Whisky Review: Old Pulteney 17 Year Old Whisky

Today we taste and review Old Pulteney 17 Year Old Whisky


Nathaniel Dillon says:

At least on the twelve, that over ripe fruit and honeyed richness always comes off like cantaloupe to me. That coupled with the briny edge leads me to think of salted cantaloupe.

Marc Solomon says:

So what scotch that is mellow and scherried like a macllum 25 but at a reasonable price

Arbhall McDougall says:

Danial it’s the advent calendar. All that speyside trained your palette to look past the big notes, you’re more attuned to the complexity and gradations. Rex needs to take the same speyside journey to get to the place you’re at. Or maybe you two are just different. Great video, thank you all.

Mike M says:

Rex, the hat dude… It was just watching a mouth move underneath a orange visor for the first 3 minutes of the video.

Adam Dembiec says:

Rex and Daniel’s Budget Adventure….Be excelent to each other!

Andrew Kall says:

Crap. Need to go get some before the whole tribe buys it all and sends the price rocketing up.

John Carnahan says:

Not quite sure where else to put this, but I thought you all might find it interesting.

I was messing around with a massive database of reviews from Wine Enthusiast and getting respectable results at predicting wine varietal from a reviewer’s written description of a wine (via the magic of machine learning). I looked around and found a similar database for whisky reviews, and decided to see if we could discriminate between single malts and blends based off the reviewer’s description (and even a few other factors, like price and review score). My model was reaching ~85% accuracy, which is decent. But no matter what parameters I adjusted or how I processed the data, it wouldn’t budge from 85%. I did some digging and it turns out 85% of my data is single malt… it just guessed single malt every time and was correct 85% of the time. What this actually means is that, based on the factors outlined above, there is no way to tell if a whisky is a blend or a single malt. You might expect words like “smooth” or “balanced” in the description to be a tip off, but hours of training could find not pattern there.

Just another anecdote to bring up when people get a little snobbish about only drinking single malts, etc.

Shawn W says:

Imagine the soul being the one somebody sees for the first time.

TBDigital says:

So I tried Laphraiog 10 yr last week, my first exposure to one of the more “challenging” whiskies. Most of my experience to this point has been bourbons, American whisky, and Jamison, so pretty tame stuff, in the grand scheme of things. I won’t say that I enjoyed the Laphraiog, but it was a tasting revelation, in that, up until now, most of my whisky tasting resulted in varying degrees of sweet alcohol burn, while I could really differentiate several notes in the scotch. Not only that, but the flavors stuck with me for the rest of the day, and other smells and tastes would take me back.

Anyways, thanks for continuing to produce this fantastic channel. It makes me want to continue to experience new whiskies and expand my tasting palette even further.

Michael Chaplick says:

.. somebody needs to start sending me scotch and whiskey! Just saying!

Jeff Coole says:

This is a great scotch, but good luck finding the 17 or 21 year old these days since they’ve both been discontinued.

Bradley Place says:

I’m so tempted to send in a selection of England’s supermarket’s own brand whiskies for you.

bocse robert says:

i find myself paying more and more on each subsequent bottle of whisky, so far the quality followed this ascending path (i read reviews and watch you guys before i spend money) but i am worried that it will never stop getting better and i will have to spend ridiculous amounts. So far my most expensive bottle is a bruichladdich, at about 80$. is there a point of diminishing returns? how much is it per bottle?

p. s. i wish i had the confidence to pull off a hoodie/trucker hat/stained t-shirt combo, i need to drink more whisky i presume. great episode!

David Golab says:

I don’t even drink whiskey but I love these videos!

Robert Mason says:

Absolutely love this stuff, back-to-back against the 12 really highlights the complexity of the 17 for me. Such a shame they have stopped making it and prices are creeping up 🙁

With Usura says:

I’m just here for the zazzle link for the “scotch whiskey, pride of Ireland” shirt

P Diddy says:

What’s the deal with the white Mr. T??

Isfrael says:

Whisky reviews with Daniel, and some weird trucker guy.

Mike Ferraro says:

We are no longer the Knights who say Ni. We are now the Knights who say Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoom Boing!

Kevin Guo says:

Do you guys think Old Pulteney 12 compares well against other single malts in a similar price range (for me price-wise it competes against Highland Park 12, Glenlivet 15, Laphroaig select. etc)

Sexual Tyrannosaurus says:

Hello, you magnificent bastards. I’ve been watching your brilliant content for a while and a few months ago I began my journey into the lands of Single Malt Scotch with a bottle of Talisker 10, a bottle which I enjoyed every glass of. More recently, I went to Spain on vacation where I had the chance to try Lagavulin and Bruichladdich and loved both of them – especially the Lagavulin.

Having tasted two great whiskies and being met with affordable prices at the stores I decided it would be a prime opportunity to begin establishing a whisky bar of my own, and the bottles selected to do so were: Laphroaig 10, Highland Park 12, Glenlivet 12 First Fill and Clynelish 14. All in all, were these good first steps into the path of becoming a magnificent bastard myself?

Thank you for the content, the laughs and the guidance in this brand new world of Scotch.

PS: If you can’t read my username due to Youtube reasons then Seamus Bowen will suffice.

zbieraczjerzy says:

I’m still waiting for your review of SPEYBURN 10 yo?

S R says:

Old Pulteney is one of the best out there. Blows the doors off MANY of the “well known” stuff.. try the whole line.

Brown Liquor Revue says:

Is it just me or is Rex quickly going gray?

Mose Chun says:

Excellent review again gentlemen on the Old Pultney 17, the Scotch that brings people to the same conclusion, so a really great entrant in a tasting of a flight of whiskies. I wonder if could put a cask on boat at sea to get some similar notes into the Eleanor bourbon? Cheers to great drams and crazy success!

Marshall Dyck says:

The som necklace is more and more making me half expect Daniel to release a 90’s rap album about whiskey.

riverhippotuber says:

You guys crack me up. But since when is a $100 bottle of scotch underestimated?

Justanotherparatrooper says:

You heard it here first its light vs Dark ! new whisky fight ! go team Dark! and no daniel light is not always right! your wrong! and its a cookie damit!

Don Clark says:

Ooh been waiting for this one

Richard Armitage says:

Ah bugger now I got to buy another scotch .

Ryan Kochick says:

Daniel I saw that shirt at Kohl’s for $15

pablanche says:

There is a 30, and even a… 40 years old Old Pulteney whisky!

Robert Mason says:

Absolutely love this stuff, back-to-back against the 12 really highlights the complexity of the 17 for me. Such a shame they have stopped making it and prices are creeping up 🙁

Amanda Musgrove says:

I’m so happy y’all reviewed this whiskey! I love OP so much and think its pretty underrated…

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