whisky review 608 – Johnnie Walker Black Label re-reviewed 2016

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Abhishek sengupta says:

weed is not at all good for brain and nerves,it damages nerve function . its harmful for health.
alcohol if consumed properly not injurious to health. it has some benefits to health .

. says:

25 pounds to buy a bottle of that .. you lucky brats .. i buy it for 300$ in Kuwait .. and if i was LUCKY .. LUCKY ! i get it with this price .. 25 pounds ! Ohhh god !

SonnyB63 says:

Ralfy, I love ya buddy, but think your a bit harsh on J.W. Black. It is a good blend, and a good value. I don’t disagree with your 85, but think it is a good whisky. It is my decanter whisky. Green Label and Blue Label are better. Hibiki is probably the best blend on the market today.

Jungle Inc says:

Can you review Glenlivet Founders Reserve? Not sure why this is priced more than 12 yr

Tee H says:

It’s disappointing that the recipes haven’t stayed the same over the years.

Dumphone User says:

So, the Black Labels you’ve reviewed so far go from 86/100 to 85/100 in the latest version and bounce back to 88/100.
This is pretty confusing but somehow understandable.

I wonder where the Hankey Bannister 12 YO would go now. For me, it’s better than the BLs I’ve had but perhaps its quality is also all over the place and we can only compare particular batches?

Best wishes from Poland!

The Cawdfather says:

Johnnie is coming for u Ralphy

Saltire says:

By the sounds of things the way its going with the conglomerates and the big selling blends, they will try to dilute them down to nothing more than flavoured water in the coming years and charge £100 for the privilege!

Quacklebush says:

wow… I love this guy!! Glad I found your channel!! Instant sub!

Jingxin Yang says:

you are an hero .

garbura76 says:

Thanks for all these reviews Ralfy.
Really insightful and entertaining.
Keep up the good work ,mate.!

Ro Het says:

I’ve got an unopened bottle of Black Label, handed down from my Grandfather, that must be a couple of decades old. I also have a newly bought (<2 years old) bottle hanging around the house too. I will certainly be doing a side by side tasting at some point.

Fc3s king says:

rally, hello from Colorado Springs just wanted to say love your reviews please keep up the good work, it’s hard to find a serious whiskey review without the silliness that comes with drinking, also I want to ask if you have tried any of the American whiskies like bulliet rye or a knob Creek, thank you

Mark McColl says:

I’m honestly surprised you gave it 85, I don’t think it’s as good as everyone says. Personally I prefer Antiquary, and Chivas Regal over black label.

thenomadrhodes says:

I’ve been watching you since you were in Canada. And like a fine single malt, you just get better with Age Mr Ralfy, bless you.
never stop being awesome.

WhiskyBrasil.com says:

*If you want Help Ralfy, you can do it here* https://www.patreon.com/ralfy
Over the years many malt-mates have said how much they would like to buy him a dram as a thank you for all the information and entertainment. Now you can buy him a virtual-dram !
Thank you *Ralfy!*

Dulahey says:

I buy Black Label as a cheap Caol Ila. To drink at times when I am not able to slowly enjoy the nose and flavor profile.

Now, I would love to not support the monster that is Diageo. Does anybody have a recommendation for an alternative? Any other blends that heavily use Caol Ila? I’m all about that smoke!

JS Phillips says:

You can add Bob Dylan and Louie Armstrong to the very creative and productive reefer smokers list, along with countless others. I’m betting that Beethoven, etc. might have smoked some weed were it more prevalent in the day!

Robert Parkes says:

A child near me was recently knocked down and killed by a driver that had been on your “harmless” weed..you fucking gobshite cunt………..

Strength Honour says:

Johnnie Walker on the whole is complete piss in my opinion.

Mark McColl says:

I give it 70 out of 100.

Jason Gallagher says:

jw black label the best blended whisky from scotland i have ever had.

cantbendknee says:

Exposure to marijuana in adolescence leads to schizophrenia-like changes in the brain. If marijuana is legalised it will be easier for young people to get a hold of the drug, I know two guys from school whose lives have been ruined. It’s not all peaches and cream and it really annoys me when people say weed is like alcohol, it isn’t like alcohol is a door step to something far far dangerous and it changes the brain. Hippies never talk about the darker side of the drug, too busy talking about how the establishment is keeping the man down, etc., absolutely no circumspection.

mike farey says:

if you say it tastes like just about anything no won can tell you your wrong.
sory i like your reviews

dirk diggler says:

sale in Holland at the moment can get a 70cl jwbl for €19.99 right now! good deal

John Mcgowan says:

Hi Ralfy. Bought a litre bottle JW black label bottled 1995 for the Ryder cup from Scotch whisky auction. Haven’t tried it yet , what should I expect ? Thanks Ralfy.

Michele Giuseppe Iurlo says:

Just bought a new Black Label 2017 and im still finishing up my 2016 one. The 2017 has like 2-3ppm more than the old one ever had. I like that, but quite a difference.

Wout Boswinkel says:

Thanks for the comparison. The larger bottle depicting better quality, and wondering if that one has 40% as well. I’m loving the Black Label over many years as the best JW for an excellent price. Here in NL I buy the 1 liter bottle for €25 when on offer online. I also noticed the 40% bottling somewhat lacks the beautifully intense pineapple sweetness combined with the smokiness. A unique taste. I was happy to be able to buy a 4.5 liter bargain bottle with 43% alcohol in the swinger rack, going price here €150. For a toffee taste an American one like JD will do.

Canada life says:

Noticed this with the last bottle of JW black I had a few months ago.  Overall not as good and It was very bitter as well.

J Geissenberg says:

You look like a washed up bum

reptilianskin says:

I still like JWBL very much. It’s no different to me than my first bottle. On the other hand, Chivas Regal 12 changed a lot for the worst within the same period.

Abhishek sengupta says:

bottle design is typically like the whisky bottle of Captain Haddock from “TINTIN”

M Pollard says:

Ralfy – if I click on ads that pop up here do you get more money than if I just close them?

Rockdoc St Augustine says:

I believe 85 is a generous malt mark. You are spot on.

christos990 says:

Hi ralfy. Any opinion on JW red rye finish?? Any plans to review it?

optionsss says:

hey, 500th like. Great channel Ralfy. Appreciate the reviews.

John Doe says:

At first I thought the Black Label was too strong in the charcoal taste, but as time came on I found myself to love the smokey/Caramel taste of this blended whiskey. Definitely worth the price I bought it for, I enjoy it. However 85/100 is an accurate mark for this bottle (85 being extremely fair and worth the buy).

SpiritNovice says:

Hey there Ralfy, I’ve been trying and drinking different whiskeys for over half a year now, and I keep trying to like Johnnie Walker Black and I can’t for the life of me enjoy it, it tastes like a mixture of Pinesol and rubbing alcohol on my palate and can only stomach it if I mix it with ginger ale, I great enjoy other scotches like Monkey Shoulder however and am a big fan of bourbons like Buffalo Trace, what can I do to expand my palate? Thanks!

James says:

New whisky drinker here. Would you recommend this to me or Jack Daniels gentlemen jack?

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