Whisky Review: Signatory Vintage Glenrothes 18

Today we taste and review Signatory Vintage Glenrothes 18.

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Basil Crowcross says:

“It was in the teens”. Come to Ohio it’s been in the teens quite a lot recently. Hell it even got down to sub 10 last night

Ola Nilsen Kjøren says:

We need a ”The whisky vault : the mooch strikes back” video.

Thomas Lacasse says:

Makes sense because in Canada we had crazy cold like -35 Celsius for 5-6 days in a row

thebototh says:

Whistlepig trifecta

lennert praet says:

You should blend all the whiskies that you have in to one whisky.

Alex Braddock says:

I like how Daniel literally took the bottle away from Rex! Can’t mooch from across the room.

chuck430 says:

Daniel, how many of the bottles in the vault did you actually buy, either with your own money or the academy’s? it sure seems like you could build a pretty impressive vault with all these donations.

Jim Nyland says:

Hey boys, I am finding I like unpeated scotch – any chance you can do an episode of your faves? I represent … the PEOPLE.

Tom H says:

spit out my damn beer all over the steak i was making when rex said ‘does the head get the money shot’. damnit rex…waste of beer. steak turned out damn good though. perfect pairing with a kilchoman machir bay!

William Haniszewski says:

Thanks for nerding out for a while, I’ve been curious about the whole distilling process. You guys should record some of the distilling process when you get the distillery up and running.

chris netherton says:

Thank you sir for the nerdy info!

Pat McDermott says:

Rex will be tasting his own whiskey – is that moochsterbation?

Max Phillips says:

Having worked in production for seven years…..back in my early dark ages…..I can give you a time consumption amen on doing anything beyond a talking head! Preproduction, Production, and Postproduction be damned! And you guys want to do six days worth?!? Cheers to you Chad!! Thanks for all the work that we get to vicariously enjoy!

Kerry Shannon says:

Great description of how the distillation of head, heart, and tails occurs. I’ve read recently that most of this occurs during the second run through the still (high wine) after the first distillation (low wine). Can you do it all in one, or do most craft and larger do a double distillation?

Robert Jordan says:

15F = -9 C. I am looking forward to -9C this weekend in Alberta, Canada. Its been running no warmer than -16C for a month, which is actually unseasonably warmer than it usually is.

Mike Drake says:

I hope as you begin to make whiskey,you continue to teach us about it,the nerdier you get the better.I have already learned more in a month than the previous 53 years,thanks

Robo says:

You guys are hilarious … 15F and cold used in the same sentence… Ha ha ha

Burley Mullins says:

It just occurred to me that at some point you guys are going to have bottles/blends/your own whiskeys to review, but there’s no way you can be objective. Here’s what i propose: get a couple of guest reviewers from the community to come out for those, such as a deep-voiced, burly, meadmaker for a random example off the top of my head.

Tim Burke says:

I like Mark. Nice of him to make sure the whisky was safe to drink.

Ed Stafford says:

Hey guys don’t forget about my bottle I sent that needs a review!

Aidan Craig says:

You dont know cold.
With love from minnesota

Tim says:

Would love to see a longer video from the two of you discussing the whisk(e)ys that you drink the most. I’m very curious to know what your go-to drinks at home are. Perhaps the tribe could contribute to it as well, as they have in other videos in the past.

im sal says:

Love your channel, please stop doing the “he is a this, he is a that” thing at the start of your videos its really annoying and tacky

Matt Castro says:

Was someone watching James Bond in the other room?

sean mcnally says:

Jameson 12 year Distillery reserved

DiatomTheSuperCell says:

Hey Daniel and Rex, I’m about 100+vids in on my journey as well as on the FB waiting list too; so excite!
Question: what would impart that sulphur note in the whisky? I’ve noticed in other drams I’ve had.
Are you guys going to distill bourbon-style or more Scotch-style whiskies at the distillery? And also, Seriously…. Who would win, Eagle or Bear?

Self Sufficient Man says:

In central Minnesota it’s currently -7 with windchill and I was ice fishing a few weeks ago in -30 so man up SOM lol

Jason Spillane says:

Hey guys after watching you guys I went out and got bottle of Jameson and bottle of monkey shoulder what cigar would I do a pairing with them

Kelly Murphy says:

What’s the best way to attempt to get a specific brand to distribute to my state. Is there even a way? Do I write my representatives? Do I hold up a boom box blasting Peter Gabriel outside the local liquor store? Or do I make due with what’s available and hope for the best?

Moose 76 says:

What is that foggy green bottle behind you…. Deveron 12??? I have not seen it reviewed? I want a review….no I need a review. MOOCH me a review REX.

The other Guy says:

The head gets the money shot not give. well maybe it does

Jarrod Frost says:

These guys complaining about the temp being in the teens, we get single digits here in Ohio all the time, and get wind chill at times around -40(the magic point where saying Celsius or Fahrenheit doesn’t matter). You just got in ahead of the Canadians, not those of us in the Northern US.

A few years ago we got the -40’s and I was working in a fast food place and it was really slow because of course no one is dumb enough to go out in that crap, so we cured our boredom by trying to figure out what the heaviest thing was we could get to insta-freeze and stick to the drive-thru window’s frame since it was getting coated in ice on the inside. Got a text the following morning from the GM asking why there were coins surrounding the windowframe. We forgot to take them off before leaving at the end of the night,

I Can Do That says:

So, kind of extra deep nerdy question. I always wondered, if the methenol is removed during distillation because it’s dangerous, why then is it not removed from beer? I mean, it’s fermented grains (and other stuff) just like the wash that goes into a distilling boiler. So, why don’t people go blind and die from drinking beer?

Simon Bond says:

In Texas could you not build smaller rack house’s underground to give cooler, consistent temps?

inqu357050606 says:

-40 as i watch this video in southern alberta 🙂

ChaseNLife says:

Love Still it!

UnboundOdysseus says:

Loved the nerdy information!!! And thank you for explaining the wet cardboard. People looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned that tasting note during an evening of whisky tasting and shenanigans. I believe it was a Glen Garioch but I can’t remember exactly which one.

mastermattk says:

Do you know if Signatory Vintage bottle theirs at a higher proof? Or same as the distillery? Great vid. Can’t wait for your distilling experiments!

Joshua Bowie says:

I picked this up while in Scotland last fall, I agree, it’s very sweet and earthy, and I’ve not had another scotch like it. I picked it up mainly because it’s when I graduated HS. lol

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