Whisky Review: Hazelburn 10 Year Old with Auchentoshan Three Wood Comparison

Today we taste and review Hazelburn 10 Year Old and compare it to Auchentoshan Three Wood.

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11:27 – boof

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hrothgargames says:

As someone who has licked honey off of a leather sofa I’m very nostalgic for this whisky I’ve never had

Karl Porter says:

The entire state of Oregon has springbank, but cannot get hazleburn. Don’t know why. Sounds good though.
We can get some Auchentoshan though, and I have tried a couple of those.
Still can’t wait for y’all to try the American Oak or Bartender’s Malt on camera.

Mark Stevens says:

Virginia Highland is blend of scotch and US whiskey, finished in Virginia.

Mitchell Gillett says:

a whiskey storm is brewing

Danny Lee says:

We need a “trash cam”

Fidasaind says:

Ahh. The static. My ears! Damn you headphones!

DUB 250 says:

Them spirits gettin mighty angry……

Dick O'Polka says:

And you know your wife is right!

Ryan Erland says:

Hey everyone, go check out the video Macallan posted 2 days ago showcasing the distillery they just built. It looks awesome.

themurdo21 says:

MACALLAN GOLD is the worst scotch ever,, terrible,, but how about them broncos? Keep on keeping on! Stay golden! Keep on rocking in the free world! Maybe macallan gold isn’t that bad ,, but it is

Reece LeMay says:

You know how Daniel is always saying that your tasting notes are influenced by your existing frames of reference? To that end – I have a question for Rex: How many times did you have to watch someone pouring honey on a leather couch while another dude smokes a pipe in the corner to build up that reference? Asking for a friend. Also when can we expect your new channel reviewing weird, obscure fetishes?

Daniel Longhurst says:

Great to see you guys getting back to solid whisky reviews. Last two episodes thumbs up.

Jimi Mother F’n Toms says:

Liquid smoke in moonshine!? I’m curious now, I’ll have to do this tonight after work.

Dan Rhomberg says:

The endings….Something.BIG.This.Way.Comes!!!…Do NOT let the tribe down with this buildup….Do NOT turn this into a “Loch Dhu” letdown… The Tribe DEMANDS excellence for this buildup!…Deliver in full ye O’ Magnificent BASTARDS!

Matheus Gloria says:

Wow straight to the nosing notes in the 1st minute?
I mean, what have you done to Rex and Daniel?!

Geoff Gaebe says:

I feel your pain, Rex. I played basketball for three years in Jr. High. My career scoring total was FIVE points. Couldn’t hit the basket in a game if my life depended on it. But I could play horse all damned DAY and hit shots left & right.

George Arvanitidis says:

Our Daniel is back!!! Give us your lights D!!!

Loren Nelson says:

Good explanation of Springbank’s 2.5x distillation here (albeit with thick Scottish accents and lots of still noise): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXvcUYgOMfk

Gentlemenscents says:

Damn it you two, all I see now is Lord Farquaad and Daniel as the Gingerbread Man talking about whiskey. Keep up the great work, I have my ticket ready and as a plus launch day is also my Birthday so I expect to be treated like the magnificent bastard I am!!

George Arvanitidis says:

I think slowly slowly ”The convenience store Gandalf” is getting really up to the point!!! LOL

MrPlunderloot says:

Scostin for your blended scotch and distillery blend.

Andrew Lamgo says:

Since I started watching the channel two or three weeks ago I’ve tried monkey shoulder and Jameson I’m looking for something a little more what do you recommend?

Randall Janc says:

The eagle will fly you can not contain the power.

YoKramer says:

Hey guys I’m headed to an Irish pub this week that has a good whiskey selection. If you had to pick 3 of the Irish to try which would they be.


Rick Randall says:


Nasse83 says:

I’m surprised, both are actually available here. More interested in the 3 wood because I love the smell of pipeweed.

PrestigeLiquidsWW says:

Hey guys. I would like to know. If you make an unpeated whisky in a whisky barrel that contained a peated whisky. Would that whisky then become a peated whisky?

Eric Schwab says:

Speaking of phenols and peat, there was an interesting paper by Bathgate and Taylor and published in 1977 in the Journal of the Institute of Brewing regarding a method improvement for the extraction and analysis of phenolic compound from smoked malt. I won’t bore you with the fiddle bit details, but the authors were most concerned with evaluating their new method improvement and made some suggestions for other work that was needed to further improve detection and quantification. In the article, they list six organic compounds present in peated malt (and by extension the resulting whisky). These compounds were: phenol, p-cresol, o-cresol, m-cresol, guiacol, and xylenol isomers. These compounds were present in ppm (part per million) quantities, but the authors noted that there were many more other compounds present that deserved to be identified and quantified. They noted that these other compounds were present in ppb (part per billion) amounts and that these compounds could also be important. They authors used a “carbowax” analytical column which simply means the phenols etc were “sticky” enough that they were difficult to push through a standard gas chromatograph column.


juanki alfa says:

Tnx for responding to my question, i remember you did a video on how to smoke a whiskey, thats where i got the idea. Btw soon you will recive a pair of socks. Salud from mx

Karl Frank says:

Question to Daniel: Does a whiskey really “open up”? – I mean, of course it changes in taste over a long period of time, but is there really a scientific phenomenon of “alcohol vapor leaving the spirit” that makes the spirit change over, let’s say 10 seconds? Is it not possible that in reality the noticeable change is 100% limited to an effect only in the olfactory system and/or the brain? I hear this a a lot, and it always makes me wonder. And if alcohol really leaves the spirit in that drastic regard, wouldn’t the ABV also change, at least over time?

Mateo 5001 says:

Rex, that shot was Gervinesque (Although, no “Iceman” allowed in the vault) .

Shane B says:

Unfortunately I can’t find Hazelburn where I live, but Auchentoshan Three Wood is definitely magnificent.

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