whisky review 515 – looking after your whisky collection.

. . . because a whisky collection needs looked after !

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neandrewthal says:

How long does it take for a mini plastic bottle to taint your whisky?

Glen M says:

Malt Ted takes the cake.

CI23 says:

I see some Sonoma Rye Whiskey above you.. I live very close to the distillery in California.. very happy to see that bottle in your library

The Original Gamer says:

What is the bear’s name?

millar426 says:

Question, what about whiskey oxidation?
Do you move whiskey to a smaller glass bottle when it reaches below half full?

*Liam Eserda says:

LOL! On your picture you just look like Captain Mainwaring off duty!

By the way; nice collection!

J. L. says:

I’ve a wooden frog I keep near my very modest but slowly and surely growing collection whom I call my ‘whisky frog’. I suppose it’ll do as my variation on a malt Ted haha. By the way, I call him my whisky frog because he’s had his leg broken of and reattached several times, which may sounds like it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. But then again, what does these days?

Rich206L says:

A wonderful, thoughtful and comprehensive episode, Ralfy. As I write this, you are at Bonneville (Good Luck!). On a question with regard to WHISKEY corks; I occasionally, gently tip my corked bottles for a few seconds with the intention of keeping the cork moist. As I consider you an expert in this field, I was wondering if you think this is a good idea, a bad idea or that it doesn’t make any difference at all.

Thanks for all of your great videos and your wonderful personality. I feel like we have become friends.

Mark Kaufmann says:

Hi Ralfy, great work, I’ve been watching for just a few months. I have a bottle of Glenmorangie Signet which is boxed but also cellophane wrapped. Should I remove the plastic? It must not be a frequent presentation.

ShawJohn31 says:

Why aren’t investment corked whiskeys kept on their sides like fine wines in cellars – that keeps the cork moist and keeps the seal?

As you said, wine cellars are often slightly dank damp places.

Ryan Barnhart says:

Every bottle of whisky that I buy is intended to be drank by myself and my associates. I will often have 20-30 bottles on hand, but there are generally only about 6 different brands on my bar. A few bourbons, a few Scotches… The rest are stored in cases in a nearby storage closet. I’ll rotate what brands I have, but I definitely don’t collect. At least not yet.

stuart75 says:

when you lean on that flimsy shelf….i get nervous

scaldbrother says:

Would you consider a review of Malt Teds?

loopba says:

I see a bottle of Bulleit Rye…can give that one away 😉

Soteriologe says:

Ralfy, it may be too much work for you since your collection is already so big, but you can keep an *inventory at Cellar Tracker* (where I have have mine). Of course, if the internet goes down, you’re f’ed with that. BTW, I invite you to take a look at *my consciously amateurish, low res videos on wine gems*. Here’s my second (and newest one ATM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfBVr3fhM8k. I’d be happy if you can drop a note there. Cheers !

geheimschriver says:

With wine collecting, bottles that have become undrankable are still highly collectable and even increase in value. To look at it differently; these bottles were permenantly kept from drinking. There is the angels share, lets call this ‘the deamons share’ 🙂
Does anyone know if it would be a good idea to keep my malts (including the opened ones) in my wine cabinet (with wine bottles), or is there a chance that they taint one another.

Derek Macdonald says:

i got all johnnie walker now.i would love the johnnie walker king george V edition but that is $500 for a bottle. i want to go with a del more next

Saltire says:

What a treasure trove that is Ralfy! Maybe one day I’ll have a collection half as good! 😀

Mark McColl says:

TFW I only have 6 bottles of whisky collected.

Doctor Dolittle says:

Ralfy, sounds a very interesting person and I bet you could have a good conversation with this man. He’s very knowledgeable on the Whisky subject.

Richard Driskill says:

266 bottles so far (as of 11-28-2017, I’ve only been collecting for 1 year and 4 months), broken down like so –
153 bottles of Whisky/Whiskey –> $19,032.57 USD
[By type: Scottish (98), American (43), Canadian (5), Japanese (3), and Irish (3)]
46 bottles of Vodka –> $2,168.32 USD
[By type: French (13), Polish (7), Russian (7), Swedish (6), Netherlands (3), US (3), Bulgarian (2), Slovakian (1)]
22 bottles of Liquer –> $660.47 USD
19 bottles of Brandy –> 6,873.61 USD
14 bottles of Rum –> $572.14 USD
11 bottles of Tequila –> $2,545.68 USD
3 bottles Absinthe –> $148.57 USD
3 bottles of Gin –> $149.54 USD

Grand total (so far), including tax and/or shipping –> $32,151.31 USD
The bottles range in volume from 50 ml to 4.5 Liters.
NONE of the bottles have been opened, and all are treated with great care.

I collect for my own pleasure, not to speculate on what I would get for it in ‘the future’ (I’m 61 1/3, so time is not on my side).
The plan is to acquire 1,000 bottles, at roughly $100,000 USD worth, and hopefully no more than a 5-year endeavour.
I’ll take those 1,000 bottles and line the walls of a VERY special ‘man cave’ (15 ft x 24 ft; it’s own little building).
So on my 66th birthday, I will then turn this into a very small, super-posh, ultra-exclusive ‘private club’ only for true connoisseurs to come hang out. And no, it has nothing to do with ‘retiring’ as I retired at 38.

…Additionally, my wife has about a $15,000 USD wine collection (about 100 bottles?).

wozzlepop says:

Every time you leaned on that shelf my heart was in my mouth.

Gregory Allan says:

This made me homesick. So I subscribed.

Mr International says:

hi woukd u recommend cardbord boxes rathen tinnns? also, i have some unopened whiskeys that are about 5 years old, can i still drink them or do they spoil or something other after years not opened? thanks

Jasper Knol says:

Hey Ralph, are Octomores worth buying for if you’re got enough money to spend? How does an octomore hold up to other malts that are cheaper?

GarettLovestheMovies says:

Hey Ralfy, you should try Crown Royal’s Northern Harvest Rye, it took the title this year as the Best Whiskey in the World. You’ll like it, I promise!

labobo says:

I find it a bit foreign and alien that people are able to collect whisky’s.
Whenever I buy a bottle It’s empty in two days. With the exception that I sometimes forget I have bought one and stumble upon it in the fridge some time later.

How do you do it?! Teach me your power of resistance, master.

Dan M says:

Hi Ralfy, one of my labels has fallen off my whisky and i would like to stick it back on any recommendations on what type of glue?

Ryan DeClue says:

I’ve yet to have a single bottle of whisky or bourbon or scotch collected yet, Ralfy.
Full time single father of three, so that commandeers the budget for now.
However, I watch these for my hopeful future investment and delight in whisky in its various forms.
So you see, not everyone who watches your videos has a collection…

Trabant says:

You are a wise man Ralfy. A wise man.

michael shister says:

Hi Ralfy, have a little question is Laphroaig An Cuan whisky ,is good as collection whisky, or it is marketing trick?

audio man says:

i never have a whisky collection, i have drank it by time i buy more. but i don’t buy alot usually 2 to 4 bottles a month, but they are always gone by time next payday comes around.

capjiekia says:

very comprehensive lecture, thanks a lot

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