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Paola Sanchez says:

Perfect timing for me Ralfy as I am heading to Glasgow for the very first time and I’ll be looking for some quality malt moments. Do you happen to have any suggestions for me on where to purchase or enjoy a quality malt? Also anything else you recommend to do in or around Glasgow…I only have two days unfortunately. I’ll trust any recommendations you make and thank you in advance !

pannerden123 says:

Hi mr. Ralfy, verry funny that your view of things is exectly the thing I talk about with friends when we enjoy a glass or 2. please keep sharing your view of things “and whisky offcourse”.

Kim Jansen says:

Ralfy, as a Tasmanian, it is great to hear you refer to our whiskies. Nant and Overeem are two fairly recent Tasmanian distilleries that are producing some fantastic whiskies, particularly Nant. Also glad that you shared your sympathies at the outrageous cost of alcohol (particularly spirits) in Australia. I bought a bottle of Aberlour 12 from the discount bottle shop recently for $72! Laphroaig 10 is $100! Keep up the wonderful reviews! (Any Tasmanian reviews in the offing?) 🙂

mrdisco99 says:

Talking of regulation in America… I used to order stuff from thewhiskyexchange.com and get it shipped to me here in America because most American mail order shops wouldn’t ship to my state. That is until whisky exchange started charging £60 to ship here because of customs problems.

sbornot2b says:

No “m” alliteration in the malt mention. Well done Ralfy. There’s a time to break some rules.

Trevor Huyton says:

I heard that Morrissons supermarket islay malt is really Bowmore?
bargain? does it taste any different to you?

Edward Gamper says:

what are the archaeologists covering up Ralphy?

BravingTheOutDoors says:

With regards to GOOD PRICES:
Yes, this time of the year is the best time to buy those extra bottles and then hold on and resist buying more throughout the year.
However, searching for whisky on google and then going through the large list of websites is where I found many of my bargains and not for any particular reason or in any specific time.
I think people get fixed on using the most common big names and if those don’t have something in stock or if the price doesn’t fit their pocket they click the red X and carry on.
I’ve been meaning to write this a few days ago but didn’t know how… didn’t want to reveal too much so at the off chance any of the people running main stores in London will recognise it’s me.
I’ve been frequenting all major stores in London (I trust I don’t need to verbally say which) and being the tedious person that I am, comparing the prices to other stores and other websites.
A few days ago I decided to “be real”.
I made sure, at least to the best of my ability, that I’m not coming off as nagging but nonetheless I told both major stores in London that I would very much like to come to the stores more, have fun discussing whisky with them, have a few tastings and eventually buy a bottle where by doing so further contributing to their business.
Alas, I can’t do that.
Every rule has its exceptions. I don’t mean to say that anything is true 100% of the time… however, in most cases you can find better prices to what you will get in main stream stores and websites. It’s pretty unfortunate but that’s what I told them straight to their faces.
The normal price of Glenfarclas 25 is somewhere between £125 to £140. In fact, on the actual website of the distillery it’s being “sold” for £170.
Throughout the year you can find it for 80+ pounds in various websites.
So I asked a worker straight to his face: “so why should I buy it here and pay an excess of £40+” ?
Glengoyne 21 which is normally sold for around £125 can be found online for £90+.
Old releases of Springbank that are being sold for double price at stores (if at all still available) can be found for their original prices on Amazon.
Etc, etc, etc.
I just save those as bookmarks, check them sporadically throughout the year and occasionally you will hit it straight on the head and see it for the right price.
Plus, generally speaking, providing you use patience, the best prices are almost always at Amazon (providing you’re in the UK) not to mention that usually when there is a sale there is also free shipping… something all those major websites don’t offer and that too is something I’ve told them.
I will conclude by saying that I will tell anyone who reads this precisely what I told the people at the stores… there is simply no reason for anyone to buy anything at physical stores or even buy anything from major stores with the exception of special bottlings they may have.
I honestly can’t think of a single bottle that had a better price at a mainstream store compared to a less known website or Amazon.
And just to repeat my previous posts… this time of the year supermarkets also have very good deals…. at all those major stores you will still see the same fixed prices like selling the bunnahabhain 12 for somewhere between £41 to £58… at Waitrose it’s £28 and someone even told me that occasionally it’s even found for £25… so what possible reason is there, for anyone, to buy it at double the price from mainstream websites?
The business model must catch up with the times.
At the moment they are “dropping the ball” and sooner or later, once the novelty of the rich American tourist will wear out and they too will realize they’re straight up stupid for buying at those stores just to have a “selfie” to show their friends… something will have to change… as it must.
We already see people in the UK buying spirits through Holland and France… it’s just getting ridiculously stupid.

