Whisky Review: Highland Park Fire Edition 15 Year Old Whisky

Today we taste and review Highland Park Fire Edition 15-Year-Old Whisky.

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11:27 – boof

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ChefWRX says:

Highland Park Fire Edition 15 year was 100% matured in port refill casks. Not finished…

Baron Fraser says:

Highland Park has so many special editions these days they need to get their inspiration from somewhere!

Gene3067 says:

Does this mean that Highland Park inadvertently made a popularity contest?

Bryan Lushbough says:

Find a clip of you two saying you’ll put the spirit animals on your bottles and reference the 3 animals. There’s an IP suit right there if you want it!

Jayson Bucy says:

Daniel, recently whilst visiting the distillery, I made you an offer to be your stunt double. With the impending approach of Mooch Month, I again make my offer. I will take whatever bitter punishment the dastardly Rex has planned. I ask for no recompense for my selfless sacrifices. It is enough to know that I do the Bear spirit’s work.

Baron Shenanigans says:

Daniel, you need to produce 10-20 different barrels of the same spirit (or source it, whatev’s) and then send them to different states/locations/distilleries to age. AB comparison would be interesting.

Stiehl84 says:

Give us what we want!

jon dertz says:

Hey guys. I lost my Uncle/Godfather Rich yesterday. Anyway could I get you guys to raise a glass to his memory. Thanks. Jon D.

PBfreak808 says:

Maybe not the most apt question to pose to the community on a scotch video, but does anybody else find it hard to get past the corn flavor when tasting… any whiskey with corn in it?

James H says:

I love this channel..

bamboospout says:

Just a head’s up. Rex’s shirt can be interpreted as saying: “useless/smooch” in chinese

Diplomat says:

I’ve watched quiet a few videos of you guys now… I’m a beginner to whiskey but would like to drink it. I’ve drank whiskey before but more like jack and coke kinda stuff. What would be good to start, a bourbon, scotch, blended, malt, rye? I’m not sure what I would prefer but I think a more sweet whiskey would probably be a good start for myself, any suggestions?

Casey Boutillier says:

Did I hear that right that Rex’s daughters name is Eden!? I have a 2.5 year old with that name!

Alex says:

great whisky.. price though.. 235 euro.. yeah,

Carwyn Van-de-Vyver says:

We still need trash cam! XD

Armando Garza says:

I can see the eagle and the bear, but if you can find me a legit Norse myth about a fucking dolphin of all things, I’ll be very surprised

Shawn W says:

Any whiskeys from North Dakota? I heard they have the most extreme temperatures (brutally hot in the summer and rigidly cold winters). Someone said it is because they are the farthest from any ocean.

charles ashworth says:

They also have a wolf edition

Beer Reviews with Trenny and C says:

Hard to part with the cash for a bottle that looks and kind of sounds like fireball cinnamon whisky.

massivescott says:

Crazy to see Highland Park Viking Honour for £25 in my local supermarket wouldn’t you say?

Alex Guzell says:

If Texas has more extreme temperature shifts than Scotland or Kentucky. If they’re building rackhouses, should Texas be building rackcellars?

Ben Bowen says:

If I meet a Highland Park rep this weekend at The Whisky Show in London, I’m going to find out the story behind the Bear, Eagle and Dolphin…

Eoin O'Connell says:

Can you please stop censoring.
A ‘fuck’ is easier on the ear than one of your sound effects.

Tyler Zaslove says:

I’ve been watching the show for over a year religiously (shut up mom, it’s not a cult!), but this is my first comment…

One of my favorite aromatic pipe tobacco’s to smoke is called hobbits weed and I think of Daniel every single time I smoke it…

Rex, do with that information what you must. You’re welcome

Katie says:

Damn you HP stepping into the Tribes corner!
Well played
Well played

Dr. Paul Brule says:

proper 12

Matt Burchett says:

Did we all miss the “Jachin Harder” joke at around the 6:30 mark? Or is that just my dirty mind?

Monty Hibdon says:

Great show guys..And you know highland ripped that shit off

Seehorn Actual says:

Highland Park. The hobbit edition.

Matt Muhich says:

*crawling* Somm… Mooch… *Coughs* I made it! I can’t believe I made it and caught up through ALL of your videos.. *rolls onto back* it only took me a few months… *Passes out from exhaustion*

*Springs to life* But I wanted to ask you a question: you’ve mentioned many a time how eating something changes a whiskey, what is your best (or worst) memory of a whiskey changing?

For myself, I went to a fancy 10 course Japanese restaurant and got the Yamazaki 12, after every course it turned into something new and interesting. Know it’s one of my favorites!

Keep up the amazing content, cheers!

Jachin Harder says:

(My name is pronounced Jay-kin) A thought came to me today while working, how do you become a rep for a Whiskey company?

Matthew Morin says:

Highland Park is so stalking us.

Bill Conant says:

The sun is riz and the sun is set, and here I is in Texas yet.

Never leaving.

jack canox says:

Damn that bottle is thikkkk

Martin Caravati says:

Fire and Ice? GoT had it first!
BTW, way overpriced for a 15 yr that’s not cask strength and 28k bottles!

Lippy says:

They’re renaming their mini bottles over at highland park too. They’re calling them hobbit bottles now, in honor of Daniel.

Thomas Cooley says:

if the dolphin has smooth written on the bottle u know what they did tho rex is right they ripped off his genius

Jeff Moore says:

That is dumbass rule, especially for us poor bastards in Kentucky.

Mitchell Gillett says:

If they come out with a Beargle whiskey, then you’ll know

Dr_DoVeryLittle says:

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” They know.

Ace C says:

That bottle is sick!

Scott Smith says:

How do you two feel about flavored whiskey? Such as blackberry whiskey? I find it an adventure.

Reruma Lerma says:

Ok on the same topic of Rapid aging why not just having a controlled warehouse and get the result that you want

Scott LaBruyere says:

In reference to Highland Park taking the name of your spirit animals, maybe it’s a trend for all whiskey distilleries. From this day forward all whiskeys can have an eagle, a bear and a dolphin. All just their version of that. The eagle will be a bright whiskey. The bear a more rich and robust whiskey. And as for the dolphin… Well. We all know. Let’s take this as a compliment and run with it. Any and all distilleries can have their versions of the spirit line. We can even make laws stating so. Bottle and bond bear sounds good to me.

Ruben Hernandez says:

Im from El Paso, cool mention lol

Marcos Jaramillo says:

Last winter was nuts here in Austin! Did that effect you guys at all? Whiskely speaking

Adam Brown says:

Rex, Daniel, you neglected to unleash the magnificent hounds of war against those Viking pillaging bastards… Hopefully the Magnificent tribe is trained well enough to react.

Jason Coates says:

I’m actually a big fan of Highland Park’s whiskies, so don’t take this too cynically… but am I the only one who sees a product this drenched in marketing and gimmickry and just dismisses it on the assumption that there can’t possibly be intrinsic quality behind it?

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