Whisky Review: Arran The High Seas, Smugglers Series Vol. II *Scotch

Rex & Daniel taste and review Arran The High Seas, Smugglers Series Vol. II. It’s an Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


Mark Vironda says:

Love the new format!

Jon Gardner says:

Man, I must just have a soft spot for black bottles. That bottle looks sick.

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Looking for clarification on a couple of points from today’s episode…

– To my knowledge, Arran malts are UNpeated, with the exception of their Machrie Moor.

– Even in Canada, Fireball is NOT considered a whisky. As far as I know, the 40% law still applies. However, “Whisky Liqueur” is a different category. In Canada, the “liqueur” comes at the bottom of the label, after the French, since the word is the same in both official languages. The way it looks on the label is deceptive, but in terms of the whisky laws, it’s in the same category as Southern Comfort, JD Honey, and Drambuie.

Dan Lepine says:

I would love to have Elijah Craig or eagle rare finished in an Appleton Estate barrel or Maybe even smith and Cross. Some good dark Jamaican rum. Bring back the bag pipe intro.

Stoffel Schoeman says:

Rex needs to be punnished with 2 ounces of fireball for all the editing mistakes

Neil Allen says:

Hello Rex & Daniel

On a recent family holiday to Florida I spotted Angels Envy – as recommended by you guys, on the menu at a restaurant in Disney Springs.

I sat at the bar only to discover a fellow MB was already on his second glass. On discovering I was from the UK and keen to try some, before I could say ‘here’s to fighting stealing and Mickey’ he had bought me a $27 double! Very generous of him.

There’s no underestimating the Magnificence of Bastards!

Cheers guys

Neil – A mighty Mickey Mouse Mooch

Nicholas Birt says:

Ok Rex… Now you have to remember if you’re sipping on a wee dram while editing… Sip on the one in the video… So the others are not in your mind while editing…. That way when you go in for the close up Mr DeVille…. You zoom in on the correct bottle!!!! Hahahaha

Tyler Babcock says:

6:27, wait, what?

Aaron Kaiser says:

Is it possible to get you guys to try goslins old rum?

schultzy450 says:

Rex hasn’t guessed a single one yet. he obviously needs to mooch more and improve his palate, you know for the people.

T.A.S. says:

The Eagles wobbling/gyrating crotch in the new magnificent bastard animation is….. unnerving.

Joshua Eason says:

Y’all should really do like a rum week where the tribe picks the rums, same with a Sherry week. I think it would be cool

smell your maw says:

A love it wen you talk about my country

TheHighlandSounds says:

Hey guys I have a question.
The company I work for has an annual salmon dinner and I thought it would be a great idea to have a whisky to go with the salmon. What’s a good, beginner fiendly (I dont want to scare my coworkers away from whisky) whisky, that goes well with salmon?
Thanks for your help

ChrisWCorp says:

Like I’ve said before, I’d LOVE for you guys to do a rum spin-off of sorts. I’ve been wanting to get into rums but just can’t find great/enthusiastic reviewers who know what they are talking about (or at least learn along with).

deathwatch76 says:

Why not make part of Rex Month … a finish tasting week? Tasting Rum, Sherry, Wines etc ??

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Arran is one of my favourite distilleries. Got to try the first in their new Explorer’s series: Broddick Bay. Butter tarts! Mmmm!

Shawn W says:

What is saltiest smokiest whiskey rest? I know there is always peat but which ones are salty?

jamie27203 says:

Guys, I love the new format, with Rex going in blind we get the whiskey review without losing any of the ball busting fun.

Connor Coop says:

Hey fellas, i noticed there isn’t any coverage of the Whyte & Mackay scotches on the channel! I know the basic offering is super one note and kind of boring but the 13 year old bottle is surprisingly nice for the price!

Jason Unsworth says:

Lol. @6:30 editing mistake- cut to Midwinter Nights Dram. Still a great video guys.