Rian Creamer says:

Another great review! Sorry to digress, Ralfy, but I want to try Coal Ila but torn between the standard 12 bottling or a 12-13 (2003 – 2016 @46%) yo G&M CC bottling. Which would you go for? I’m feeling the latter but can’t find any reviews to help make up my mind. Thanks 🙂

WhiskyBrasil.com says:

*If you want Help Ralfy, you can do it here* https://www.patreon.com/ralfy
Over the years many malt-mates have said how much they would like to buy him a dram as a thank you for all the information and entertainment. Now you can buy him a virtual-dram !
Thank you *Ralfy!*

Rostitube says:

Hi Ralfy, I have a suggestion, inspired by this “alternative ” style of video. Could you imagine doing a video on the topic “cooking with whiskey”? I’m sure there are nice recipes for puddings or other sweets that involve whiskey. Or even some game dishes

Christof Sparber says:

What exactly have the archeologists to answer for, if I may ask?

colourlessbluethings says:

I know this is an old video and you get a lot of comments but I really hope you can clarify what you meant by your statement at about 14.58 that you wouldn’t normally touch Speyside single malt. Isn’t Aberlour Speyside for a start?And then Glenfarclas, Balvenie etc. There are loads of examples of great whiskies from the region.

frankg2003 says:

In Ontario: Aberlour 10yo is available, Aberlour 12yo only @ 40%, the rest: we’re screwed.

thefatrumpirate says:

Have you any more rums up for review Ralfy?

jerrydmann7 says:

I love how you mention to try local whiskies, not just scotch. This is great for learning.

hardindr says:

I enjoy Ralfy’s whiskey reviews, but his claim about large oil companies pushing alcohol prohibition in the US in the early 20th century is false. Please see this following link: https://www.quora.com/Did-Rockefeller-bankroll-the-Prohibition-because-Henry-Ford-was-more-inclined-to-create-a-car-which-runs-on-ethanol

Ian Tomlin says:

Just ordered a lady of the glen 20 year old speyside on your recommendation. Seems it has a bit more of a story to it with the casks originally seized in a fraud case only to be sold to private buyers later. Will keep it for a special occasion.

MrBarberGuy says:

I want to hear more about the galactic village Ralfy.

Welsh Toro says:

Bunnahabhain 12 for £28. Clynelish 14 for £31. All sorts of Talisker at knock down prices.

Pete's Guitar Lessons TV says:

Great review Ralf you made some great points and observations.On the tonic infusion’s i think you actually are referring to tinture’s, which of course are alcohol based where as a tonic would be a laced aperitif.You are a credit to the Whisky world.Slanjevar!

BravingTheOutDoors says:

by the way
you mentioned buying from holland
through a website?
please tell me =]

Dan TheMan says:

Hello Ralfy, your clear and conversational style reviews are a real treasure. You are not afraid to state an opinion and as a result you are very interesting and informational.
You are by far my favorite and I would love to sit down for a drink and some quality time with such a man as yourself. I hope you continue to review for a long time to come ,.

Arthur Leyenberger says:

came for the whisky, stayed for the history lesson 😉

Rich206L says:

Ralfy, a wonderful and informative review and very entertaining as always. I just pulled up the Isle of Man on Google Earth and was quite surprised to see how small it is! I was wondering where about on the island do you live and where you get most of your spirits? Also, maybe it was a reflection, but it seemed on the last few reviews that your tasting glass had an image engraved on it. I for one would love to have a pair with you engraved on it with “Malt-Mate” too.

