Whisky Review: Caol Ila 15 and 18 Year Old Unpeated Single Malt Scotch

Today we taste and review Caol Ila 15 and 18 Year Old Unpeated Single Malt Scotch whisky.

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11:27 – boof

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It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

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Eric Perkins says:

Regarding smoke, dont they still have to smoke the barley? So unpeated =/= unsmoked?

Mark Lovejoy says:

Rex and Daniel you guys are the best. How far are you along with your distillery? I’m very interested and is there a way to pre order your first batch so that assures us that we get some before it sells out? How long are you guys aging your whiskey? And will you have different batches and cool names with awesome stories that we can sip drams to and feel like were part of history in the making? And at what proof are you guys going to bottle it?

Mat Staley says:

I received a bottle of the Caol Ila 15 unpeated as a gift from a client last summer. It’s for special occasions only. I love it!

ChrisC says:

Speaking as a sumo fan, that was a most inadequate topknot.

wildernessman says:

He said your hair is ridiculous because he’s jealous lol. And yay I can have a whiskey again lol.

El Cabro Chico says:

I almost felt sorry when I first tried unpeated Caol Ila as is such a good whisky that should deserve a label on it’s own. You can recall a lot from the peated version especially those floreal notes so distinctive, almost Glen Grantish.
And as you said a nice cask strenght liquid that can be swallow with just few drops of water

Social Engineering says:

rex tuck in that shirt buddy

Grovesrussell says:

Is it me or was that a true open?Have to ask but how often do you do that and not a cold open after the review?

Gerko L says:

Question for the Sommy Bear and the Spittit Parakeet

What’s that bottle behind Daniel?
Fifth left from Rex,
Second shelf,
Two bottles to the right,
The one above they other one
Next to the one on the left and behind the one on the right

Just curious

Cheers from the Netherlands!!

Tony Mireles says:

The Flu helped completing this challenge…..hope I catch it on the next one as well!

thebototh says:

Whistlepig trifecta

Jason Spillane says:

Hey guys how do you guys get all the flavors from the whiskey past the alcohol taste and what is the best way to get the taste and flavors from whiskey

Tim Lorow says:

Finally got around to doing this! #toast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

Brice Podoll says:

Has anyone sent you a bottle of Glen Fargo yet?

Kerry Shannon says:

Fruity Pebbles!! So good to have you back, the QC was good to do, but now the universe can rotate again.

Alex Hatfield says:

I just want to give Daniel and Rex a shout out. The two of you helped me speak confidently about whisky to a high ranking person at my job and seem like I know far more than I do. I tried to be a Daniel Whittington and it worked with a lot of research on a specific company. Created an opportunity for me.
Side note, I am less of a shitty boyfriend since the last time you busted my balls.

Justanotherparatrooper says:

i think that Daniel and Rex cheated. i remember distinctly them telling everyone they shoot all the vids in one day ….. we spent a week with out whiskey and they only took one afternoon. BLASPHEMY!!! I DECLARE AN INQUISITION TO JUDGE THEM IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Jim D says:

When I saw Rex’s warrior’s topknot or really any man bun the saying “No whammies! No whammies! Stop!” always comes my mind.

David Gillan says:

Episode 62- “no one will ever send us whisky” “it’s like standing on a street corner asking for money in an Armani suit”… Just leaving this here.

AndrosRG says:

If an unpeated spirit was aged in casks, that had previously been used for peated whisky, wouldn’t the whisky still qualify as unpeated? I’m guessing this would have a stronger peat influence than the residue in the stills….

Robert Accordino says:

I enjoy your VLOG I have not watched much, however I have not seen anything on Rye Whiskey. Any reason why?

Aric Adams says:

Rex looks like the last samurai

Alice Gardner-Bates says:

I feel like they worked way to damn hard on the cold open

Sam Trotter says:

Salty finish… Hehe

Gareth Blake says:

How do you guys drive home after these episodes?!

Malt Philistine says:

Thanks guys. It takes a lot of effort to be this randomly entertaining!

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