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John Ward says:

Uh-oh. Ralfy reached professorship status here. And just speaking for me, who is actually an alien from another part of the Universe, it wasn’t cryptic at all – reminded me of this space vacuum football coach we have up here called ‘Plato;’ we can’t get Arsene yet. Stunningly brilliant review this btw.

TheJusnic82 says:

Thats an amazing idea, Mix a few whiskys. Then as you drink it, add different whisky’s and keep track on the bottle of what and how much was added!

Lee Farrelly - Jamieson says:

this was deep

Kenneth Ord says:

Hi Ralfy, I spotted you on Clive’s Christmas message video and then recognised your face in this channel picture. I love whisky too, wish I’d spotted your channel earlier. All the best.

Ty Hargett says:

Ralfy, not Shakespeare, or Moliare. You remind me of Dickens. Opening of David Copperfield.

Painter Dood says:

Ralfy. I’m wondering if you have tried the new Elijah Craig NAS?
Just wondering what you think.
Thanks for all you do you MASTERFUL MALTY MUCKRAKER!!!

Peter Scott says:

Hello malty marmite munchers!!!!!

Frank Camiola says:

Ralfy is the best! Cheerio you bloody wanker! Go Celtic!

Jimix says:

Thanks for the ‘message’ Ralfy! A lot of very wonderful advice. BTW, I found you because of Ardbeg 10, actually. I just bought a bottle today, and I wanted to find a review of it while I drank it for the first time, and I found you. I’m brand new to whiskey, so I look forward to trying more whiskeys, and listening more to your reviews, and your voice, and your ‘light’! Thanks again!

Jason Voorheese says:

Ralfy waxing poetic

ProjectLiberty says:

Thank you for your thoughts Ralfy, much appreciated, and God bless you!

Joseph (Joey) Lawson says:

I enjoy trying whiskeys and watching your reviews while smoking a stogie. Also, I’d kill for an old cabin or stone house to get away to!

t3dd3k says:

Life is what happens when you are making other plans

Eric Hicks says:

hey ralfy I have a question, how do you feel about the jim murray whiskey bibles, do you think that they are good references for a whisky lover or do you think that he publishes the books purely for profit?

RadiosGomer says:

Ralfy encouragement + balls = me drinking my own blend of Glendronach 12 + Dewars 12 + Talisker 10…why not? something pretty different and actually tasty.

paul abramovici says:

Happy New Year my friend, your reviews are my little quiet personal moments that keep me sane from the stresses of work and family.

Urison Family says:

Hi Ralfy. Have you reviewed Fettercairn Fasque?

Asaf Haber says:

Love your videos

Glynn Matthews says:

Although Lagavulin is my favourite. Ardbeg 10 in my opinion is the greatest available.

Mr. Wen m/ says:

Drinking whisky by the fireplace while seeing your breath. Hmm…

Maltman Mike & Friend's Show says:

Fully agree with you Ralfy on this one! Happy New Year 🙂

Luis Hernandez says:

Hey Ralfy,
Thank you for these informative videos, I recently went and found a bottle of aberlour abunadh base on your comments.

Definitely have been evolving my palette.
keep it up.

Jim E says:

putting an xtra t in always helps tho

Will Bohland says:

Are you outside? Where are you in this video?

Polyfusia says:

By far my favourite malt. Delicious. I wish I had a bottle. A wee dram or two brightens a day.

Jim E says:

Malt of always is t 18 ytear old Glenfiddich

dobriyranok says:

Thank you for your guidance and advice!

xiamengbaby says:

Hello Ralfy! How can I determine if I am getting one of these newer bottles of Ardbeg 10 y.o. like the one you have that you noticed something different with the barrels used, vs an older bottle that might’ve been sitting on the shop shelf for many moons.

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