bkchillingz says:

I just read that they are going to replace the dimple 15 year old with dimple golden selection. Sad to hear that this now becomes another no age statement whisky… I hope the quality does not suffer.

kalm says:

Thank you for the AVON Skin So Soft info 😉

Obscure Karaoke says:

Chivas 18yo VS Dimple 15yo????

Bla Blubbi says:

Ralfy, I have a question… How come, that you say that a spirit has to have 40 percent alcohol to deliver all the fragrance, when in wine there is not even nearly as much alcohol, but very much experts find very much flavour in wine….

Neil McKelvie says:

Great review and interesting about bottle, thanks for sharing ralfy.

Brett White says:

Ralfy, a Game of Thrones mention for you. “Hello you Maesters of the Malt Citadel” Cheers from Canada!

PeatSmokey says:

Fun fact #5:
The Glencairn glass is the most unique and innovative glass ever conceived as it will sometimes drop, bounce, knock over and not only will it not crack into pieces, it has been known to retain your dram intact.

Now thats a glass!!!

Cypeq says:

16:27 Altavista! Ralfy that brings me back… it was my google before google, unfortunately it’s owned by yahoo and was shut down by them.

ScotchAndBlackMetal says:

Very moreish. A friend and I cracked open a bottle of this and half of it was gone in only an hour or two. Not overly complex for a 15 but solid, with nice barrel char and light fruit flavors.
Bottle looks like a Werther’s Original.

Dave Helmstadter says:

I always hate when I kick over my oak staves!

Manuel Sandez says:

Thank you so much for this review. Now I got it. I remember my father when I was a kid, brought home a bottle of this fine whiskey, he got it as a present from a sailor whos ship anchored in front of our little town. Then he and my grandfather joined in the kitchen to enjoy it while talking about old tales of the town. Good memories from a sweet simple happy life back in the seventies.

TopHatMcFenbury says:

Just found our channel, and I love it. Just subscribed and I’m going to be checking out many of your reviews. You seem like an interesting man, and you’re making awesome videos doing and drinking stuff you love, which I admire greatly. But I have a question. As a man who seemingly has a large amount experience with them, what are your favorite inexpensive whiskies within the sub $50 range, be they Single malt or blended?

libertygamer1776 says:

Blame my government? Always do haha.

John PS says:

This is the whisky Walter White drinks in the Breaking Bad series.

I like this smooth whisky, finish could be  longer. Price in The Netherlands about 28-36 euro’s. Sometimes on sale around 20-25 euro’s.

Mugthulhu says:

Hello Ralfy. Have you any experience with Cutty Sark 12yo blended Scotch? What do you think? We don’t get a lot of age marked blended scotch around here, but I managed to acquire a bottle of this the other day, and I have never tasted a finer blend.

Nikkhil Shirodkar says:

Ralfy would you be reviewing Yellow Spot or Teeling Whiskey? 

tom roger says:

Interesting thanks

aferguson850 says:

Anyone else first come across dimple from breaking bad?

Pete's Guitar Lessons TV says:

Its all about geometry..The tetrahedron is the most basic system in the universe because its structure supports its own weight-load while at the same time having the least amount of parts.The sea is what saved mankind infact but that’s another story for another day but equally interesting.Great review most concise and timely relevant,bravo!.

NWebner says:

In Germany Dimple is the most famous Scotch Whisky.

Shane54528 says:

Smooth, refined, whatever! Its all good!

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Heard a rumor that the 15 was being discontinued.  True?

TnT FoX says:

Young for a 15 year old.

I’m Chris Hansen, have a seat. Can you tell me why you brought a bottle of whisky with you… drop the act, I’ve heard all the stories, don’t tell me you are a whisky reviewer!

Bill Hartsfield says:

I think this is called Pinch in the USA

Is this the same blend?

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Sometimes unassuming is just what we need, allows contemplation.

Reb Mordechai says:

Ralfy, the local Jerusalem store suddenly has loads of new single malts in stock. I’ve narrowed the list down to three that I’ve never had before, for my next purchase. But which of these?

Tomintoul Peaty Tang 46% at 200 shekels
Glencadam 10 Year Old at 300 shekels
Glencadam 15 Year Old at 400 shekels

Have you tried the Tomintoul PT? I know it’s young but could be very interesting. On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to try Glencadam but which version?

FearTheGremlin says:

Ralfy, I’d like to ask you some advice on pouring my whisky. It always seems extremely difficult to pour a dram without a fair amount of it running down the side of the bottle. I feel like I’m wasting my valuable malts! It’s especially difficult trying to pour it into a narrow-mouthed Glencairn glass.
Thanks in advance.

Fife Whisky Lover says:

I have a 35 Year Old bottle of this in the house. Effectively a 50 year old whisky. 😛

coverfire32 says:

$50USD how much in other countries?

Odseus says:

alta vista classic.

cato says:

Too many great single malts available and not enough time to waste on blends.

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