Whisky Review: Benromach 10 Year Old and Octomore Masterclass 08.1

Today we taste and review Benromach 10 Year Old and Octomore Masterclass 08.1 Single Malt Scotch.

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bitterandjaded says:

So if you chill a barrel before emptying it in the bottling process it should kick up the barrel notes a little by expelling more of the liquid from the wood. Is there a preference for bottling in the winter versus summer for some distillers? I wonder if it’s a noticeable difference or if the other factors mask the effect.

DankStuffBrahs says:

You guys are arguing like brothers today haha. i feel like theres a little tension from the heat or something

Max Thompson says:

I’m a recent subscriber that got into whisk(e)y at the beginning of the year and only found your channel a month or two ago. I’m from South Africa and have been able to get my hands on buffalo trace and monkey shoulder and I really enjoyed them. I have a question though what South African whiskeys have you tried and what do you think of them?(if you have tried any of them?)

Gordon Atkinson says:


Alex England says:

Daniel and rex today I also watched Ralphie’s latest video review 736 extras. Understanding flavors/ sensation in whiskeys. I feel like it’s something worth talking about. I was just wondering if you could maybe do a video on it and explain it in your own words and ways.

Schulligung says:

Now i have to pour a dram of my 7.3 Islay Barley (sadly my only Octomore). On a tuesday. Without any special occasion. That´s your fault guys! 😉

Guillaume Lemaigre says:

i got to taste the Octomore 08.3/ 309ppm. At 5 years of age, that whisky is intresting but maybe a bit too young.
But yeah, Octomore is something to try, it is impressive.

Daniel Whipple says:

Austin gets that much rain?

gmscooter says:

After binging Spider Robinson books and hearing the characters singing the praises of an Irish coffee long ago, I had to try one. I got addicted to them. The whiskey is a compliment to the bitterness of the coffee. Just the right amount of sugar and cream makes it magical. I usually use Jameson. I think a dedicated show comparing different whiskeys in the coffee would be fantastic.

PreppinShootinLivin says:

How does that Benromach compare to Bowmore 12?

Legend VirohXL says:

Yeah please do the irish coffee episode. My mother’s favorite drink is irish coffee with jameson, would be cool to make her a superior cocktail.

Legend VirohXL says:


A Knight in the Dark says:

Would be cool to see your whiskeys of the year!!

Burton Carriker says:

Have you done a video that details the basic flavor profiles of the different Scotch regions?

AJ Branson says:

Would Benromach be a good entry into scotch? Ive had monkey shoulder and was not impressed… Im more of a bourbon guy and want to like scotch just as much but haven’t found a good gateway yet…

Reruma Lerma says:

Yeees whisky of the year

OneHandOnTheKeyboard says:

What’s the most butterscotch whiskey? I love butterscotch. Also, I tried Chivas Regal 12, are the primary notes smoke and oak? I think I smell caramel possibly. Having trouble picking anything up from monkey shoulder :/

Patrik Larsson says:

Hello, we have had a hot summer so far (90-100f). I wonder what this Will do too my whiskys. We live in Sweden and we dont have an AC in the house so should i start drinking them all (30 bottles) or is it just fine. Thanks for a great show// Patrik Larsson

Tom McCafferty says:

Where did you find the Octomore near Austin?

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Ooooo…08.1 tasted a bit kippery with kelp. Tried it back in November at a special tasting and dubbed it the Sushi of Scotch 🙂

John Bullock says:

These are both going on my wish list.

stanislavmigra says:

I have completly same Octomore 8.1 first impression as Daniel and Rex here. On the nose nice tame, balanced and the god dammit im breathing fire and smoke :-OOO

Brian Olsen says:

You never did the Talisker Storm. You only did the Dark Storm. Can you compare the two?

Brad's Whiskey Journey says:

This makes me very happy that I managed to order a bottle of the Octomore 8.1 yesterday…

Malt Philistine says:

After having tried literally a couple of Irish whiskies to make Irish coffee, I have to say I really like Jameson for making Irish coffee’s. FYI: This time of year, iced Irish coffee is awesome!

weswithaute says:

Please review dimple 12 or 15. Love to hear the thoughts on it.
Monkey shoulder is one of my favourites but dimple was the first scotch that i had.

Ben Gonzalez says:

I gotta try that Benromach.
Also, every time I hear Rex speak he sounds just like Jeff Daniels to me.

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