Celtic Grizzly says:

Alright boys, if you’re dipping into rums (for flavor profile purposes) may I suggest two; Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva (slightly on the sweet side, but with good complexity, and an all around great rum) and either an Appleton Estate aged rum (preferably the 12-21 y/o, from Jamaica, has a sort of fruit ‘funk’ that people seem to like) or something from the Plantation line (Idk, something aged like the XO anniversary edition, or possibly from their ‘destination’ range, Barbados rum aged in France in various cellars). And that’s about all I’m gonna shove in your faces for now, since you probably know more about that stuff than me anyways haha. Anyway, keep doing your thing guys! Cheers!

James Helferty says:

For the people: Rex should be allowed to give as many tasting notes as he wants until the bottle pops out of the sock.

Trenny and C says:

Get a map of Scotland for Rex!

Blain Eno says:

Now we see why Chad does the editing. But we still love you Rex, you make the shows like a “Hidden Mistake Game”.

Tom McCafferty says:

Was that a magic trick or just bad editing? A bottle of Midwinter’s Night Dram turned into Arran, and one glass turns into two.

stuart gaither says:

This bottle actually sounds right down my alley. I was going to add it to my short list of future purchases, that was until I saw the price tag. Talk about a tease with no payoff.

Ken Beamer says:

This isn’t the first time I have heard Rex ask about rums; I’ll share a few with you guys that I really enjoy:

– Kirk & Sweeney 12yr, 18yr, and 23yr
-Havana Club Añejo Blanco, Añejo (the Puerto Rican family not the Cuban one)
-Blackwell Black Rum

Aside from the big brands and their varietals (Bacardi for instance makes 4, 8, and 10yr rums) those were a few I enjoyed and are different styles/countries of origin. Hope it helps and maybe we get a video out of it! (Aged rums are the whisk(e)y of the Caribbean after all!)

Juanyunes Fuentes says:

rex write abbout the rums im a rum sommelie in venezuela

iwabu says:

A dark rum week would be awesome!

Majed Azouqah says:

Wait, what did the water do to the whisky? Guys? GUYS? Could you at least attempt to follow the form you setup instead of “ish”ing it?

John Guentzel says:

Whats with the confusing flash of A Mid-Winter Nights Dram? Did I have a seizure?

Jayson Bucy says:

It was painful to see you tease us with Midwinters again.

Dakota Hampton says:

Arran is on my list to try for sure!

Donald Harvey says:

Interesting bottle! Loved the Balvenie Peated episode! I’m just tucking into a Lagavulin distillers edition (bottled 2017) next to a Caol Ila distillers edition of the same year. Any chance that you may compare various Diageo distillers editions? A bit niche but an interesting idea. Personally, including the Craggenmore and Dalwhinnie into the mix it has to be Caol Ila…Moscatel baby!

Bill Hartnett says:

If you’re gonna try rum, I’d recommend you get a bottle of Zaya.

Nicholas Murphy says:

Love this show

Joe Bloggins says:

Someone send them socks with pictures of their faces on them. I would do it myself, but I dont want to.

mitch mcdonald says:

I don’t remember the normal arran being peaty ?

Jason Fisk says:

Tried that last week, loved it.

Don Clark says:

Hey Rex and Daniel! I’m new to the whiskey tribe and I’ve just binged all the videos in the last week or two. Love the Chanel and I’m looking forward to new videos. Do you guys have other social media to keep up with? IG FB etc.

Peter Spadotto says:

Did Rex edit this week? Coming back from the Magnificent Bastard, we were on yesterday’s Midsummer Night’s Dram…We going to need a Rex mistake counter? 😉

kickinbucket says:

I think it’s time for Rum Week.

Bradley Zakany says:

#RumRunners Some quick suggestions to try a variety. Kraken, Pussers Navy Strength, Appleton Jamaican Rum.

Giorgio B. says:

Normally Arran is unpeated! I think Daniel was thinking of Ardmore

LandLockedSailor69 says:

Teacher Highland Cream!!! (updated recipe and labeling) Would love to see a review on it.

Vince Rose says:

Alcohol should burn, that way you respect it.

Alex Wu says:

I wonder when they started using the new graphics whenever Rex does the Magnificent Bastarding

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