Good health and prosperity to you and all of our fellow Male-Mates out there!

Jay Watson says:

Fantastic history lesson Ralfy! Thanks for the honesty and integrity. Spot on!

Peabrain says:

Bought a 750ml bottle of Glenmorangie 10 (43% ABV) last week for $35US (£28.31) from my local Hannaford supermarket (Hermon, ME.) It was a gift-pack including two semi-orb shaped heavy bottom glasses. Pretty decent buy, IMO.

Jason Voorheese says:

“its complicated” <-- sums up every relationship i've had, so far! 😀

Holcombi says:

Run e85 in your car if you want to know what ethanol is like as a fuel.

WhiskyWhistle says:

Hey Ralfy great review – I’m really glad you mentioned lot 40. That is definitely one of the more interesting Canadian whiskies to come out (again) lately. Sadly the laws on production and difficulty in getting to market make it only the opportunity of the very wealthy to open distilleries in much of the country. I’m hoping a conservative provincial government in my home province changes things.
all the best,

Srdjan Milosavljevic says:

hav you seen prices in the Norwey?You can buy good car for the price off the 16 old single malt.

Michael Tortorich says:

Thanks for the great & philosophical review as always, Ralfy! My local liquor store has the Antiquary 21 year old on hand these days, interestingly enough. What’s even more interesting: there are reports surfacing of Egyptian-style pyramids being found all over the world. From China to Alaska to Antarctica. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, malt mate!

David Varga says:

Ralfy, have you tasted Highland Black 8 yrs from Aldi? It is only ‎£13.49 a bottle, it is a real bargain, a budget whisky that tastes very nice too…

George S says:

Ralfy, loved the history lesson but you can’t leave us hanging like that! What are the archaeologists covering up?

clappersox says:

Excellent history Ralfy!

Drew Watson says:

id love to see ralfy talk about other topics whilst enjoying a whisky infront of an open fire. bet his craic is mint.

john rickard says:

ralfy i think you’re losing your shit sometimes, but it always makes sense in the end. great vids. im on aberlour 12 tonight and couldnt be happier with it for 27quid.

george flynn says:

Surprised with the political malt mention ralfy.

Wicked Coolname says:

What’s the worst whiskey you’ve ever tried? Mine was Canadian LTD. I might use the rest to unglog the carburetor in my chainsaw.
My favorite cheap booze is Evan Williams Bourbon. $15.00 for the 1.5 ltr in my area, Massachusetts.

1961Humbucker1 says:

Funny that you should mention Lot.40 here in Canada Ralphy, I have purchased a couple of bottles of this over the last couple of years and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I can’t honestly say that I found it a whole lot better than Canadian Club Chairman’s Reserve 100% Rye which is quite a bit cheaper, maybe like 30% cheaper(a real bargain for what you get).

But then again, I only have a few years of whisky experience so my tastes aren’t refined like many of you malt heads out there, especially you sir Ralphy!

Thank you for giving us Canadians a little bit of attention and advice! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my malt mates out there!

Tee H says:

Bargain whiskies taste better.

Dome Resci says:

Ralfy, my friend, would you suggest me a good book about the issue “alcool and power” (if it exists). Thanks!!

Matthew Wallace says:

Great to see you mention Tasmanian whisky ralfy! I live in Hobart, and have sampled quiet a few. Great stuff, but average between $150 – $200 a bottle. So on the higher side. If you get the chance to try hellyers road, would be great to get your thoughts. I feel it’s the most reasonably priced Tasmanian whisky at about $100 a bottle

Bob Snake Plissken says:

Ralfy Please do a video on those scotch-imbibing aliens. Really anxious to see it !

Ross Fudd says:

Hey Ralfy, They might call it a lost leader, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, they still make profit on the “marked down liquor”.

NG One Seven says:

Laphroaig Select at £25 a bottle at Tesco at the moment (27th December 2016). I ordered 2 bottles last night and they will be delivered this afternoon to my house (£52 with delivery). Get on it…

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