Whisky Review: Black Bull Kyloe with Sheep Dip Comparison + Brenne with TX Blended Whiskey Cameo

Today we taste and review Black Bull Kyloe and compare it to Sheep Dip. Brenne and TX Blended Whiskey also make an appearance.

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11:27 – boof

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Like Jazz and wine, snobs have predictably hijacked whiskey appreciation, spoiling our natural, common connection with it and creating a false dichotomy of “good whiskey” and “bad whiskey.”

It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

** The only valid definition of “good” whiskey is “whiskey you like to drink.”

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Chrissy Fears says:

“We’ve done this five times already “, My short term memory is fine with that.

Heather Rosenberry says:

I posted something about III Spirits peated islay style whiskey from Oregon in the tribe that appears to have been deleted. I’m not a rep I’m a Corporal with ODOC. I was just trying to give folks in the PNW a heads up about it because it’s pretty tasty. Is there any other reasons a post might get deleted other than someone thinking your a rep?

phil ou says:

Is aberlour a good whisky? It’s the only bottle of whisky i own and i don’t think it taste good at all. Am i just better of staying in rum or try another kind.

John Lafferty says:

Have you guys tried the green label Sheep Dip (Islay Blended Malt)?

Wes Brantner says:

I would like to see what you guys think of Crown Royal XR. It’s one of my favorites!

Jeffery E Petrone says:

Hey did the second attempt of whisky make it to you? Or the Heaven Hill 8 year old?

Lance_Harbor says:


J C says:

Rex should just become a somm with a level higher than Daniel, all the while using 50% (or less) of his full tasting powers. That would be way more ball busting than anything else done before.

Rob Dorn says:

Hey that’s a coincedence, I had an abelour 12 yesterday too! Although my yesterday was at an european timezone.

thomas linden says:

contact the whisky throwing patterson, for your LGV16 and see if its possible Daniel

Derek Sparks says:

Picked up a whiskey the other day just on bottle/cork alone and gotta say I was not disappointed.
Have you guys ever had Caribou Crossing single barrel Canadian whiskey? I’m a scotch guy myself but I feel like I don’t see a lot of Canadian whiskey being branded as single barrel and found this to be an interesting find.

Matt Garner says:

I thought you were a lvl 4 now

James Baird says:

I know you know this but Amber just bought MoM. Interesting that they now can’t ship to U.S. some law and MoM also owns some beer that competes with Ambev.

Adam O'Gara says:

guys its ok that you review rare stuff I’ll never drink, shit I’ll never drink a lot of the common stuff as well. I just love the content and watching your reactions.

jon dertz says:

Rex are you in fear of becoming a somm with all this knowledge over the biker hobbit.

Eddy Vardas says:

Wait I can’t get it in the us??

Geoff Gaebe says:

I like that you guys use your home bars to explore. Since starting to watch your channel, and (almost more importantly) finding a new liquor store with a vast selection (for NYC), I don’t think I’ve repeated a bottle since Christmas. I’m currently sitting on a Classic Laddie, a Tomatin, Auchentoshen American Oak (which has grown on me since last commenting on it), Bowmore Bourbon Cask, one of each of the Jameson Caskmates, an Elijah Craig Small Batch, and the Corsair Triple Smoke. I’ve also started an Infinity Bottle that currently has remnants of Compass Box Artist’s Blend and Redemption High Rye Bourbon.

Jamie Kidman says:

you moved the bottle of jameson

Adam Brown says:

Obviously, the only logical reaction to too much whiskey is that you boys need to drink more whiskey!

Caleb Steingruber says:

Lol! Sherlock ☆*×% Holmes…awesome!

Peter Schumacher says:

Hey, is Rex not quite at 100%? I can’t put my finger on why, but he seems to be a bit hobbled. Maybe it’s that he said he was about 12 times.

Kevin Hicks says:

I love the over-the-top emoting Daniel puts into the toast since Rex gave him shit about mailing it in. 😀

A R says:

yesterday i had a migraine so mid day i shut off the phone and laid down. My husband was out running an errand. Later after i woke up he says to me: “you feeling ok? I walked into the house and didnt hear that whisky guy’s voice (daniel) and i got worried.” HA! Guess you guys are part of the family now!

Adam Farnsworth says:

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Scott LaBruyere says:

Also… I’m definitely not a rep. Because I’m a baker and I bake for this distillery. Catoctin Creek rye. They have 3 kinds. I like the roundstone rye. Plus they have expanded to 26 states, Washington DC and even ship outside the country. So it’s not really obscure at all. It’s a rye… It’s 100% rye (rare), it’s delicious and it’s more available than some things some people send in. I’d send it to you but I don’t have the cash for that stuff. But this place is great and deserves a review by the best whiskey review channel out there… Other than whiskey impressions. Shout-out to my whiskey friend.

Sandro G. says:

Did you ever decide on whether you are going to start on reddit?

Ole Thanatos says:

So in Baseball you 2nd and 3rd string pitchers, do we have a 2nd or 3rd string Mooch to step in and help in times like these? Cheers.

Erik Schlegel says:

I like how there are so may cork noise bleeps in these videos but Daniel’s flipping of the bird, completely untouched. Love it!

NerdFactor says:

Disclaimer I’m not a rep but if you read this out loud don’t use my channel name. Not trying to mooch subs. I’m Paul Glemba in the Tribe There should be a standing law within the Whiskey tribe. We do a lengthy backround check on anyone suspicious. When we have concluded someone is a rep trying to mislead us we go full ham on the wanna be bastard. Take him/her to a field, duct tape them to a tree and begin the punishment. First we play “it’s raining men” roughly 300 times on repeat because this will be a sort of like a bottle down. We then follow that up by beating them with the weapons of the mooch and the somm, a little plastic sting and sock with an empty MaCallan M bottle. After that we find the cheapest whiskey we can and pour a 6 foot circle around them and shoot it with a flare so they can stare at the flames to realize their transgression against the tribe. Only when they have come to see their blasphemous ways, will they be release and forced to drink Rex’s rendition of a scotch smoothy and throw hot dogs at them.

That might seem a bit extreme, but hey, it’s all in good fun and for science right?

Neil Cooke says:

Hey, you’ve talked about how different climates affect the distilling process with regards to taste results. What do places with significant climate changes do to standardize their products? I presume they do certain processes at the same time each year prior to placing in casks ??? If they do, do the distilleries say in Scotland, typically all do the same processes at the same time, kinda like a season for a certain process?

Edmond Dantes says:

Today we learn that Rex isn’t just a mooch, he’s evil.

Giorgio B. says:

Take away form this episode: Everytime Danny boy blends something he ends up destroying the blend somehow or ruining the whiskies (see blendageddon)..
Sorry to bring this up but… Rex is the Somm now

Pat McDermott says:

A real mooch would have sent Daniel home with nothing but a bottle of Brenne. Just sayin’.

steves00010 says:

So I have a half a bottle of Monkey Shoulder. I also have a back up bottle of Monkey Shoulder….. And then hidden away I have a safety net bottle of….. Waaaait for iiiiiit……….. MONKEY SHOULDER!

jdnlv says:

Thanks for the post as I was considering a bottle of Brenne as my next bottle. The review has moved it down the list but not off of the list. AS always the information and shenanigans are appreciated.

Robb Hardesty says:

Rex is starting to look like a porn movie director.

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