Whisky Review: Kilkerran Sherry Wood with Hazelburn Comparison

Today we taste and review Kilkerran Sherry Wood and compare it to Hazelburn.


Lonestar OneStar says:

That was a very subtle mooch. Nice

Homer Simpson says:

That glendfiddich 14 is so amazing …

Trust kill says:

This is my favorite kilkerran out of this, the 8 cs and the 12

Andrew Esterline says:

id like for daniel to guess the whisky rather than rex. challenge the somm.

Shawn W says:

Went back to see the review on Springbank 12 where Rex called it, “the sweet little Girl Scout crossed with a meth head.”

Jason Coates says:

> But there’s 6 bottlings.
> [names 5 bottlings]
> That’s the only 4 you can really get these days.


Howard Kim says:


Chris Uhland says:

I tried several Scotches to find one I liked, I too was in that boat of “There has to be SOMETHING!” I tried Glenmorangie10, Macallan12, the various JW’s. Monkey Shulder was getting closer to what I wanted, it is very drinkable but didn’t quite cut it as a must-buy. Then I thought, Hell, I’ll jump in feet first and try Ardbeg, that was the end of it, I now love Scotch.

Ghost Face says:

I’ve never had scotch before but I wanna try and get into it i was thinking of getting one of these glenfiddich 12 , glenlivet 12 or glenmorangie 10 what one should I get out of them?

Synday says:

would you review a brandy if i send you one? 25year old bulgarian grape brandy oak aged

Chef_PC says:

Rex keeping it a real whisky review. Now you’re the one keeping Daniel in line. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Christopher Norris says:

What are some good oily, meaty, savory scotches?

0dysseus42 says:

Rex should be a level 4 Whiskey Mooch, always set to D+1. One level higher than whatever Daniel is. 🙂

Thiago Gasparino says:

Hey guys, I guess this one is addressed to Daniel. I have question about Malt(ing).
From what I could gather, the sugars and starches on barley are not immediately available, and that’s why it needs to begin germinating, so something changes inside the grain and then we have all the good stuff for our yeast to feast and give us that lovely alcohol we want. My question is, are other grains never malted for whisky? If so, why not? I assume the sugars and starches are already available in the corn, rye and wheat, but do we lose something important if we try to malt, say, wheat? I found out there are some foods made from malted wheat and rye, but from what I’ve been reading and hearing, the malting process for whisky is only done to barley. Or am I getting even that wrong?

Michael Birch says:

Free the whiskey
Sign this petition to legalize home distilling in the USA


joaquin rendon says:

Ok guys what was your first bourbon and what was your first scotch and of these two do you still enjoy them

Christopher Moran says:

Hey guys, love the channel. I’m 22 and have started a whiskey collection of my own. My mom thinks it’s a problem and is not supportive of it. How do I change her mind?

James Helferty says:

Some great tasting notes in this one. Thx!

Armando Garza says:

can “it’s not/it is blowing my dick off” become a new rating metric in the vault?

Guillaume Lemaigre says:

There is only what, a dozen episode ? into that newformat since the end of Rex month, and we already have a new meme with Speyside :p
Your are amazing guys.

Phill Williams says:

I searched my gif keyboard for “Whiskey” and Rex was the first option, an unexpected surprise but a pleasant one!

Raster says:

Rex, the answer is… you’re a Level 3 Mooch.
Daniel is a Level 3 Whisky somelier, so saying you are a level 3 Mooch has some symmetry which will probably flow well in video.


Francois Noir says:

why the fuck this Rex guy shave his head and he has more hair than me ? I keep drinking whiskies and shaving my (bald) head *every day* but it never grows back, more like daniel style…mmmmm

Mike Hlodwig says:

Rex logic, it’s not a Speyside it must be bruichladdich

bnpascu says:

You are freakin’ legends!

Raster says:

Rex, why are you wearing a Sweat shirt that seems to say “Hollister, CA?”

I used to live in San Jose, and I rented storage in Hollister because it was far enough from the expensive San Jose region to be reasonable.

That’s a quiet little town… nice… a lot of agriculture around there… nothing really seems to stand out about Hollister CA though…


Randall Janc says:

What is every ones go to Christmas bottle I’m going to try to pick up the octomore 7.3 this next week. Thoughts.

Jim D says:

To me the first part of this episode is evidence that there should be a taste off. I recommend it be modeled after Chinese Downhill in Hot Dog the movie.

JMMurray203 says:

Huzzah! The Glenfiddich 14 was my suggestion. Did I just level up? From level 0 to level 0.01?

John John says:

Spill the beans, how far off is Rex to becoming a somm

Dakota Hampton says:

Ayee, it’s my birthday and I totally am picking up something by Springbank distillery today! Great birthday whiskey to pick!

The Redneckinator says:

Rex: *picks up a bourbon and gives it a sniff*
“This is a Spayside.”

mitch mcdonald says:

The face of knowing things 6:15 hahahaha!

Josh Headley says:

Look Rex is wearing a proper shirt today, so where are you eating at today?

BBoyson says:

Just realized the sock has a bear on it. Well done lol.

Adam Farnsworth says:

What if Tony Stark is on the floating spaceship at the end of the movie, and to “save” himself, he uploads his brain into the computer of it, thus turning himself into a Jarvis/Friday type entity?

Wait, this isn’t an Avengers: Endgame trailer breakdown video?

TurboLesbianLover says:

best whiskey with ice cream? single malt? bled? bourbon?

Areyagonna drinkthat? says:


Ryan Ellis says:

That was an impressive bit of Mooch-Fu there, Rex.

Jacob Zachary says:


Barton Halling says:

With the discussion on regions, always curious why American whisky has not been identified by named regions? If it was, what would they be?

Alex Meade says:

One bourbon, one Irish and one Scotch….what are you picking?

uncle Nate drinks whisky says:

Ah I so miss the days when the mooch would try to manipulate the som into pouring a glass of M or king Alexander the 3rd. Gone forever.

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