Whisky Review: Laphroaig An Cuan Mor Scotch Whisky

Today we taste and review Laphroaig An Cuan Mor Scotch Whisky.

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Moose 76 says:

Was that a Goonies cubby shake?

I hate when my cork is dry, wet corks are best.

Joseph Lee says:

Regarding buying a barrel, I’ve looked into it before. They will keep it for a set amount of years (8 to 10 for the ones i saw) then charge you storage after that. They may also charge a bottling fee, shipping fee and alcohol tax at the end. Overall, it can double the cost of the whisky.

Adam Farnsworth says:

Rex and I are totally on the same wave-length! I just recently got a $100 gift card, and bought 1 bottle, specifically because it felt like free money that I could splurge with. But I have never spent $100 on a single bottle of my own money.

jonathan lopez says:

Josh you sound buy a bottle of flang & feathers #2 special reserve and save it for 21 years

Pat McDermott says:

That went pear-shaped in a hurry!

pete tunkel says:

I prefer Laphroaig to. Just had a bottle of the select. (Oak Casks).

Majed Azouqah says:

Old Wood, the title of Daniel’s sextape.

Mark Smith says:

I recently won (twice) £50 to spend at the Whisky Exchange, The first time I opted for Glendmorangie Quinta Ruban which was £44 and a small 200ml bottle of Glenfarclas 105. I had to pay a little more and pay for delivery. Without the Glendfarclas it would have all been free.

The second win I went for a bottle of Willet Pot Still Reserve which is £64 over here. So had to contribute towards its cost plus delivery.

So I have done both, gone cheaper and then more expensive. All excellent drinks.

Sofia Horn says:

In paganism, someone who is Wiccan or Wicca is a woman or a man that practices magic. Both of them are titled witch.

Kevin Braun Photography says:

I’m now debating covering all my bottles just to have a tasting surprise every time I pour.

HareBrained Whiskey says:

and…it’s a warlock

Stephen Ierubino says:

First thing that comes up on the vault list…… country = Africa

Gentlemen, have we had so much to drink that Africa is now a country?

djiezeskraajst says:

Glenfarclas 21: valid option, but the chance of broken cork will be in the vicinity of 5000%. They are notorious for bad corks. in fact: I opened a botlle of 21 just last weekend, guess what happened…

Jacob Zachary says:


Cody says:

Daniel and his dusty wood.

Charlie Smith says:

Just buy 1 bottle per year. That way when he turns 21, he will have a darn fine start on a collection.

stanislavmigra says:

Daniel, serious question. An Cuan Mor or Lore? Here they are very much for same money.

Karl Porter says:

Isn’t most of the real vs synthetic cork debate about cost and sustainability/carbon footprint? I know when you look @ cork on wikipedia it goes into at length the carbon footprint comparison between the different types of bottle stops.

Sean Dooley says:

“Did you just bastard a saint?” That question should be saved for prosperity

Luka Tokic-Bensley says:

Unicorn peacock = unicock

Jacob Bradley says:

cant wait to come visit the warlock academe!

Howard Kim says:


kghostone says:

Wow, the Trash Panda is being salty with Rex? How’s it feel Moochers?


Gentlemen…….Since we may never get Ardbeg Dark Cove again……Your mission should you choose to accept it……….figure out a Poor Man’s Dark Cove

Gordon Kennedy says:

Saw this title and thought I have to watch this immediately to hear you try to pronounce Gaelic, you did not disappoint as you failed miserably. Love what you’re doing though guys.

stanislavmigra says:

To me pear–vanila flavour on top of peatiness is trademark for any Laphroaig, without it, it is not Laphroaig 😀

edit: the creme chese frosting can be that note, what for me is pear-vanila …

Y2H says:

Dear Daniel, I recently purchased a (quite expensive) Laphroaig An Cuan Mòr. I’ve noticed that the bottle has some sort of very small particles floating around. Looking from behind the green glass they appear to be brown. Could this be residue from the cork or is it because the whisky is not chill-filtered? Either way, how do I/should I get rid of it? Do I need to return the bottle?

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