Whisky Review: Clan MacGregor Blended Scotch whisky with Johnnie Walker Red Comparison

Today we taste and review Clan MacGregor blended Scotch whisky and compare it to Johnnie Walker Red.


Shilo Hurdle says:

I tell you from experience I like this McGregor but it’s not for everyone but mix it with red Walker and it gets ok but not everyone can withstand the murnen

Sher Afgan says:

One of the horribles. Glenn that on $20 I’d rather go for a Jameson on that buck.

Paul Meyer says:

Aww come on, I love watching Rex flex his inner Somme! What about bastarding whoever needs to be bastarded and then doing the tasting?

steve T says:

Finally, something in my price range . let’s me tell you something, it is good with club soda !

darthtripedacus1 says:

Noooooo don’t stop the blind tastings. The make your opinions so much more valid.

Mike Snook says:

To Vick!

Thomas Elmer says:

Nice ending guys. Good to see the toasts again.

chuck430 says:

don’t worry Daniel, there’s enough Speyside in your advent calendar

yes, we heard this maple syrup story before

kghostone says:

Rex hasn’t been able to level up even passively since Daniel defeated him. Long live the age of the Somm.

Copper Honu says:

Speaking of married couples telling the same story… the wife and I have been married 13 years, bless her soul. When someone starts telling a story that has already been told before… the listener will raise their hand and hold out a certain number of fingers… the number of fingers depends on how many time we have heard the story.

Slanj Bo says:

Until you try real Canadian Maple Syrup you are missing out. Trust me it’s nothing like that corn syrup based garbage!

Radioactiveslime says:

Socks worked for the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a while. Eventually the gave it up too. Cheers!

JoylessDancer says:

Second time Daniel has mess up the ingredients of his favorite maple syrup, Cracker Barrel blends 55% maple syrup 45% CANE syrup.

Joart DZ says:


Joris van Dijk says:

To vick, and your life

Joe Bloggins says:

you should change the animation from an Elijah Craig bottle to a Canadian Mist bottle.

Steve Klise says:


Pat McDermott says:

Came across the Clan in a bottom shelf review, tried it and it is now my budget go-to. I find some iodine-phenol in it, maybe that’s just me, still, for about $12 a liter it’s not a bad choice.

The4Wills says:

Cozumel it was <$7 so yes I tried it.. not something I would buy again. Ice ice baby for that one.

Partylikeahobbit says:

Could a picture of the whiskey that is gifted be incorporated into the animation rather than a image of a generic whiskey?
Just a thought

Shaun Spruch says:

Did Daniel notice Rex swapped the drinks? Or did he think he was drinking Monkey Shoulder?

Whiskey isthebest says:

This is my favorite blended under $15

josh shoup says:

To Vic!

Harold Fitzpatrick says:

Fot the sake of the Tribe, No More Sock!

Arthur Dill says:

i just want to say my angels envy has a leak in the bottle its almost gone. maybe it evaporated extra fast in florida weather idk.

Will Brent says:

Bastard them with the sock still on it, cmon! Blind tasting was great!!!!

Shilo Hurdle says:

I have had McGregor its Is very much good with just ice plus my wife has had it and got a hangover bad so… I like 8t but she doesn’t

Stuart Peters says:

I still feel that Daniel’s lack of a toasting glencairn during the “Magnificent Bastard” does not fully honor the MB be saluted.

Terry Dolan says:

Finally that McGreggor whisky everyone is going on about.

Guillaume Lemaigre says:

NOOOOO, KEEP THE SOCK !!! It was so much better !

djr 001 says:

Repeat story time…

Gene3067 says:

Yay! I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for doing the review. Cheers to Vick.

PS: You got the name pronunciation right.

Lucky 13 says:

Is this that UFC fighters Whiskey? Or am I completely wrong.

Dylan says:

Hey, so I’ve been watching you guys almost every day for about a month now. I recently got into whiskey, and my first bottle was a bottle of Bowmore 12. I loved it, and tried to find some reviews on your channel of other bowmore examples to try and found very few. Why no love for Bowmore? I would love to see some reviews of their special releases and such.

Markus Thuresson says:

With all open bottles, do you have a system for drinking the ones that have been open for a while? Thinking about what the air is doing to all the 100s of open bottles you have in the vault, keep up the good work, kind regards from Sweden

Shawn W says:

2:00 Just like “that sock ” in your teens Rex?

HTX.Slater says:

Whats the best whiskey for a party? Anyone feel free to answer thank you.

Harold Fitzpatrick says:

I’d love to get a sense of how this scotch ranks among other scotches. Is it a better scotch, than Jim Beam is a bourbon?

Bill Hartnett says:

I’m kind of freaking out right now. Clan MacGregor was my father in law’s scotch, like all he ever bought. We lost him to cancer 10 years ago this December. And here, suddenly you’re reviewing this scotch? AND you have a toast at the end of this video to Vic, Darren’s father in law that passed of cancer. In the same video of reviewing this scotch? I mean in what kind of weird universe does stuff like this happen? Darren, condolences.. I’ve been there and all the best to you & yours. Be there for your wife, she’ll need you more than she let’s on. It’s rough but it gets more bearable.

Brandon Knight says:

He broke out the JW red, I know there’s a joke coming!

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